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  1. Hey! Salut et Bienvenue (EN) I see that you're as hyped as me. Hope to see you on the game when it will be released.
  2. Yep c'est exact Yea. Let's try not to be anglophobic for once. Probably in some time. But i'm preparing a project that will be revealed soon.
  3. Concrètement je poste en anglais pour qu'un maximum de personnes comprennent. Mais je réponds en fr quand on me répond en fr
  4. Je vois ça! Ça chaume pas dans le coin. Merci je prends note de ces informations. Thanks! I already joined a few french discord. And no problem i'll do that!
  5. Hey thanks! I heard about the game in August trought a french youtuber (Jean-Baptiste Show). I wasn't hyped at the time but I fell on his video again three days ago and now the hype train got me (i mean it's a MMO with spacecrafts and politics and mining and all, it's not possible to say what part is exiting, the all is!) Ho Ho!
  6. Hey people. It seems that here is the place to say hello. I've discovered the game recently and I never felt so hyped for something. I never played such a game (my only space-related game being the original 2005 Battlefront II, wich isn't even comparable). I also heard somewhere that I may have an organization project. But shhht, it's a secret! Hope I will have the game in my hands early enough. Also it's been a long time since I registered to a forum. Last time was on a french forum related to a sandbox game with cubes wich I don't remember the name (hehehe)
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