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  1. What happens to those of us who have a “lifetime subscription” through our Kickstarter pledges?
  2. I contacted NQ prior, they said they would be there, (invisibly gathering data) but haven’t heard back.
  3. It took 2k warp cells for the main carrier, prob another 4k for the other carriers / L cores. The 10k warp cells was how many I had left over on the carrier after warping (subsequently deleted before a kamikaze run towards the alien core at the very end lol)
  4. Logistically, mustering a large fleet to hit a deep save target within a 20 min window is VERY challenging, so part of me thinks the time should go up , but I can see on the defenders side not wanting to sit there forever, every time the combat timer goes off.
  5. Glad everyone enjoyed it, between Deadrank, myself, with help from Zer0krypt and Mukkbarovian a lot of time was spent crafting a strategy (including the spoof attack and hitting alien cores incessantly), building ships (for those new to PvP and the dummy ships-jettisoned via lua Dead wrote), organizing the participants (only 75% of those who committed actual made it), and detailing the timeline of where we needed to be when to hit the 20 min alien core timer window. We almost missed the time due to a construct not parked properly in the carrier preventing warp, but made it all work. Kudos to everyone on both sides, was a blast! **Also thx to the orgs that supplemented the $1B+ Corrrino [CRN] spent!
  6. I am for a wipe, but would keep schematics. Also, is it really an “advantage” for players to keep their static creations? Most creative types that don’t want to lose their creations have built creations that don’t give them any economic benefit. The industries, or ships for sale, etc. inside of them do.
  7. I think you misunderstand. I am suggesting a way for people to make their ships look cool without negatively impacting any of the game mechanics. I would take a cool looking ship over a crappy looking one anyday, most people would as well.
  8. Let me suggest an alternative. How about we leave all that as is, because it does add some fun strategy when building a ship, but you are correct, they will be boxy and ugly. Instead, what if NQ introduces a new class of voxels that don't impact anything (i.e. mass, HP, ccs, cross section) so one can shape their ship anyway they want without penalty, leaving the core mechanics as is.
  9. Agree with Vandelay, a lot of synergistic "low hanging fruit" on how to enhance gameplay when rolling out core specific speeds. The more strategizing (i.e. choice of dynamic core size, gunner seat size, ccs amount, etc.) involved the better. And for those that roll their eyes at PVPers, PVP should be a driver of the economy, at least a healthy one....
  10. Having money = fun, it allows one to be creative (build, pvp, industry etc.). This should occupy more than 80% of what a player does. Earning money is what can feel like a job, this part needs to be more fun or this should occupy less than 20% of what a player does. Wiping the server to "fix the economy" is just deleting someone else's fun. Your fun should not depend upon someone else's wallet size in or outside of the game, whether they earned it "fair and square" or exploited. The only issue is relative inflation making it harder for the new players to earn enough money to have fun, especially if the rich players are willing to pay an amount that puts items out of reach for the new player. This can be simply fixed by increasing the allowance for the poor and removing it for the wealthy. Inflation would still occur, but it would no longer only impact the poor, so it's impact can be mostly negated. However, supply of ore wayyyy outstrips the demand, so ore is worthless, which makes the job part worse. NQ really needs to hire an economist.
  11. Ran some tests today adding 2 L rockets (connected to 2 L tanks) to a space only ship. Timing 0-29,999 km/hr was only a couple seconds faster with the rockets, so yeah, needs some attention, completely worthless (at least in space).
  12. This Need more incentives to PVP. Random shipwrecks and non-valuable ore (due to ore being too cheap) on asteroids won't be enough. Making the ore on asteroids in PVP space both unique (not on any planet) and needed (in most recipes) would do it. Only one unique type would be sufficient.
  13. Why have player markets disappeared from the roadmap (been absent for a while actually)? This could drive gameplay quite a bit if done properly.
  14. The basic dilemma here is fun vs work. There needs to be a healthy balance, I would recommend the 80:20 rule. (20% work, 80% fun) The game feels the opposite with the work required (asteroid mining, planet mining, mission running, etc.) being more like 90% of the time people play, leaving little time to spend, build and PvP. The lack of the latter also reduces the gameplay for everyone. Some may enjoy the work to make $, (i.e. making / selling blueprints - not everyone has those skills) but from the feedback throughout the forums, the vast majority don’t enjoy the slog, so it needs to be dialed back. The more free time people have to spend, create and fight will not only add to the fun part of the equation, but is needed for a healthy economy. The answer is the question, how do we gain wealth quicker/easier without breaking the economy (inflation)?
  15. Give us more ore via auto-mining - The more I read on the math of this the more I think it may work as is, you just have to run a 30-40 hex farm to make it viable and hope prices of ore stay elevated. More Roids - Agree, and spawning times need to be random Lower the taxes for tiles. Agree - but it is worse than that, the claiming of hexes will actually be a game breaking mechanic. It will be too cheap to put down TUs, I could put down 200 right off the bat, scan for the best hexes later and dump the ones not worth mining, making it sucky for any new player trying to find a decent hex to mine. There needs to be a reasonable limit of claimable hexes per person or org, and hundreds is probably too high. Of course, this is all moot if the high taxes break the game on the other end.
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