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  1. I use this website, personally: https://du.w3asel.com/du-mocks/web-codex/index.html It is much better than the in game documentation.
  2. This needs fixed. I've seen asteroids spawn in radar range of the safe zone border. It's absolutely absurd.
  3. Don't worry, your ship is safely nestled in the All Father's Grave Yard. You can even visit it in VR!
  4. We get it man, you're mad you can't sit on hundreds of tiles solo anymore. You need a better way to work through your grief than spamming the forums constantly.
  5. The ads for the internships are still up because the internships don't start until January, and they likely want multiple applications for each position. This is totally normal.
  6. Nayropux


    If you don't want to PvP, don't go into PvP space. If you want the resources in the PvP zone, get a group together, make some ships, and fight people for the resources.
  7. I strongly disagree that elements with per element limits like this should exist. The building in this game is already incredibly shallow, and this will just make it worse. I would like to see more interesting limitations a issues to design around. As it stands, there is very little that goes into engineering a ship, and a change like this will only make that worse.
  8. If they just increase the power of brakes, people will keep using the same amount of brakes and just build even bigger ships. The same thing happened with rare military engines; it didn't stop engine walls, it just made them stronger.
  9. The issue with making it a consumable is that it then no longer removes quanta from the economy. I think NQ underestimated how much of a faucet missions were, and now they're trying to correct it.
  10. They aren't search for ore, but for people mining the asteroids they can shoot at. It was in response to someone asking about the costs of PvP.
  11. Yeah, I'm very adept at filtering out bad opinions, especially those who dance around their true motives and try to talk down to me. You should definitely try operating a PvP ship some time. We have people who go through, quite literally, thousands of warp cells and hundreds of kL fuel a day checking asteroids, often with nothing to show for it. In some ways, PvE getting an operational tax is just catching up to the game PvP players have been used to since beta started.
  12. Yes, that is my point. PvP is a core part of the game. You can choose to not do it, but by doing so you lose out on the benefits. Just like if I choose to not mine, set up industry, or build and sell ships, I lose out on those benefits. The game is 100% playable without entering the PvP zone; in fact most of the content is in the safe zone. You have access to every ore and item through the market, and the ability to make enough quanta to purchase them. Will it be as fast? No, but it shouldn't be as fast. This post, and thread, is just another thinly veiled complaint about how you are unable to get the benefits of PvP without PvPing. That is working as intended, in my opinion. As an aside, you should definitely look harder. There are nodes with hundreds of acanthine per hour on them.
  13. I think you should look up the definition of intended. Yes, spot mining single tiles is expensive, because that is not the intended use of autominers. If you want to do that, you are able to, but it is inefficient and comes as at a cost. It's like having the option of using a giant fuel guzzling L core to move a single container around; you can do it, but it isn't advised. You do not need to personally mine an ore to put it in your factory; you can buy the ore from others. You've not explained why the choice to go to PvP asteroids is taken away or forced. The market gives you access to every ore in the game, and efficient use of autominers gives you ample quanta with which to purchase it.
  14. I don't think you understand how autominers are meant to be used, or the math involved. There is simply a ton of inaccurate information in this post. Here is a simplified, but illustrative, example: you claim 7 tiles in a clump on alioth, and fully mine them out with your allotment of autominers (400-500l average per tile on many planets, 7 tiles with 100l/auto miner, is 28-35 autominers, so near the cap of one account). Using the numbers from Gottchar's thread, you would mine ~150kL assorted ore a day, or ~1ML a week, with this setup. At current prices, even if you were only mining T1, this is close to 100M quanta a week, for 7M a week in taxes. This is not "selling all of it for upkeep", it's 7%. You can use the other 93% of pure profit to buy any other ore you desire off the market, or head to an asteroid when you have the time. All of this for a few minutes a day doing the dumb minigame, which you can VR to. This does not require hopping around to every planet to do the minigame, nor does it cost 42M per week. In your complaint about needed to be around all day on Saturday to race to PvE asteroids, you completely glossed over the fact that most PvP asteroids go completely undiscovered and unmined the entire week. These are available for you to mine at literally any time you desire. If you do not want to PvP that is fine, you can join up with a group who do. If you still do not want to take the risk, that is also fine, there is a giant safe zone to still have fun in, but giving up the greater rewards of PvP asteroids is a result of that choice.
  15. The changes you propose will actively make the game worse. It shows you do not understand the need behind them. Making the minimum efficiency 25% means that the optimal play is to not play the minigame at all, simply claim more tiles. The current limitations on calibration charges mean an account can support 36 autominers, which when combined with adjacency bonuses are best spread over a small group of 7 tiles. Putting a minimum efficiency floor means that an account can now use as many as it wants. This will result in entire sections of planets and moons being owned by the same person, who are using the 25% floor to pay for everything. This will additionally be exacerbated by your request for lower taxes. If the 25% floor can pay for the taxes of the tile, the whole system explodes. The entire game becomes a landgrab, and every tile will be claimed in short order. As for adding more ore, that is simply not required. An account managing 36 autominers on a good set of tiles can net ~150kL of ore of various tiers per day. For some players who mine meganodes constantly that seems like very little, but for the majority of players who do not mine, this is 150kL more ore in the economy for each of them. Keep in mind that this can be maintained with only a 10m/day minigame, while you actively mine asteroids as well. This is not the only source of ore. As for complaints about the majority of asteroids being in the pvp zone, you do have another option. NQ said they are adding more safe zone asteroids, so now you simply need to race to them when they spawn. Additionally, half the pvp asteroids on any given week go completely undiscovered, and those that are discovered rarely have anything below t4 mined out of them. There is plenty of ore on these asteroids for those who are organized, driven, and ready to take the risk for the greater reward.
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