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  1. Big second it should let you go for as much as you got in honeycomb to cover it.
  2. I agree took me minutes to place stuff for my new lowest weight warp bike. It took a few days to get the elegant look without overload on weight. But got her to 59.5 tons with good controls and stopping power so you don’t burn up on reentry
  3. I’m lvl 3 on pretty much all but working on engines breaks adjusters to 5 slowly
  4. I THINK AS A BEGINNER, one should not have to dig in the F&&KING DIRT for months to have some fun. and i have not met a SINGLE ALPHA player that tells me, ah you know 10 or 12 break will do ya...they always tell me YES, or N+1....or X+1... personally i really like being able to hit CTRL , and my ship actually stops.....not glides 1-20 KM past the target, and slaps its fully loaded ass into whatever is in front of it, or below it... but after i sell my next PALADIN...yeah sold one 90 million BTW... i am going to stop putting more than 6 large containers on M
  5. I did this with one of mine. basically a tube with wings...but with style, looks like a some stealth military, with scales on it. named the Scarab, best selling ship in my fleet. and every customer i get on that one LOVES IT, and wants me to build a bigger one for them. so i am working on the XL model... little wider, 2 more large containers. it is so compact to fuel it up, or move things you have to use sideways elevators to get around in it. and it comes warp ready, or with a warp drive installed buyer preference.
  6. I like this idea, a really rare large engine, with Good fuel economy, high speed, and thrust like a maneuver. and each one is equal to 2 large military and 1 maneuver engines. mixed....
  7. no i mean LEGIT let PvE be a selection on the core, and it allows you to over lap 2 elements. but only 2. since it is a glitch people have somehow figured out.
  8. So i have had even more time doing Voxelmancy, and building ships. Here is the rundown in some detail. SHIP 1 - NAME : SCARAB so i made a M core hauler, version one, giant Hexagon with 10 L containers, Anti Gravity, Lua scripts, had 120 Airbrakes L, 120 Retro rockets L, 30 Basic Atmos L , 2 XL Space Engines, 4 L ATMOS tanks, 4 L space tanks, 30 Large Vertical thusters. it could haul 3.5 Kilo Tons, and fully loaded weight was 7 KT. but it could fly, but it was like a ugly brick, with a massive cross section. flying it loaded or unloaded was annoying. VERSION 2
  9. NO! i am sorry to say but this game is like Eve online. It is what it is, till what it is get stable. It is like any economy in its infancy. It will get better overtime. But with players coming and going in this beta 1 stage it is going to be wonky. Also the game not being optimized right now makes for more wonk. Then them still adding features. Everytime you log in there is that CHECK LIST of things to come. If they wipe the server one, people will lose all there progress at this point in the game. two there would be nothing to buy or sell on markets, it would make getting everyone rolling ev
  10. I did it, i came in a few days before schematics were a thing. I still have not really trained any flying skills. I build ships that get in and out of Alioth atmos fully loaded 8-10 Large containers. i have 3 medium ships, 2 small, one XS, all on large containers, 1-10. i have millions from mining. thats what i use now to make and sell ship designs. just spent 4 day, and 15 hours a day building my best hauler yet, and already have a buyer for 75million tokenized. and 15 million for blueprints...so i am doing well, and if i can fly it, then anyone with skill could fly it better. i design a
  11. Well my latest ship has 950000KN of break force LMAO....stopping 10 XL containers on a dime is nice....LOL flies like a brick though...due to bullsnot cross section mechanics...started a rebuild...even got myself AGG.
  12. WELL SINCE THIS WONT GET FIXED! I WILL TAKE A NQ GIFT OF 200 million QUANTA...or 5 MILLION SKILL POINTS in return. but i prefer quanta.
  13. I only think the bots should be used for right now on outter ring planets and, moons outside the safety ring. like ion, locobus, feli, where prices are way though the roof for stuff. becasue no one is there. so it gives people a way to sell ore, when they are out there, seeing there are also no real buy order, on those moons. so say you go on a mining trip to get something higher teir, any low teir ore you can dump to bots, to pay for the fuel and warp cells to get to and from the outter ring, while bringing back whatever it is you went out there to mine. but the inner ring.., a
  14. maybe for you, but it cost one of our guys, 200 million..for containers, industry machines, and schematics to make 10 cells per hour...200 million quanta.
  15. there is no WAY in HECKABOO you can stop that ship hauling 1.5 Kt with only 1 L airbreak... maybe 1.5 KL, which is 1500L,,, but you cant even get 1.5Kt off the ground with less than 20 LARGE hovers. i Just stop my ground hover truck with 3 L air breaks, and only 1 L container full. and it still had some drift to it.
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