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  1. Maybe they can start with PVE. Would be cool to battle sand worms for spice.
  2. I had the same problem but fixed it. If you go to "Edit Lua Script" on the first programming board, goto Unit and then on the first start() you need to change the Morethan9slots value at the top to "on" like this: Morethan9slots = "On" --export:Off for 9 slots and On for more than 9 and requires databanks.
  3. discordauth:82kySqPvtw7Ho_ZaWt05q4UhdnqvkdVDwGp6p_YiRhg=

  4. 82kySqPvtw7Ho_ZaWt05q4UhdnqvkdVDwGp6p_YiRhg=

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