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  2. AWESOME! Thanks guys! I just wasn't looking hard enough lol. Great community, cant wait to finally get in the game and join this new frontier.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Quite new to these forums and to Dual Universe but have been learning a lot over the last few weeks. I hope I put this in the right are as well.. I'm curious to see if someone is considering/ ever thought about doing a news style radio station for DU. Ive seen the radio station posts on here about playing music and having DJ's for all of us on here, but no one is talking about doing information/news broadcast's. soon after the game launches, maybe a week to a month, there will most likely be major factions/empires/federations etc.. and it would be nice for the little guys out there to get an update on whats going on in the universe/world that your on. I imagined segments on markets, current price on goods/where to get good prices, local issues with government's, and of course ad's for jobs, or recruitment for federations and such. Again very new to a lot of this so just throwing an idea out there, I would like to possibly work with someone on this if they would like to try to take this on as well. I just want to see as much immersion as possible with this game.
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