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  1. It's a good idea, I think, but we should not push this mechanism to drink and eat as much as possible. For example, it is sufficient to place water dispensers or taps and dispensers that could be manufactured and placed in buildings or spaceships.
  2. Hello ! I am French and I have a lot of trouble reading the news on the official site, so I would think there would be an icon that allows to choose a language for the site. This could help a lot of people understand the ideas of the game. THANK YOU ! Then the players help translate the dual universe sites. (just I did that with Google translation so there are some mistakes)
  3. Pre-alpha tests should take longer to discover more complicated bug to discover
  4. hello I do not understand this message because I am French if someone could explain me his will be nice
  5. Hi when it comes to non-generating resources do not worry there are tons and tons of resources on the first planet. On the other hand, if the players are very active on factory projects, huge ships, or cities could be a problem of resources. (sorry I put in French)
  6. Hi when it comes to non-generation of resources do not worry there are tons and tons and tons of resources just on the first planet.By cons, actually if the players are very active on projects of factories, huge vessels, or cities could have a problem of resources.
  7. For now novaquark does not want to set up other solar systems until the system in place is saturated
  8. Bonjour à tous. Cette idée est moyenne après moi tu vas voir pourquoi. Donc, mon idée est de fait que quand une personne veut donner du pouvoir, l'accès à son pc, tablette et autre. Pour envoyer de l'énergie à d'autres ordinateurs NQ ( performance améliorée pour mieux développé DU) . Bien sur il est nécessaire que la personne n'utilise pas son pc et autre. Je sais qu'il y a un système dans son genre même la NASA pour améliorer la recherche par exemple. Donc je ne sais pas si c'est si simple de faire un système de ce genre. J'espère que quelqu'un a compris que je l'ai écrit super vite! Je crois qu'il faut un logiciel spécialisé dans le transfert de puissance
  9. j'aimerais bien con me supprime mon post car les gens v'on croire que je suis un feignant qui veut tout simplifier ou que je suis égoïste alors svp vous pourriez faire cela ? et j'ai très bien compris se que vous m'avez dit.
  10. (Hello I post this to correct the small errors of Google translation of my old post) Hello. This idea is that when a clan wants to be known it can make propaganda video, video presentation, IN THE GAME on giant screens in cities is not necessarily on the site of the clan or other for not a player facing the go back game site (a whittling down) but not that the clans could have cameras the players, the journalist, the adventurer who share their adventure, like there would be different cameras like one that an improved zoom, surveillance cameras , infrared camera and many other things. Sincerely supermasternico. This is my last post until December 14th.
  11. Hello. This idea is that when a clan wants to be known he can make propaganda video, presentation video, IN THE GAME is not in the official site for not that a player facing the round trip (shortened roughly) but not that the clans could do it the independent player, alone, for journalist or kinds of youtubeurs of dual universe. In fact it is added cameras of filming. Sincerely supermasternico. This is my last post until December 14th.
  12. I scored AIDS while I wanted to write AIDS ...
  13. Hello, this is for the idea box.This idea is that when a clan has no more resources in its territory or the minerals increase in price they receive resources by teleportation BUT if clan in question has a reputation very bad because it causes wars, sabotage, "attack" or provider of organization malicious they do not receive help of the game and conversely for the good clans. Well on players could even give them resources but this idea would be good for the beginning because I suppose there is no "big drilling company" my idea is a "humanitarian" aid I do not speak directly give tools or building block I talk about giving resources to make these objects. Regards supermasternico
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