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  1. Watch a movie? Netflix, youtube videos, read up on locomotion physics and orbital physics, play other games, do your taxes, say I love you to your wife/husband/partner, write a will, go back to school
  2. Theyll be up in the announcements forum.
  3. discordauth:9k9iKloM3J7MYFwcsPkI6szzK37gZjrAEFRN91akm_E=

  4. Everybody will play this game solo at one point or another, even if theyre in an org. From all the devblogs, I can see that the direction its going means you can do a lot of the game solo. Some things will take more time, and you'll have to mine for yourself probably early on, and accept that sometimes youll get robbed. But all the other signs are on green I think. Now keep in mind that just like other games, some things just dont click solo. You cant really build a huge city without it becoming a ghost town if you dont have friends/org. Building big ships will take a lot more time compared to orgs. Exploring territory is more dangerous. But nothing stops you from doing so. If I compare it to WoW, there you can get close to the best alone. But to keep progressing gear and skill you need a guild or at least competitive friends. You can still get max level on your own and get a good starting point in gear, and if your timesink and ambition ends there, thats already a good amount of time spent gaming. Its the same in every other MMO really.
  5. Hi everyone! Happy to be on the forums, found out last week about DU, and I must say, it is looking very promising. As this is an introduction section, Ill take a moment to introduce myself hah. So my tag is Samlow, or Vuurmannetje on Twitch. I live in the Netherlands, and have been gaming as long as I can remember, all the way from when I was a kid. I was lucky that my father was one of the first ICT people in the Netherlands, so we always had a computer. He even installed some games for me and my brother. Over the years Ive played many a game, but builders, strategy and space oriented games stuck to me the most. Tho Ive played WoW in competitive PVE as well, and the occasional shooter, I always prefer games with a strategic or tactical element to them. Ive sunk many an hour into modded minecraft, then found out about From the Depths, a game akin to this one and space engineers, albeit focussed on building ocean ships at the time, with flight being an option. Back when I found that gem, making anything large fly was a challenge, one that I overcame. The game has come a long way since, but before that I did systems concept design on the dev team for it, and created some iconic NPC faction units currently still in the game. Now one of the appeals of FTD was making units for the sole purpose of having them added to the NPC factions, and even then the standards were high. Now ever since stepping back from that game, there is some form of void, I play minecraft skyblock every now and then still, but its not the same. Couldnt get into starmade as construction for me was too abstract. And then we found Dual Universe. It was almost a blind backing. Wouldve probably done so in the kickstarter if I had known about it. Im familiar with alphas due to FTD and as such Ive done the thing and got to play last weekends alpha for a day. And I must say, I am impressed with where its already at, and looking forward to where it goes. Thats all I can say due to NDA haha. So on to non NDA stuff. My personal goal: Sell everyone the vessel they need, complete, programmed and for a good profit. Ive started an Org for that "The Foundry Industries" where our sole purpose is designing and assembling your workhorses and battleships. So if anyone has that same designers itch feel free to give me a PM. One thing I do know tho is that I'll have to learn LUA haha. But Ill be fine. Thanks for reading!
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