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  1. Looks good! Excited for the next volumes :-)
  2. discordauth:ROh-prrtrB6IE1p-lS9j_BQtKjY2uLbbj9z9A25hoXs=
  3. It would be a neat idea if corporations would be able to set up ATM's which could exchange explorer ores/materials for credits & vice versa. Would this be a possibility?
  4. Still no luck on locating any information on element sizes. Suppose i wont be able to find out until later on if they decide to release it.
  5. Thank you! And yes Voxels. I am looking for information on all block sizes (ie wings, engines, fuel tanks etc.) i found another post that mentioned voxel sizes can be constructed as small as 25 cm but still cant find anything on the other items sizes.
  6. I have been looking through the forms and i cannot find any mention of the actual size of the building blocks (I.E. 10 CM x 10 CM x 10 CM). Is there a list of the preset/standard building elements?
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