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    borzol reacted to blazemonger in This game is too easy. Some Thoughts and concerns.   
    Too many loud voices are way too attached to their riches, many of which were obtained using unbalanced game options and mechanics which in the process destroyed a good portion of the games ability to facilitate it's development. Not saying ppl exploited anything here, but NQ made some bad choices, were told they were bad choices and went ahead anyway and then found they made some bad choices  

    Combine this with their focus on revenue and as a result sacrificing their ability to actually balance and restructure as needed (including wipes which are absolutely normal and part of game development at this stage) and you have a recipe for a hollowed out game only a few weeks into it's beta soft launch.
    A wipe, once important balance passes are in the game,  where we keep our blueprints and see accrued talent points returned to the pool for a respec would be good for the game, it will weed out some of the debris and some of the abandoned structures. It will potentially weed out some who focus more on being able to say they "own all this" and not really partake in the game and at at the same time create an opportunity for NQ to push the game to new players coming in on the subjective idea of an "even playing field" (which is really not a thing but too many think it is so why not make use of that sentiment and gain more revenue through it).

    It wil certainly draw some tears form big orgs who invested a lot of time in their infrastructure but those wil bounce back even when they may do a lot of crying about it in the process. NQ setting up a "no wipe unless we really have to" expectation was a mistake but at the same time I really feel that, once the balance passes are done, it very much defendable that they "have to" wipe in order for these passes to take proper effect (which is what I do expect will eventually happen)..
    Regarding Talents, there are a lot of talents now which really do not have any effective use. I'd agree it would be good to have certain items locked behind talents and then consecutive levels increase the effectiveness of those elements..

    For instance, for Territory Scanner:
    "Scanning Calibration" - will increase the range at which you can detect ore, increasing 20% each level where Level 5 also unlocks;
    "Territory Scanner Calibration" - Unlock Territory Scanner and reduce scan time by 15% each level, level 4 will also unlock;
    "Multi Scan Operation" -  Allow for one extra scanner to be operated simultaneously and remotely per level within a total of 7 scanners at L5 allowing a player to scan a tile and it's surrounding tiles with one scan action (3,4,5,6,7 respectively)

    And for Warp drives:
    "Space Engine Calibration" - increase ability to calibrate and optimize space engine speed with 20% per level, ending at 30K for level5 which also unlocks;
    "Warp Drive Calibration" -  unlocks Warp Drives and increase ability to calibrate Warp drives before jumping by 15% each level, level 4 will also unlock;
    "Warp Cell Efficiency" -  Decrease number of warp cells required to travel by 15% per level
    NQ pretty much copied the EVE skill system but forgot to understand how that system is really a rather smart chain of skills which provides a logical and sensible progress for players as they get deeper in the game, unlocking abilities as they go and as the player's experience will allow him/her to use such skill effectively. I'd also really like to see NQ introduce skill books like  EVE has as it will remove a lot of clutter when skills for which books are not available can easily be filtered out.

    Skill books also actually create roles within organizations where you'd have players tasked with keeping org books in stock and distributed as needed.
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    borzol reacted to blazemonger in Incoming pvp changes   
    Silly idea, a small object should be less easy to lock, regardless of radar size. The radar size should maybe increase the lock chance/time, have a longer lock range and in return require more power (once introduced). You also mentioned just now that they said that this depends on both having the same radar.. How woudl the size of my radar affect your ability to lock me.. That is such sideways thinking..
    Artificial balance idea unless the lock chance actually changes if the relative position and orientation is taken into account by this.
    Another short sighted and knee jerk "solution"
    Cores should have a power capacity, weapons/shields/engines/radar/countermeasures should require power. You can fit whatever as long as it stays within the power capacity of the core. You fit large weapons, no or minimal shields or only a small radar operating a limited capacity so you need to get close which opens you up to attack. You may be able to add power by adding batteries but they have limited use and will impact mass and agility with it.
    Once more, NQ shows their inability to be creative and really come up with good ideas as well as being oblivious to anything the community may discuss suggest. If these things are al they can come up with after nearly a year since they introduces PVP.. I don't know but it's meager at best..
    EDIT: Posted update on this further down after hearing what was actually said and frankly, it's not that bad and actually pretty decent as far as ideas go.
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    borzol got a reaction from MopnexAndreyno in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    i think if you want to make mining more interensting you should reward player for doing extra steps not punish him for not doing it
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    borzol reacted to michaelk in RIP Market 15   
    The blame should be on the devs that allowed this to be possible. 
    The "problem" is that NQ has never made a game before...
    Let's review: 
    - They can't optimize the game; don't tell me "it's beta" -- they've had 6 years to develop a solid core and failed. There's almost zero chance this game could support millions of players. Any actual dev will tell you optimization can't be an afterthought. Simply doesn't work like that. 
    - They can't develop core features like PvP -- they still have no clue what they will do. It's been 6 years and they are in the design phase. Design comes before alpha, and they don't even have that done. 
    - They can't communicate with players -- JC likes to go on streams but only deals with ass-kissers. Why is the CEO spending time on streams, anyway?!
    - They can't fix basic bugs and exploits.
    - They can't enforce the rules they created because they can't fix basic bugs and exploits...
    - They can't create a permissions system -- even NQ can't seem to set this up properly. These are devs. That can't create a permissions system. 
    - They can't even be bothered to make a subscription system (which takes a few days and a Stripe account)...Xsolla is for lazy companies that don't care about UX 
    DU still has so much potential. If I didn't love many aspects of this game, I'd be gone by now. 
    They can 100% fix the direction of this game...but they need major changes in leadership, which likely won't happen.
    Hopefully events like this encourage them to quit going on streams and doing stupid easter eggs...and focus on making even one feature in this game actually work. 
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    borzol reacted to Samlow in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Man guys, be real. They didnt expose a bug. They broke down a market including its link to the market system which was never intended to be deleted. They never reported, they only intended to break and remove. 

    Hilarious would've been leave it intact but add something funny to it like a meme.
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    borzol got a reaction from kulkija in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    i think if you want to make mining more interensting you should reward player for doing extra steps not punish him for not doing it
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    borzol got a reaction from Zamiel7 in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    i think if you want to make mining more interensting you should reward player for doing extra steps not punish him for not doing it
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    borzol reacted to Iorail in RIP Market 15   
    😯 Maybe now they will fix the exploit, because of course it happened to them.......and maybe someone will get the hammer this time......
    Nah, I’m expecting too much 😂 
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    borzol reacted to Mordgier in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    Slow down Satan.
    Every single one of those would make the hell that is mining even worse.
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    borzol reacted to michaelk in Would you leave if they wiped before Launch   
    I think NQ should do what they said.
    If they do a wipe, it should come with refunded playtime -- it's a massive bait-and-switch otherwise. You can't promise one thing to get people to open their wallets, then decide that actually that was a lie so sorry.
    Attracting players is not the most important thing for an MMO! Going free to play would "attract new players". 
    The key is actually retaining those players. 
    A reset doesn't fix anything...it literally just puts the game back to where it was at beta launch. For what reason?
    A few months later, people will still be like "well I'd play...but I don't want to be behind". Actually no...you wouldn't play. You'd build a speeder, get bored, and leave like many others. 
    No one is entering DU and leaving because they feel like they can't catch up on talents...there's a billion and one other reasons they are leaving that need to get fixed first. 
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    borzol reacted to Mordgier in JC - This game is not Ready Player One....   
    ....and if it were - that would NOT be a good thing!
    Alright, this is something that's been bothering me for some time from JCs interviews - and yesterday's Easter Egg interview pushed me over the edge to where I really have to say something...
    First and foremost - lets face the reality that Ready Player One would be a horrible game for most people nor would the events of the book be enjoyable for the majority of the player base.
    If you're looking at your game and going "Hey look it's just like RPO!" - what I hear is "Look just a handful of no lifers got to have all the fun!". That IS the plot of RPO. A tiny group of players who take the game WAY WAY WAY WAY too seriously get to enjoy the content while the rest may as well not exist.
    The puzzle fit this perfectly. A tiny group of players with tons of NDA covered information going back to pre-alpha solve a puzzle while the rest of the community doesn't even know it exists. Yup  - very RPO.
    JC - The takeaway from the puzzle event should not be that "Look it was just like RPO! I did a good job!" - it should be that "The event was a complete failure and did not involve the majority of the community in a meaningful way, and was solved largely due to a bug and alpha knowledge that was not available to the bulk of the community."
    Please please please for the sake of DU - stop trying to make this game like a fictional book about a fictional game. You need to take a serious look at how other games have done community events and have managed to involve much larger groups of players. Everything from opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj to the Elite Dangerous Alien events - yes they were flawed in their own ways - but by and large involved more people.
    Finally, this doesn't just cover events. The general game mechanics cannot be based on the mindset "Just like RPO!" - because I repeat - RPO would be a horrible game. In fact, I would go as far as saying if you are looking at any upcoming part of the game like AvA or Territory Warfare or Atmospheric combat and can say "This is just like RPO!" - then it probably needs to be reworked to NOT be like RPO but to be like an actual game that would be fun for more people.
    Once again - face reality - RPO was a no life simulator where only the no lifers mattered.
    This means designing things in consideration of players who are not willing to play DU 16 hours a day - and entire teams of such players.
    Players are not going to want to spend hours waiting for an attack on a territory to man the manual guns because you refuse to consider automatic defenses.
    Players are not going to want to fly dedicated gunners or escorts for every single hauler just because they may get attacked.
    Players are not going to want to sit in their ship for hours watching the radar while their orgmates mine out an asteroid.
    I could go on and on, but the core point is that the game mechanics need to be designed around giving people who do not no life the game a chance to have fun and stand a chance in pvp vs those that do.
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    borzol reacted to blazemonger in I was going to play this game but subscription is auto renew only so I didn't   
    It's called a subscription for a reason.. By definition a subscription has a recurring payment model. I'm not sure how ppl do not understand that.
    With that out of the way. you pay your subscription through XSOLLA, so contact them on cancelling it if you do not understand how to. If you use PayPal to make the payment, simply remove the billing agreement. In general, know the conditions and available options of the tools you use, screaming it's all someone else's fault here is plain and simple not correct.
    Lastly, as mentioned, if you want to just buy game time when it suits you, use the Markeedragon store where you can do exactly that, you buy the time you want and when it ends you lose access.
    Oh.. one more thing.. this forum has a search function.. if you enter the words "cancel subscription" there, you get this:
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    borzol reacted to Mordgier in Industry changes which may possibly come (and TW as well)   
    I agree with much of what you said. I do not agree with you on the wipe... Or that NQ should touch industry. 
    They are attempting to fix an economy where there are no consumers by reducing producers. 
    Until elements are destroyed entirely the economy will not work. 
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    borzol reacted to Mordgier in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
    This is so unbelievably stupid.
    It's as stupid as solo players complaining that they have no chance against groups of players.
    Finally the primary use case of multiboxing isn't pvp directly but being able to mine on your alt while your pvp alt is stuck on a ship idling or playing an alt as your main is flying between planets.
    Nevermind that regardless of if NQ allows or prohibits multiboxing - it's impossible to detect so no matter what NQs stance on it was, it would still happen.
    As I've had to say way way way too many times on this forum - deal with it.
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    borzol reacted to blazemonger in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
    Considering multiboxing as a P2W is silly at best. Making this claim simply means you have no idea on how unworkable this actually is in a game like DU.
    Will some people try it? sure.. But there is no benefit here as you can't fly and shoot at the same time.
    Will people trying it have an advantage over two people working together? Not a chance in hell.
    So instead of complaining about a non issue, why don't you go and find someone to play with and have the upper hand when you encounter someone trying to do two jobs at the same time.
    The "fluid" safe zone is not an exploit, the attacker actually does not know you are seeing yourself as being in the safezone as NQ explained.
    There is no pay2win in DU..
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    borzol reacted to GraXXoR in MOAR container management!   
    1) For the love of all thing logistic, NQ, please provide a full set of inventory management LUA commands. We want to know what’s in our containers and the associated volume... Worst of all, having to rely on weight to calculate volume contained in a container gets old quickly and is useless for mixed loads. 
    Some 20th century refrigerators have better programming and inventory than your nanocontainers!!!
    2) how about providing some form of system level auditing or ability to record drop offs and removals at a LUA level. Player I’d, Product deposited and volume/mass for example. Might need to work in conjunction with an activation sensor or something. 
    3) please stop making the container hub the centre of mass  -yeah, I know it was super-simple to program it that way- but please calculate it using the mass distributed among the containers just like what you did when the containers weren’t linked. 
    We often want the hub to be placed in an aesthetically pleasing/easy to access location, but having 1200T of weight suddenly attributed to your dashboard rather than the container section of your vessel can make it dangerous or impossible to fly with the centre of mass shift this causes in heavily loaded or delicately balanced constructs. 
    4) more of a convenience factor, but how about making the container hub programmable so that it doesn’t need a PB separately? It’s “looks”programmable. 
    5) same thing goes for fuel containers. Please allow us to dertermine volume and fuel type programmatically and enable us to record who is adding/removing fuel. 
    6) allow us to poll consumption rates and activate/deactivate fuel lines on a link by link basis. Maybe even provide a way to limit maximum consumption.
    7) how about allowing the container hub to enter “fuel hub mode” if connected to fuel containers instead of regular containers? That way we could combine multiple smaller tanks seamlessly and not have to fill and manage them independently.
    😎 yeah, I know the 8 was amusingly turned into a smilie. 
    this is just a random shower-musing, but how about making the little screen on the PB/container hub addressable in some way? It would be cool for a simple icon or colour change or even a bit of text or a button close up. 
    Or how about a little bar graph or dial on the side of each container to show how full it is. 
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    borzol reacted to LouHodo in Anyone knows how many layers of steel plate is required to resist L railgun?   
    Scaling back damage a lot won't fix things.  It comes down to a group of issues. 
    Detection range.
    Lack of weapon variation, one size rules them all.
    Accuracy at range is to high. 
    I said this in a nother thread and I will say it here.  The fixes need to be across a couple of areas.
    Tie detection distance to the cross section of the target vessel. 
    Limit the size of weapons to the size of core.  No more large weapons on xs cores.  
    Increase miss rate at long range.  
    And if they need to reduce damage it should be by a factor of half at most.  
    Combat is fast and should be over quick.  You either plan better or think faster.  Anyone who has flown in DCS or done small t1 frigate fights in Eve knows this.  
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    borzol got a reaction from Haunty in NQ you need to fix PVP and ASAP!   
    I agree that things needs to change but with your list of suggestions would PVP rarelly occure and that wouldnt be healthy for the game.
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    borzol reacted to MRog40 in Radar Nerf   
    I don't want XS Borg Cubes to be the meta. Here are my Problem/Solution suggestions.
    Disclaimer: I don't fully understand the current state of PvP/RADAR. The problems listed here are primarily what I have heard from others and some points may not be accurate. I will edit the post to reflect any corrections or suggestions from commenters.
    Radars are isotropic (the range is the same in all directions)
    In reality a radar cannot be isotropic and an array is going to need to physically spin (even if it's a phased array). Radars staying isotropic wouldn't be a huge problem, but it'd be better if the range was longest in the forward direction so placement matters and having multiple is a strong benefit. Maybe have full range in 30 degrees, then half power beamwidth at 60 degrees, then -10 dB at 120 degrees and greater. Having discrete radar beam steps will combat desync problems with tracking someone at range. They are not obstructed by voxels surrounding them
    Radars should have to be either unobstructed or require a weak material as a radome to cover it. Each material could have a reflectivity factor that attenuates at a fixed loss/voxel thickness. This would have to be simplified as to make the calculations simple, but it shouldn't be anything much more complex than how wings are obstructed by voxels. Performance is not degraded as damage is taken
    An XS ship with a Large radar, unobstructed, is much more likely to have the radar take damage than the same ship with a small radar. If they degrade as they take damage, and since redundancy in radar systems is almost impossible with such a small ship, it wouldn't be risky to put such a large radar on an XS ship. Have redundant L radars on an M or L core battleship should be a necessity. Performance is not affected by the acceleration of the construct they're on
    Rocket boosted borg cubes should have their accuracy greatly affected by how quickly they are change velocity (doppler affect affecting signal strength). A railgun XS borg should need to maintain a constant velocity vector to be accurate at long ranges. Only core size affects detection range, not the radar cross section
    A cube of steel is going to have a massive normal surface that is highly reflective, and such would be identifiable from much farther ranges and be much easier to hit with radar targeting. Cross section calculations like for drag should be used here. More accurately, have the normality of the surface to the radar beam multiplied by some material reflectivity scalar define the radar cross section and thus targetable radar range of any vessel. Core size shouldn't matter in this regard. http://www.rfcafe.com/references/electrical/dielectric-constants-strengths.htm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radar_cross-section
    Computing the real RCS is not feasible, but even just a cross sectional area calculation for now would be a good nerf to full volume cubes.
    Also, having a larger radar should increase the radar cross section, as an antenna will reflect very large amounts of energy. There is no passive radar detector
    An ultra cheap radar detector for passive ships would be great. Something similar to the Gyro you slap on your ship, and an alarm sounds and warning pops up when someone is shining a radar at you. Ideally it would have more range than a radar, so you could be warned that there is someone with a radar nearby. This would simply alert you to the existence of radar, and would only be useful on ships without any radar (otherwise it would always be on because of your own radar) Radar doesn't work in the safe zone
    I should be able to detect ships outside the safe zone from inside the safe zone, and vice versa. Having a magical boundary where it instantly stops working doesn't make sense. Same thing with atmosphere, performance should be attenuated by atmosphere not instantly lost.  UI changes
    Disable advanced HUD while radar targeting and implement something else. The UI is ugly and breaks immersion, but you pretty much need it on to know where the ship you're targeting is. Maybe have a wireframe box so you know where to look, but less available info. Change the box color from red for enemy to blue or green for friends and allies.
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    borzol reacted to Kezzle in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    It has been founding principle of the game that there would be pervasive, FFA PvP. To anyone who came to this game not knowing and accepting that, to the point that they won't play if it remains,  I say, "Thank you for your donation of 20 bucks to a game you want to see succeed but don't want to play."
    Moosegun has made eleventy billion good and salient points. And they are an industrialist.
    The primary reason for eventual militarisation of all volume in the game (apart from the "neutral safe ground" of the Sanc Moon(s)), as I see it, is that if there is a safe space where all resources can be obtained, the concept of territory being held becomes moot. You won't need to fight for resources because you can just get them in the safe zone. So the only reason to fight will be "for the love of combat", which is meaningless and hollow in the context of setting up a "civilisation". Right now, every resource can be obtained risk-free, and the danger is in moving it from place to place. In EvE, you can't get everything in HiSec; the rewards are predominantly in 0.0 space, with Hi-Lo-Nul being the "game progression".
    The answer to the title question of the thread is "not any time soon", or at least I hope that's the case. Not because I don't want pervasive FFA, but because the game systems are not yet ready for it. There should be safe zones in space right up until the systems for territory warfare go live. And there should be a big "We're backing the game up now. If it goes pear-shaped, we'll be rolling back to the state at this date," notice posted weeks in advance and all over the Internet (not that this will happen; NQ will probably sneak TW in on a Tuesday night patch and then announce it on MySpace ;} ). Before TW can happen, they need to sort out the dog's breakfast that is materials and make space combat actually function in some sort of plausible way with roles for all classes of ship. The current meta is boring. You need TW in place so that, if the civilisation has the will, pirates and criminals can be hunted down and wiped from the place of whatever den of vice and iniquity they infest, else swatting them out of the sky becomes a never-ending chore. And that TW has to have mechanisms in place to make that wiping-out costly and expensive, so that it's not just a matter of glassing a planet and calling it done.
    It has been suggested that PvP is contrary to the lore because humanity would have passed the point of waging war by the time the arkship got to where "we are" in game. I'd suggest that this is primarily irrelevant, since the game's founding principles include war. If you must, it's trivial to think of reasons why such a speculate might not be the case. But essentially, that's just fluff, and a degree of fluff that pales into insignificance compared to all the "handwaving" that has to go into making the technology "work" for the purposes of game play.
    It has been suggested that space PvP is for gankers and griefers. I counter that there are corps out there who have set themselves up to be "protectors". Without PvP, that becomes a meaningless role in the world. Space PvP *is*. At the moment, a lot of folks are just heading out there looking for something, anything to shoot at. If it shoots back, that's a bonus, but most things don't, and the loot is a consolation prize.
    Another key part of the civilisation puzzle that is heretofore missing is  communication. Without message boards where people can offer jobs, commerce is mediated entirely by the markets and restricted to known-to-the-game objects (materials, elements and quanta). It is difficult to offer services or constructs for sale or to buy. Until such a mission system exists, there's no commonly-available way to engage escorts or call for help or rescue or revenge justice. That's another thing that needs to be in place before the current safe zones are dropped back.
    It's very simple: if you don't want to PvP, get someone else to do it for you. Or take the risk and suck it up. Or you can sortof PvP by taking measures to mitigate your risk: would you rather spend a bit more fuel and time and arrive having dodged the blockade (with the added frisson of watching the out-of-position attacker stive to cut an intercept course, and fail before you drop into the safe zone), or do you want to save that fuel and time and increase the risk of a successful intercept by flying CoM-CoM. Hauling is boring. Being chased and applying your brain to evading pursuit and intercept should be embraced as enhancements to the game. Maybe it's a bit more complicated than I said at the start of the paragraph. But it doesn't have to be.
    Commerce raiding is something that naval transport has had to deal with since the days of the Sea Peoples. East Indiamen used to carry a few light cannon to deter pirates on their way to collect valuable shipments. Spanish galleons fetching gold and silver back from the New World were some of the best-protected ships that the wrights of the time could build. A convoy of Gold Ships was way beyond even the capabilities of the best-organised raiders sponsored by hostile military powers; they had to wait for inclement weather to scatter the elements and deal with the ones they could find in detail before they regrouped. If you're going into space, you need to be more like the C16th and 17th Spanish (without the colonial attitude and genocide), and you don't even need to deal with space weather. 
    PvP is part of the game. You can either accept that, embrace it and join in the fun, or be unhappy any time you need to head somewhere you might get jumped. If you think you're being ganked, get your own gang. If you think you're being griefed, stop being an easy target. If you don't want to do either of those things, just stop.
    The game has always been about building civilisations and including PvP. If you don't want to do either of those things, don't be surprised if the game is hard. A thousand hermits living in the boonies and not interacting outside the market place is not a civilisation, by the way. 
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    borzol reacted to Moosegun in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    No it isnt, it is bot driven with a player overlay, Elite is a miss mash of several games loosely joined together in a sudo MMO that isnt really an MMO.  
    No it isnt a PvP game, sorry but you are 100% wrong there, it is a civilisation building MMO, a pillar of civilisation is war, which means it will be a part of the game, it WILL NOT be the main driving factor, NQ has been very clear about that and it shows in its development plan.
    This is actually what I think SHOULD happen, it should be up to the community to protect itself from pirates, the issue as always though will be the solo players, they will refuse to play in larger groups and because of this will be very open to attack, they will cry, seen it in loads of games.
    It actually shouldnt come down to what generates the most money, it should come down to the integrity of the developers to build the game they set out to build, without caving into pressure from either side.  If games where just designed to be 'popular' they would all look like fortnight, I LIKE niche games, I DONT like niche games that are turned into mainstream ones due to players forcing their playstyles on other, be that PvP or PvE.
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    borzol reacted to Moosegun in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    The other solution is to remove any alloys T2 from Alioth / Madis / Thades and there moons.  So players that are scared of losing pixels can potter about in safe zone, and those of us who dont mind heading out into space can bring back the good stuff from them.

    I am an industrialist trader but I am 100% for open pvp in as many areas a possible but ONLY when NQ gives us the tools we need to combat it
    RDMS to include shared KOS / Friendly lists of other orgs players The ability to store information on player who attacked org assets PvP is vital as a means to add risk to a game that has none, it add values to products and gameplay.  Without any NPC's there needs to be pvp to create a sink for all the wealth being created.  NQ are clearly in no rush though, development to date 100% suggests that they are happy for us to keep building up civilisation before we start to knock some of it down and I think that is a good thing.  The fact that PvP updates arent even in the first part of the roadmap suggests how important NQ place it in the big scheme of things.  Think we are a good 3-6 months of relaxing of safe zones / atmos pvp.
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    borzol reacted to geronimo553 in Star Citizen   
    Given how the decent ships cost hundreds and up to thousands of real world money and how the game has progressed little from what was originally promised back in 2011. Star Citizen just seems like a glorified cash grab that continues to dangle the carrot in front of people with small new features to keep them interested or draw in more people. I get why some people are so hopeful for SC and that is because they have sank incredible amounts of personal money into it.  The game has profited hundreds of millions from people and it still provides so little in return. But hey, as soon as you give them that next $100 the game will be better. Then the next $100 will actually get the game done and it remains a never ending loop of just a little more. I hope people enjoy paying for those expensive cars and housing the creators of SC now have. Because surely those items will make the game better, and hey just a little more help in donations will get the game done, they promise. ?
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    borzol got a reaction from Bitmouse in Scanning   
    I would like to suggest a module for ships and structures that would be capable of scanning all minerals in hexagon where the module is located. It would be expensive and energy demanding device. It would only show you if mineral is there and not the location. And to make it hard scanning would take 6 hours for example and during the scan all other ships or structures capabilities would be disabled. It could be usefull when you are looking for specific hard to find minerals.
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    borzol got a reaction from ATMLVE in Ore density   
    I have a suggestion how to make mining little more interesting. I dont know if its possible to implement or if its planed.Here is the idea. When you will be scaning for ore beside usual things it will show you average density of ore your scanner found. More dense ore  is faster your mining is. It would motivate to search actively during mining and not just grab what you can.
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