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  1. Right, I forgot -- this is the place to talk ad nauseam about PvP, rollbacks, and exploits...stuff that really matters. Discussing how NQ treats their employees is totally less important than those vital topics with 5000 pages of people rehashing decisions NQ made about their video game, but employee treatment...totally "a waste of time". That you associate a discussion about how a company treats employees as "cancel culture" is a projection and says more about your perspectives than it does the actual topic.
  2. Yeah, it's only two perspectives...years apart that say the same thing. It's odd that NQ is given a presumption of innocence while employee complaints are given a presumption of exaggeration or lies. This isn't specific to NQ; it tends to be how people view employee complaints in general. Most people have worked under rotten management. It is absurdly common. A lot more common than two people lying on Indeed years apart just because. Two accounts is hardly rock-solid proof, but that doesn't mean they don't count. Deciding that these complaints don't count
  3. I wonder about the morale at NQ -- the development velocity is mystifyingly slow despite years and years of foundations. I stumbled on these reviews about the (alleged) workplace culture: https://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Novaquark The second review is from 2016 and first is from 2019...well before the bandwagon of hating on NQ in these forums lol. How is it that the dev team is crunching (even in 2016) yet nothing is getting done...? The upcoming 0.24 patch is very big relative to past updates...but even then seems to be pushing very incomplete feature
  4. Personally, I don't see the point in schematics if NQ is planning on implementing power. Power seems like a much more intuitive and realistic way to gate industry -- and one that would be easier for new players to understand and afford. As a design concept, schematics don't feel like they really fit -- it's a clumsy solution to the core problem. The point of alpha/beta isn't to have a balanced game. That would be an absurd goal that requires an extremely detailed plan -- game design discipline that most studios couldn't achieve, never mind NQ. I don't think
  5. This is a classic Hanlon's Razor situation: "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" I think "stupidity" is too harsh a description here, but I don't think NQ is "corrupt". I think they're feeling the pressure more than anyone. There's always time to tweak the economy -- but very limited time to prove that they can push the product toward a completed state with new features. This bug is annoying and obviously unfair, but in their mind is less an issue than the mass-production that happened before schematics were rolled out
  6. Xsolla supports a grace period field...has anyone tried logging in to an account that's been expired for months? Xsolla handles subscription status with webhooks -- it's always possible for there to be a bug on the receiving end that doesn't properly update the user's account, but it isn't a complex system. If you can log into an account that's been expired for a while, they might have temporarily stripped out the logic that checks for a valid sub on login (e.g. the webhook still works, but they aren't requiring a sub for now). Otherwise, it means the either the webho
  7. Some of us take circle Js very seriously thank you very much.
  8. Being impolite and disrespectful isn't great. I've done very poorly with being positive at times, but have tried to improve -- I haven't commented much recently beyond an extremely long and boring rant about GDPR and privacy. You don't have to like DU or NQ, but if you're going to criticize, at least make a reasonable point. Don't direct anger at the poor CMs who probably definitely don't get paid enough to deal with a bunch of misplaced anger. For real, Naunet is doing a great job -- she might not respond to every post, but she reads a whole mess of negativit
  9. Yeah I agree 100%, I hope it is clear that my post was aimed at the people calling it "tin foil hat wearing paranoid" And yeah, it isn't like any of this compliance is optional....NQ made the API, they have an obligation to understand and abide by GDPR (and CCPA, etc.)
  10. I don't understand why people think that data governance is paranoia. Don't be naive! "Oh that's not important, no one can use that for harm!". Yes, they can...and the law doesn't let you decide that case-by-case. It's baffling because part of NQ's job is game design -- understanding how people exploit systems for personal gain is kind of their wheelhouse? You think the situation I've outlined is obscure and unlikely? Great, so do I...that still means it is a viable attack vector. There's a long list of companies that have learned
  11. No data that can cause harm...? 🤔As NQ has no doubt discovered, people are creative when it comes to exploits. It currently isn't possible to block these methods -- it isn't about being smart, it is about what API methods and settings NQ makes available. You could use player names to match against social media handles and emails Most people don't use the same player name as their social media handle or email. As a scammer, I don't care about "most people". If I have a crapload of records, I'm looking for gems. It's a numbers game with exploits and DU is protected beca
  12. Sure, but there's a big difference between baseless conspiracy and concern over data privacy and governance. That there are bad actors lurking everywhere eager to abuse and exploit data isn't a conspiracy, it's a fact. GDPR is really clear about what data is protected. There's been multiple explanations written about how it applies to game data, including player names. No court would buy the argument that these data are "not related to natural persons" because it is logging the activities of an "avatar" vs. a person. That's not what the law says and various entities t
  13. I'm a bit confused by the section that says that rewards are non-binding. So...does the reward get put in escrow too, or only the collateral? That makes it seem like there's mechanics that enforce and require collateral, but nothing for rewards...? I don't understand the design rationale behind that. How? What price will be paid beyond having a poor review...? If someone runs 10 legit missions then 1 scam, that hardly makes them "pay a price", it just lowers their average. There's also no incentive to leave honest reviews -- if I rate someone
  14. https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/devblog-missionsystem I'm sure most of y'all have seen this already... I'm doing what has been asked, which is to go to the forum and discuss 😂 It seems like this answers a lot of questions I've seen related to how the mission system will work. I'm curious what else might be coming with 0.24 or if it is mostly just the mission system. It sounds like missions will launch with only hauling missions. I wonder if there will be enough people hauling to make it worthwhile...I mean, it isn't mining, right?
  15. As if having some extra threads is such a freakin' inconvenience. Not like there's a mess of activity around here anyway. In other words, he should quit and work for Newsmax? 😉
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