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  1. Hey, I'm new around here and have what is possibly a dumb question. I'm planning on getting the bronze pledge pack so I wonder roughly when is the release of the alpha stages projected and also for the final release. Also if you could somehow get to earlier alpha tests without giving the whole monthly scholarship. Thanks for replying in advance!
  2. I would say that C# because it has the most balanced benefits and downfalls to the syntax.
  3. I was told to introduce myself, so here I am. I'm an 18y old programmer finnishing up high school. A HUGE SciFi nerd (Star Wars, Star Trek) and both a fan and developer of games. I first saw this game last year presented by Captain Shack of the XPGamers. I sadly missed the initial kickstarter pledge, so I will do it now. I hope to help with the games development even so if only when Alpha 2 arrives. And thats about all, just saying HI to (hopefully) future friends and enemies
  4. I've been thinking a lot about communication with other players not associated with the character. Perhaps you can add a function that could send limited text messages to the designated ship which displays it on UI. In that way you could have a ship or station constantly sending out messages like "Restricted area" or "Open for buisness" Anyway it's just an idea of mine, tell me what you think.
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