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  1. We agree, when we fled Earth 2027, we didn't have FTL or Warp Drives. We also agree that the Arkships that traveled for over 10,000 years embarked an AI to initiate colonization. An AI... for 10,000 years... just kept busy with low-level operations to monitor and maintain the ship's integrity. I think this is a huge waste of time. Here's the idea: At the beginning, we implemented a directive to the AI for which theorizes and thus potentially discovers a viable FTL technology (and 2-3 other new technologies in the process). And if the AI couldn't work at full power, it got 10,000 years old. Even at 10%, this leaves a good margin for development. (Here we go. We have a RP excuse)
  2. NQ has released the NovaWrimo compilations of 2016 and 2016 https://dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/07/05/novawrimo-collections/ Thank for this o/ However...
  3. [fr] Cela existe déja : Lua script dans un "Programing board" Les exemples dans cette vidéo ne sont qu'une petite parti des possibilité offerte. Un altimètre est prévue, si il n'est pas déjà implémenté. [en] This already exists: Lua script in a "Programing board" The examples in this video are only a small part of the possibilities offered. A altimeter is expected, if it is not already implemented.
  4. Probably never. For the same reason that normal collision will not be implemented : 1) The calculation of voxel's collision and destruction would be truly atronomic and would explode the servers 2) For the gameplay and for avoiding the creation of missiles: You make 100 small vessels sacrificable and you destroy the target vessel without risk
  5. Um, I'm surprised no one is talking of the FTL OST by Ben Prunty https://benprunty.bandcamp.com/album/ftl
  6. In the Lore, there is a logical explanation to the position of the Arkships. In "crashing" on the surface of Alioth, it sinks into the ground, the Arkships can then creates electricity by geothermal energy. I find this all equally realistic and well thought out.
  7. The Organizations system in DU is extremely simple and flexible but full of possibility. All political forms are possible, from absolute dictatorship to total democracy. All the rest is only a question of internal organization, of how and what one wants to do. DU is an authentic sandbox (very big, the box), with sands more or less interesting. Novaquark just wants to do big it as much as possible and provide us with a maximum of tools An article on how Org works in DU An article on how Org works in DU https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/03/20/organizations-build-your-corporation-faction-nation-or-empire/ Another article on the management of rights in an Org https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2017/03/31/organizations-purpose-management/ To return to this idea of in-game chanel voice, the question has already been raised (I do not know where) and there has been no answer from Novaquark. In expect, Discord is an excellent software that perfectly fulfills this function (a lot of Org have one). But if he had to make an in-game voice chanel, it will be like all the rest, simple and flexible but full of possibility, that each one can customize according to his needs. And if you wanted to make a round table system, well, you can do it. (or "you can du it" ; )
  8. Thank you for making me discover this site \o/ Now, I can die in peace.
  9. No, is not a furry Org, actually juste a french Org "Projet N.O.M.A.D.E" https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/projet-nomade-nomade-exploration-tech-french-franc A alliance, hum, not now (waiting for more about DU) and I can't speak for my Org. But thank, it's noticed
  10. The proud black dragon white-eyed that I am would have loved to join you, but I have already committed myself to another organization. I wish you good luck ?
  11. A simple way to counter this possibility is to do as the Beam in Minecraft: The TCU must in the open air for work. But as Lethys says, NQ will ensure that the TCU can not become invulnerable.
  12. Perhaps in winning this contest you will get one free
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