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  1. You have to be extremly unlucky or .... ehm. T1 ore is so common you have to find it without scanner in 10 min with just blind digging. in 45 min i can mine 150 000 L of T1 ore. You really should look at some tutorials before you criticize something.
  2. i think if you want to make mining more interensting you should reward player for doing extra steps not punish him for not doing it
  3. i have 5 year old core i 5 but when i am still CPU is about 30 - 50 % and when i move its about 80 - 100% - not a great FPS but playable .... hopefully Ryzen 7 i want to buy will improve performance
  4. I agree that things needs to change but with your list of suggestions would PVP rarelly occure and that wouldnt be healthy for the game.
  5. discordauth:sTrGFrC6ks0U_V6TaR7mRxeE6Q28W2G_lNSgwfeESdo=

  6. You are wrong ... there is MMO in development where players require food to survive .... Life is feudal Water aspect of this post is mute because as someone said we will be wearing biosuits but I would like to see food in game .... not necessary to survive but it could significantly improve character performence.
  7. borzol

    In-game voice.

    What i would like to see in game is ship to ship voice comunication ... you would need some kind of comunication array for that. It would be usefull for example for contacting incomming unknown ships.
  8. i dont know if anyone suggested it .... i didnt want to read all posts but i think NPC traders should be in game all the time but the price for the ore will adjust to the number of credits in economy per player .... this way once enought credits are in the economy the price of ore will be so low no one will want to sell to NPC. Another situation ... lets say NPC traders will be removed from game after 3 months .... and after that lot more players will join the game and there will be lot of credits missing i think.
  9. borzol


    I was thinking that probes that we will be sending to planets for stargates building will also provide list of resources available - planetary scan, my proposed module - regional scan would provide knowlage that desired mineral is located in hexagon and after that you would start scaning with personal scaner for the actual position of the mineral you want.
  10. borzol


    it woudnt find location and depth where mineral is only if it is in a hexagon or not you would still have to scan the hexagon for it.
  11. borzol


    I would like to suggest a module for ships and structures that would be capable of scanning all minerals in hexagon where the module is located. It would be expensive and energy demanding device. It would only show you if mineral is there and not the location. And to make it hard scanning would take 6 hours for example and during the scan all other ships or structures capabilities would be disabled. It could be usefull when you are looking for specific hard to find minerals.
  12. i think with the current speed if 10 000 players start to mine planet would be consumed very quickly and there is only 10 000 backers so i imagine there would lot more players when it will come out maybe 30 000. and if they really want to make it long term game like they want stargates to be build in month or two it necessary to slow it down .
  13. Maybe they will add some kind of delay like when you click to mine some kind of effect will appear and it will take like five seconds to extract the ore same with the building when you click to build a wall and it will take some time to materialize the wall depending on its size.
  14. I am sure NQ will make sure this cant happen
  15. Looks i wasnt clear .... you dont have to play 24/7 but it takes long in game time to grow high quality food but i dont see why people should not be reworded for time spended gaming? Its like you would say that - its not fair you mined more ore than me just because you spend more time in a game.
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