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  1. Q: Can you get the social media team to centrally gather links to all dev interviews with summaries of their information after they happen, so that new info doesnt spread over the universe. Ill introduce myself too! I'm Samlow, or Anointed in wow. Im a long time gamer, and love these kind of games. Minecraft Infinite Skyblock, 4x, MMOs, love the long plays. I've been on the From the Depths dev team (indy company) for a year during its alpha phase as a game systems concept designer. The love of that game sparked my interest in this game as a Voxel builder thats not just tournaments and singleplayer. Currently Im working as a Video Producer and Director, due to covid with a focus on virtual and remote productions. Oh and Im dutch
  2. Oh, one thing to consider... pirates cant sell pristine items to market anymore... So they have to manually find buyers.
  3. p.s. with these changes, can we also have a no buildmode option in pvp?
  4. Well, you can already workaround the current locking if youre smart. The main issue that is being removed is XS cores having all the advantages. Even with these few changes (and theres more thatll probably come after) you remove several key meta things: - XS cores can lock onto a L core at almost double the range that a L core can lock XS. This dissapears. - XS cores built to max out build zone get to double dip on maxing voxel armor into this. Maxing build area will now not always be the best answer, cross section will matter. Basically, core size will with these changes only determine your starting cost (bigger cores more expensive) and your weapon size lockouts. I see us choosing the smallest core that fits the job for a specific ship. Core size isnt as important anymore. Looking beyond this, I am personally not too happy with arbitrary lockouts for weapons to cores, but for me the only alternative is the later to come power management as the balancing factor. So till thats there Im ok with it, but I really hope that Tradeoffs with power management will be the limiting factor in the future rather then this. On radars I would rather have radar size unlinked from gunner seat size, and instead have radars be unique per size. eg: Small radar - short range but fast lock, Large - long range but slow lock. Then you as builder have to decide what radar fits your seat and gun loadout.
  5. I have yet to crash due to server problems tho since week 1. All my crashes were me misjudging my trajectory. Any server disconnects suspend your ship for now anyways.
  6. Ore is already relatively cheap, with only market bots being a sync atm. It hink well be fine on ore for a while.
  7. Also an honest thank you to the devs from me. And dispite the bitterness of a few vocal people, I think most players enjoy the game. There are some issues that are on the road map to be fixed, and some actual ingame issues are quickly improving. Going around insulting the developer tho, will actually make them ignore your opinion,and why should they listen? A negative tone or jabs while giving actual feedback also dont encourage anyone to read your feedback. Im not saying you have to like everything said, but a negative tone just discourages reading.
  8. Noone (apart from OP) is talking about killing cubes, we are all talking about options that encourage other builds ,and as a result that kills cube meta into another (hopefully more diverse) meta.
  9. Yes, but with a nice amount of trolling mixed in the mix. You dont figure out the nice clean posts about unsubbing with perfect grammar after proclaiming you couldnt figuee out the game. Just stick to the helpful stuff and leave the jabs aside.
  10. With this tone this topic is bound to soon also be locked tho.
  11. That depends if you actually count the number of unique individuals. Its a loud minority, the same one that defended parenting to the death. Ofcourse theyre gonna come here en masse to debate it all. But once you move out of the echo chamber, most people just agree that their action was bad, maybe argue a temp ban, but soon as yall started shouting all over the place that was never an option anymore. To add to that, weve seen every argument made here. Im sure NQ seen it too, but that didnt turn the decision around (in part I assume due to the way its all conveyed). Nothing new is gonna be posted after this, so its time to move on.
  12. Theres been a lot of interesting discussion on options, and I hope they picked up a lot of the good suggestions. And Im thinking a good mesh of options is gonna be the way to go. My favorites: - Power budget tied to core size. + All elements that affect combat should draw from this, with a reasonable pool to allow for ships to function well balanced, but also allow for specialisation by trading off. ie. Cant plaster with brakes&engines and still field large weapons on a XS core. So you choose, slow with big weapons, fast with smaller etc. - Rework on radar mechanics + dont know all suggestions here, but untie lock on range from core size, but rather move it to a formula based on Mass*power usage. Tie in some defensive systems that can reduce it (with the above tradeoff mechanic. + one sugestion I saw was to make radar size influence radar characteristics: Small radar has shorter lock on range, but is a lot faster locking on. Large radar has huge lock range but takes longer to lock. This encourages specialization again. - Hit chance being influenced by relative speeds, influenced by ship rotation and distance and cross section. Shoot a small ship at high speed far away? big chance to miss. This mechanic should be the replacement for core size bias (ie. the need to not have L cores nuke XS cores with no chance at long range) - Weapons need to check for collision on receiving and firing end. Now they fire through other cores. If atmo combat comes, ground needs to collide weapons too. Else no use for closed carriers. There was more but this is what was on my mind. Oh and remove magical brakes They need a trade-off There will always be some Meta, we just want it to be one that is fluid.
  13. I for one am happy they stuck with their decision. Accept it and keep playing, or move along as you all proclaimed. But it's time to stop throwing a tantrum all over the community because you didn't get it your way. Its done, over. The amount of attention drawing is just really bad for any normal discussion. Heck, even Duscussion is back to normal and having good conversations again.
  14. Can you share with us then the same details as you shared with NQ? Else its tough to think otherwise
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