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  1. It's fairly common these days for the pirates to reach out to sell the ship back to the person they took it from, at a fraction of the cost the ship is worth. It's much more convenient then having to strip it down and deal with the individual components.
  2. It only has to get the HTML from the server once, not once every frame. This is a huge difference.
  3. I'm going to keep this short, since I haven't played in 3 months: Removing HTML is overkill. The UI rendering solution you use in game already supports dynamically updating HTML without having to rewrite the entire content. See data binding in: https://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp-gt/df/dfb/_h_t_m_l_data_binding.html If you're worried about performance, this will be more efficient than your new Lua solution. You should make use of the technology you have already licensed and use instead of reinventing the wheel. More advanced UIs could be generated with the use o
  4. How much free shit did Boo get in the flash sale?
  5. So to be clear, your argument is "I don't understand how this works, so there is no way it could be an advantage"? It would be much faster for both of us if you had just decided to not say anything.
  6. I like to compete and win at games because I'm better at them, not because on January 21st 2021 some of my allies made 10s of billions in a 15 minute fuck up.
  7. I'm in (at least when I was playing) New Genesis, which is one of the main orgs in the AC, one of the largest alliance in the game. Or maybe second largest now, lots of people have been quitting and Boo is getting pretty blobby as well.
  8. One of the main reasons I played this game was for PvP, with the intention of competing in the future over territory and limited resources. If the people who I am competing against have money printers (that go brrrr), I'm at a huge, essentially insurmountable, disadvantage. For other players who are industrialists, they now have to compete on the market against people who got their schematics for free, and now don't need to factor the cost of the schematic into the price of the items they are selling. Not everyone plays this game like Minecraft in space, never leaving their little
  9. The profits will not "dwindle away". They will compound. People were quite literally given licenses to print money. This extra quanta will only compound over time and make the disparity worse, not better.
  10. NQ: go mine for hours to get schematics Players: mining for hours hoping to get schems that they want. NQ: ok, now here is the same schematics for 1% the cost, but only for some of you Players: never again.... Fixed it for you.
  11. Yep, another schematic is up for sale. Fun game.
  12. Why sell them for 8m when you can sell them for 50% and still make a shit ton of free quanta?
  13. That depends on how much you can get per mission: I'm going to be optimistic and assume it's roughly as much money per hour as mining, which is doubtful already. If a player who started when beta launched (~5 months ago) spent all their money in the 15 minute window when everything was going for 1% of the cost, you would need to do 500 months, or ~42 years, of missions to catch up to them. So that's the answer. 42 years. Guess it really was the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
  14. This is completely unacceptable. I don't think you understand what "100x" is. If a player spent the money they got from 2 months of playing, anyone else now needs to spend almost 17 years to accomplish what they did in 5 minutes. There is absolutely no integrity in the game now, there are people with billions who should not have it at all; and even worse since it is in the form of expensive schematics you've given them the license to print money for as long as the play the game.
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