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  1. With the current PvP discussions, I wanted to bump this post and also again say that I think going to radar detection based on ship mass is an excellent solution if determining radar cross section is deemed to be too challenging.
  2. Quick and dirty temporary radar adjustment to change the PvP meta - remove the core size radar ranges and replace them to be dependent on ship tonnage. Easier than radar cross section and other solutions here, but is a quick nerf to XS steel cubes.
  3. Yeah, classic game design level solution instead of the readily available and simple real world solutions.
  4. A radar needs an inconsequential amount of power to function. Adding a power limit making it impossible to put an L radar on an XS ship is an arbitrary, lazy solution to the problem. Values aren't really arbitrary if they at least have a relationship similar to reality. A longer range radar is going to be physically larger because the wavelength is going to be longer - the relationship of size and range being tuned without following the radar range equation doesn't make it arbitrary. I'm not against a power system as a temporary fix, but I think changing fundamentally how radar wor
  5. I want something even simpler/cheaper. Something that everyone will have that doesn't show you where or who is out there, just that somebody has you on their radar so you know there is a chance you are being hunted. It doesn't even really need to be an element, it could be built into the seat or core, but adding a gyro like element would be good too.
  6. I agree that power management is a simple 1 off solution, but to me it isn't any different than something like gunner seat capacity which they could adjust, or add core capacity in the same way as a temporary fix. These are arbitrary solutions that work in a game design sense, but I think other more realistic tweaks could be made that would totally remove the XS core cube with L guns and L radar - force radar to be unobstructed and face the direction of the target. Give radar very low hitpoints or reduce their accuracy as they take damage. An XS with one radar would get smoked by a
  7. Thanks for the excellent reply Kezzle, adding some thoughts onto that: AFAIK almost all aviation radars are phased arrays as they are lighter, scan faster (almost instantaneously), and have no mechanical components to wear and fail over time compared to rotating arrays. couple this with: and I think there is another even better solution to the problem: have a vast array of radar systems that are for different things. Phased arrays can lockon faster and account for high G acceleration in both the attacker and defender, but have less range and no ability to rotate (c
  8. I’d be okay with an augmented display, but it should be different than the normal advanced hud. I’m thinking something like a red wireframe box around the target to be less obstructive, different colors for friends/allies. This is a solution but is equally arbitrary. Better and more natural solutions exist. Making radar limitations closer to reality would be plenty of nerfing for now, and adjustments can be made to them even more in the future to steer ship designs towards reality.
  9. I don't want XS Borg Cubes to be the meta. Here are my Problem/Solution suggestions. Disclaimer: I don't fully understand the current state of PvP/RADAR. The problems listed here are primarily what I have heard from others and some points may not be accurate. I will edit the post to reflect any corrections or suggestions from commenters. Radars are isotropic (the range is the same in all directions) In reality a radar cannot be isotropic and an array is going to need to physically spin (even if it's a phased array). Radars staying isotropic wouldn't be a huge problem,
  10. This game is not, will not, and should not be easy. The most rewarding part of this game is succeeding through the difficulty not because the game got easier but because you got better.
  11. If you want to play a game where you as a lone player can compete with a group of 20+ players, go find a new game. Maybe one exists. If you are committed to being a lone wolf your ships aren't going to be as cool, you aren't going to have as much knowledge, and it is going to take you a lot longer to get anything done. That's the way was designed and it is a good thing. This isn't like other MMOs where you solo grind to max level before thinking about joining a group.
  12. https://dual.sh/codex/ There is an industry API there
  13. Don't bother with concrete, mine and make honeycomb voxels to build with. Buy a Medium container for your base and fill it with all the T1 ore types, sell the extra on the market. Use the money to buy ship parts and upgrade your ship, or go watch an industry tutorial on youtube to learn how to start crafting stuff.
  14. This is what I struggle with right now. I don't know if I'm missing an existing feature, but I haven't found a good way to orient myself in space besides pointing at the destination and hitting the throttle. Being able to see a 3d map with my position relative to other planets, and a line of my current orbit/trajectory would really take space flight to another level for me. Does anybody know of a programming board setup like this so I could have a navigator viewing 3d positioning data in real time?
  15. Is there a market API available that allows for a player to obtain price tracking and volume data from the markets? If not, NQ it would be great to be able to see bid/ask spreads and volumes (units sold per day) on the markets over time, in the form of a candlestick chart with volume bars tracking daily prices. Once of the advertised points of this game is trading, and being an effective trader is not really feasible without some basic statistics of how the markets are running. It would also help players know what items to work towards crafting to get the economy runni
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