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  1. I think it's clear that NQ made people unhappy and is allergic to apologizing. It wouldn't take much for JC to post something like "We're sorry that we've angered some players with this action. We're still learning how to moderate the game and we're listening to feedback. This is beta for us too." Some people have a visceral reaction to disorder and vandals. We are a society that tends to idolize law over morality and order over individuality. Of course some people will demand harsh punishments; it's just how some people think. To them, justice will always be about punishment. The context doesn't matter -- rulebreakers are rulebreakers are rulebreakers. They don't care if the rules are vague -- "everyone should know what is right and what is wrong", and those that refuse to buy into their moral postulate are simply evil. They'd probably like to see these players hit with real life prosecution...for being digital vandals in a beta. It's just how "lawful good" people think. TLDR: The more of this topic I read, the more I feel like it has less to do with the situation and more to do with people's core views on justice, punishment, and rules...and the inability to think beyond the letter of an end user license agreement.
  2. Right? It's called thinking ahead. If you know that things will be upgraded in the future, build them so they can be...updated in the future. Don't claim it is because players want to keep their stuff...it's because you didn't think about how to future-proof the tech. Let's hope that they think about this more with the next updates...because we're not even out of beta yet, they shouldn't introduce "legacy" type content before public release lol.
  3. Unigen2 as the game engine. The use Python, golang, C#, and C++ on the backend (yes all 4). They use more than one database tech (Postgres and MongoDB) in addition to Amazon's DynamoDB and Elastisearch. They use a variety of AWS-specific services; fairly certain the main game servers run off AWS. This is all public info, I'm just a nerdy sleuth.
  4. Yeah, you aren't going to get it clarified by NQ. If you don't want player perspectives, this isn't the place to post...NQ isn't going to look at most of these posts, never mind reply. Terms like these are designed to be vague. Yes, "inappropriate" can be literally anything. There's no way they will lay this out explicitly, ever. This is industry standard and normal. It is meant to be subjective because the line for inappropriate is often vague, even in real life courts. This is how most MMO terms are worded...whatever devious stuff you have in mind, you're probably fine...
  5. 100% love that they made a forum account to post this. Finally a perspective by the people for the people lol.
  6. If it takes NQ weeks to fix major exploits, there's bigger issues at play. If it takes NQ weeks to even open a ticket, there's bigger issues at play. If it takes NQ days to acknowledge an exploit, there's bigger issues at play. People have been making MMOs for over 20 years now...I don't understand how NQ struggles to handle well-understood concepts so poorly. Patch exploits quickly because they ruin the economy. Make sure your customer support can answer tickets within a reasonable time (6 weeks is absolutely absurd). We are doing our part as players by paying the price they set...if they still can't afford enough support to move tickets along or fix exploits promptly, something is very wrong. $20/minimum for each player that joined beta isn't a tiny amount of money. It is definitely enough to scale up support and open tickets...and if isn't? That's still their fault for not doing basic math to figure out a workable price that would allow them to scale the game...
  7. There's a big difference between support being "delayed" and them not looking at tickets at all, sometimes for weeks. I'm not saying it is okay to not report a bug or exploit, I'm saying it doesn't matter if you do. NQ hasn't had any sense of urgency to fix major issues for players unless they are shoved in their face like this heist. You're right that the lanes of support aren't equal. As players, we give way more support to the devs than the other way around. If the support team is truly so busy, hire more support. That's why we pay them real-life monies. That's why they got $22 million in investments. So they can support their product. When should NQ be done "growing" into their shoes? I'd say 6 years is long enough to grow up and hire enough staff that you can process reports of thefts/exploits. Honestly, I'd agree with everything you said if it weren't for many players having their tickets ignored. It does create a perception that NQ doesn't have any sense of urgency when it comes to their paying customers...and only seems to act quickly when it embarrasses them. Maybe I'm way off-base and there are players that have had great experiences with NQ promptly dealing with theft/exploits, I just don't hear about any of those...
  8. Agreed, but they've had time to make a patch that fixes this exploit... It's hard to patch an exploit when you refuse to even look at the tickets or research the problem. A very simply "we are aware of these problems and looking into it" would help massively, but instead we don't even know if NQ recognizes this as an issue (even after someone stole a whole market lol). NQ wants people to report exploits and bugs instead of taking advantage of them, but then when people do....they ignore it. So sure, making actual fixes to the code to prevent exploits is 10000x better than manual dev intervention, but we can't even get them to acknowledge issues or read tickets...
  9. If NQ wants us to 'report' and leave things alone, they need to improve their communication. Players report theft all the time and seem to have massive trouble getting their tickets looked at. Trust is a two way street. If players can't trust NQ to help when they suffer exploits...why should anyone feel obligated to help NQ? They're the party actually making the monies...so why does the community have to help them cover up their technical sloppiness when they don't have any sense of urgency with the community's tickets...? Fine, we'll report exploits. Just give us a few weeks. I don't really care that these players were banned, but they should also be issued refunds for unused time because NQ shares plenty of responsibility due to their sloppy tech, imprecisely worded EULA, and inability to use the features they invented to secure their own property. Further, if they promptly ban these people, they ought to put just as much urgency on other community tickets instead of only seeming to care about theft when it happens to them...Frankly I feel this theft did more good than harm long-term, but only if NQ uses it as a learning experience instead of reacting with embarrassment and anger.
  10. Not a very good example. It's more like if someone lied and said that your house is almost done...so you pay them and realize the foundation isn't even laid. Then they shrug and say "well we SAID it was still in construction...your fault for misinterpreting, even though we definitely exaggerated in the marketing materials..." PS if someone is going to charge you rent for a house that's not remotely livable, that's pretty scammy and unethical...
  11. People are saying this because of experience, not to troll NQ. I hope that the OP has their ticket answered promptly, but the experiences of most players is that it won't happen. I can only imagine how frustrating it is....sloppy / bugged game feature means you lose everything, then NQ doesn't place a priority on answering your ticket? It's a double "screw you" to their customers...every day that they don't answer drives the OP away from the game and encourages the jerks to keep ruining it for other people. I am all for people calling out NQ on their absurdly slow response to exploit reports...whatever it takes to get them to actually help their paying customers.
  12. LOL. The blame should be on the devs that allowed this to be possible. The "problem" is that NQ has never made a game before... Let's review: - They can't optimize the game; don't tell me "it's beta" -- they've had 6 years to develop a solid core and failed. There's almost zero chance this game could support millions of players. Any actual dev will tell you optimization can't be an afterthought. Simply doesn't work like that. - They can't develop core features like PvP -- they still have no clue what they will do. It's been 6 years and they are in the design phase. Design comes before alpha, and they don't even have that done. - They can't communicate with players -- JC likes to go on streams but only deals with ass-kissers. Why is the CEO spending time on streams, anyway?! - They can't fix basic bugs and exploits. - They can't enforce the rules they created because they can't fix basic bugs and exploits... - They can't create a permissions system -- even NQ can't seem to set this up properly. These are devs. That can't create a permissions system. - They can't even be bothered to make a subscription system (which takes a few days and a Stripe account)...Xsolla is for lazy companies that don't care about UX DU still has so much potential. If I didn't love many aspects of this game, I'd be gone by now. They can 100% fix the direction of this game...but they need major changes in leadership, which likely won't happen. Hopefully events like this encourage them to quit going on streams and doing stupid easter eggs...and focus on making even one feature in this game actually work.
  13. Space suit should rust when it gets wet. Caverns should sometimes collapse when weaving tunnels like a bunch of cokehead moles. Add cokehead moles that attack you sometimes.
  14. It is an assumption, but not one formed in a vacuum. I am likely biased, but it takes a certain level of ego to even attempt to make a game like DU as your first ever game project when you have zero experience in the field...that's like me attempting to make Data as my first ever robot. Would it be "ambitious" or arrogant? (P.S. I have never worked in robotics) A few other reasons I have this opinion: Not interested in mundane things like detailing core features Very interested in being on streams and being the visible face of the game (most game companies don't have their CEOs spending so much time on streams because they are busy leading the company) Not that interested in negative feedback -- not eager to apologize, admit fault, make changes (e.g. "sorry we know we need to communicate better") Running an event that he cares about but doesn't really help the community; is a distraction to the many other things to do Obsession with RPO (sees himself as Halliday?) Life experience? I'm sure there's humble PhD/CEO/Creative Director/Founders out there...I'd love to meet one someday!
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