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  1. As of today: Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months) is prohibited. Ya'll know what it means. This thread has been provided a v i c t o r y c o n d i t i o n. The metagame is evolving. The real game has just begun. Now do me a favor and come back in two months for my victory celebration.
  2. How do you do that? It seems like you need to launch a new research per each organisation until you find the guy. That's a lot of time spent to get a simple information. Edit: Ok I found out. You do it by the url, /accounts/profile/<theName>
  3. I wasn't talking about a weapon, I was talking about a general utility item. Something to transport and tow things. Having it simply not work in safe zone would be strange wouldn't it?
  4. No you wouldn't because you would be offline parked in a safe zone while a jerk is stealing/destroying your ship. As a matter of fact, you do have a don't shoot me option, and the tractor beam you describe would circumvent it. I mean I guess being forced to park all your ships in hangars ain't the end of the world. But if the main purpose of an item is to ruin people's day, I don't know, maybe don't create it. I didn't know about the storage magic. I guess it would do the job. It's less cool tho.
  5. I wouldn't use boosters even if it was a thing. You'd have to have somebody on the ground to retrieve them, they would fall on people heads and generally be a pain. But a connector element. That would be pretty neat. It would be useful in ship transport, or to do things like sending a satellite in orbit or whatever, there would be a tons of nice applications, ship rescue, all that. You'd need an option on your construct to allow/forbid towing, otherwise the griefing potential would be over the roof. And then it would be pretty good.
  6. Relevant (from the last tutorial video):
  7. We don't know much about it. The first "NPCs" are there to speed up the process, selling stuff that people can't yet craft etc.. then when the players get their own economy going they will either reduce or remove them. I guess they could also keep a few of them to make sure that the inflation/deflation is kept in check if they feel the need for it. But they are aiming at fully player driven economy.
  8. Nah op is you : P "original poster", or "original post" the first message of the thread.
  9. Steven is asking about the money that magically enter and leave dual universe. Money lost by a player and gained by another is still in the world. Faucets are money generated without anybody losing money. ship being destroyed doesn't create any money, it doesn't destroy money either. NPC orders are money added to the game artificially, that's what faucets are, and what OP worries about.
  10. At 6:15 in this old video, they explain that there will be NPC orders to start things off and not much more. https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2469359/video-702694-h264_high.mp4
  11. I anticipate mining to take a long time and to be what slows down things. Both the digging itself and the transportation of materials. Then possibly transporting them to another place after you crafted them. In all the videos right now the building is instant, it could change obviously but I don't expect it to have too much artificial timers. Building something from the gathering of materials to the finish product will probably take a lot of time. But they expect most people to split the work. exploring/prospecting, managing a mining operation, transporting and possibly fighting off pirates, and designing and building finished products. All are different jobs enjoyable to different people. If you just want to build you can buy whatever you need and enjoy building. You will need to find people to sell your products to and possibly get you started, as you might not be able to afford the parts. That's where corporations come in handy. There is one video about building in pre alpha: As for expected delivery, It was an old kickstarter estimation. I wouldn't pay much attention to it. It sounds like a possible date for alpha 1. Definitely not for release.
  12. Discord bot told me to post there or it wouldn't believe I'm human. Technology has already gone far hasn't it? So I'm Mephetic. I'm super impressed already by this game and where it's going. I love everything about it. I like building and programming, so in game that's probably what you'll see me do. See ya'll around
  13. discordauth:XaJO5n7MD4AmCrugFmsgdar5kB3lyEa0QvYyNng0e9w=

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