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  1. I think this is the wrong way of doing it. The game needs money sinks to get the economy going, not hurdles that will scare new players away. The industry is already very complicated to setup for a new player, hitting them with more roadblocks that need to be overcome by grinding is not helpful. Why do this for all items? Why not keep basic stuff free? Make the special item like Military Engines require a schematic. Introduce new Industry Items that are slightly better and use the researchable schematics for that. This change will have no impact to larger, already existing orgs, but will punish smaller orgs and news players massively. I know this is a MMO, but not everyone wants to be part of a large corp. And not everyone will be from day one Currently the best part of the game is the creativity and ability to create all sorts of stuff. This change will seriously reduce that and all that will remain is a mining / grind simulator. This game need proper game mechanics, not just grind.
  2. No, not at all. I think it is a touchy topic, because first that balance is easy to miss. If one side feels the other is at advantage, they will complain. The forums of multiple games are full of threads with these complains. Look into the forums of Life is feudal MMO for example. In that game the PVP crowd feels that PVP is to hard and not worth it, so the forum is filled with bitter threads. Secondly, players will have different viewpoints when it comes to that balance. Something one player thinks is fine another player will think of as overpowered and unfair.
  3. But exactly because of this, PVP is a touchy topic. All Sandboxes I have played so far are torn between the two player bases. The non-PVP people (miners,crafters etc, often dismissivly called "Carebears") and the PVP crowd. If you don't get the balance right, and make both sides welcome, feel like they have a place in the game and their playstyle is viable this can tore the game apart. I think more then one sandbox failed because of this. but they created the environment which makes this possible and even encourages it. You mentioned killboards before and those are a perfect example of this. There are players who only want to boost their killboard, they do not care if their target is worth it, has good loot etc.. They just want the kill to boost their killboard-ego
  4. No, it is not needed, as other already pointed out: there are plenty of resources on the Planet, by the time they will get scarce a lot of other planets will have been colonized and can be used for resources. An artificial "replenishing" is not a good idea.
  5. That is intentional. DU want to promote cooperation.
  6. mid size Ship (~ Millennium Falcon) crammed with Exploration modules (whatever those will be in the final game), with a decent set of engines to give me better chance to avoid unfriendly ships. A big, empty ship might be funny in a "Red Dwarf" kind of gameplay, but I don't thing that will be viable in DU
  7. The last one looks like a miniature version of the Netherlands
  8. I run it on a i5, with GTX 970 and 32 GB RAM and it runs fine. The RAM is most likely a bit overkill for games, but i need it for Lightroom
  9. Perfect, I would have been surprised if noone had thought about that already It is great that this can become an ingame University Building, not just some external website.
  10. You can create SVG graphics with Lua and according to the Lua Tutorial you can import pictures as well. So I think it might be a good project to create a "DU-University" in game. Which would include advanced topics. Depending on the Lua scripting you might be able to do "tests" in game.
  11. Mining will most likely be one of the first professions a new player will do to earn some quanta. Also Building is one of the core feature of the game, so I think it would be bad to limit it for new players.
  12. Every Plex that can be traded in Eve got bought with real money. So while the veteran player might buy the Plex with ISK the guy he buys it from has bought it with real money (or someone down the line if the Plex got traded multiple times.) For every Plex in existence in Eve, real money has been spend.
  13. Generally NQ stated that you will need multiple crew members to control the ships guns. So no one man Battleships. see dev blog here: The details of that are not yet published. Also as far as I know there are also no Informations yet about front facing "fighter style" weapons. However since a lot of the in game elements (engines, thrusters etc.) will work with Lua Scripting I think you will be able to program the weapons to a degree (no full automation). If I had to speculate, I would guess that they will limit the number of connections you can make from a control station to guns. So a normal fighter cockpit might only be able to connect to 1-2 weapons, while a specialized "gunner control station" might be able to control more. Perhaps even depending on skill / tech level. But again, there are no details about the specifics of this available yet.
  14. I'm waiting for the Beta (or when ever combat will be in the game), then we can see how it will work in practice. Also the way scanning and solar system travel will work will be crucial. However the Eve-Crowd should keep two things in mind. First, the playfield is vastly different. There is no way of claiming a whole system or even a planet in DU, this will change a lot compared to Eve. The Playfield is also much, much larger. A system is tiny in Eve compared to DU which will have the whole planet surface. Second, the crafting/ building playstyle of DU will attract a different kind of players then Eve. And those players are needed to make the game a lasting success.
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