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  1. Heres the thing though, as with most things in life you rarely see a review if things are good. If you work for a job that you neither hate nor love most wont leave a review. It takes someone who truely loves the job and workplace to leave a good review. However, most people who are angry are FAR more willing to leave a poor review of a company for even the smallest slights. Keep in mind most employees who get canned are usually angry. Doesn't matter WHY they got canned, they will be angry. They could be slovenly layabouts who never do a damn thing and spend all day lee
  2. As someone who is usually vocally and entirely anti-rollback and anti-wipe. I think this is a situation that would justify a roll-back. Yea it sucks hard but right now you lose around 24 hours. The longer they wait the worse it will be as well. Sure the fact jonny whosit over there got 50 warp beacon blueprints wont hurt you now. But it wasnt just a few schems here and there. There are now people who spent as much as a billion on schems and have literally thousands of them on almost everything you can think of and can now dictate market prices to a point where they and others like
  3. Faster ship goes boom usually. Some "wonderful" guy was at the markets with an engine and brake covered XS ship and flying into the way of landing ships and stopping cold a few days ago. Caused several to crash including a few L cores.
  4. Simplier solution. Allow us players to make markets and market hubs, and allow us to set a timer with a minimum duration of say 24 hours to salvage anything left on our pads without permission. Then if people clutter up our shops we can grab the mess toss the constructs in a scrapyard and take care of it oursleves. Problem solves itself at that point. I know i and many other players would MASSIVLY prefer to land at a player owned market or start our own over dealing with the amd with all due respect to NQ moronic pile of bullshit mess we have now. And its fewer resources and less t
  5. You are correct, i dont know you, i have not met you in the game and you are not a friend, enemy or ally to my knowledge, I do not know your playstyle beyond PvP as you have admited. I willingly admit to that ignorance. This means that all i can do is form my opinion based on your posts and respond to those. Same goes for boo, i see several of you as community represenitives and i have seen you at various events and streams as both boo and NQ reps thus my opinion of boo is formed from the actions, words and posts of the visible vanguard as it is all i have to form my opinion with.
  6. And i find it funny how either oblivious or willfully ignorant you are that you think many of us are "anti-pvp" just because we dont agree with YOU or boo in general and instantly go into "cry moar carebears" mode. If you actully read our posts most of us are PRO pvp and would LOVE pvp content in the game, hell many of us crave it likey as much or more then YOU. However, we also would like there to BE a game to enjoy the pvp in and for there to be a POINT to the pvp aside from "lulz me r blew up teh noobs" Your vision would not help the game and infact hurts it and quite badly.....
  7. I was going to make a fairly detailed post about why his version of things is basicly "DU is dieing lets go ahead and kill it while causeing as much damage as posible" when i got off work but you beat me to it and summed up anything i would have said in a much more succinct and polite way then i could. Then again he has demonstrated he doesnt care how viable something is afterall "just put gunz on yer ship and hire a bunch of merc military escorts as likely to betray you as not or join a big org durr hurr" is his standard response. Sadly i am entirely unsuprised as at this point co
  8. Sadly that laptop will struggle to even boot this game, much less play it. I looked up that laptop and it comes with intergrated graphics. Said IGPU is far far FAR below the minimum specs required for the game. While the rest of the specs are fine and the 3700Us vega 10 is great for most older or low requirment games it simply wont work in this case. If you set the game to 720P and as low as you can, it MIGHT boot and play. However at those settings it would be painful at best and a desaster at worst. Especially in crowded areas. Sadly the game in its current state is badly optimis
  9. Nahh i would rather keep annoying people like you. Besides blueprint is used regionally where i live instead of schematic for anything built in 3d and im not going to change how i refer to them to please YOU.
  10. Few things it could be, First some markets are more borked then others, if posible try going to a diffrent market. Second is try messing with the core settings i.e try going down to 2 4 6 ect cores on the menu and see if any work. Next shadows can be a problem so try setting them to various settings and also try volumetric clouds. Lastly try clearing cache or if you have an SSD and the game is on an HDD try moving it to the SSD I know the game was almost unplayable on my desktop until i moved itnoff my 5400 RPM data drive and onto an SSD. Beyond that i have no idea. I run a laptop
  11. No clue but for slowboating to be a desireable option they need to do one of 3 things. 1. Safe zones between planets to allow travelers a place to safely log out and create shipping lanes. Bonus is it narrows where pirates need to look and also gives them multiple chances to catch accelerateing and decelerateing ships. Can also be used as a tie in point for roid fields. 2. Raise the speed limit either for everyone (not recomeded) or allow ships with a full set of higher tier engines to go faster then 30K to give rare materials and better engines a useage beyond "fluff"
  12. Yep have a shore tile near the market and it has zero ore.
  13. Ok i cant atay silent on this one, wall-o-text incoming. PvE is all fine and good, hell even the most rabid rusties can ackowledge we need some forms of PvE if for no other reason then as a way to gather resources that is slightly less painful then ramming a rusty icepick up your own nose and giving it a firm wiggle. And so that not all their prey says screw this and leaves en mass leaving only a few pirates fighting over the few XS cores you can make in a nanopack and blowing up the infrastructure before its built. However we also need PvP systems in place as well. Rig
  14. Too bad though the VM is at best an edge case for me. I use my laptop for most things and while its a good unit.......If i tried to run a VM of DU on it, im fairly sure it would turn into a mushroom cloud.
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