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  1. Of course there is SLI/MTI with BlindingBright's own Hammerhead and Tomahawk ships. Come see our city at Madis Market 3.
  2. Unless your org somehow manages to never sell or buy anything outside of the guild ever then we are all capitalist in the end because $ is needed to move anything along in this game. However in the management of each organization the question is which style are people using. Democratic, Socialist or full blooded for the people Communism(tm). Or even independent where guild cohesion breaks down to at best a simple cost reduction for goods and services. Some guilds may start running their operation one way and a patch comes along and makes it impossible to continue that way, forcing them to switch gears entirely. You could write a novel on the changes that happened with our group on Madis after some madman pushed a factory wrecking patch out.
  3. Comrade Snipey I'm glad we never tried any of this socialism they are all arguing about here in this thread. As we found the true path to greatness for our org was through Communism. None of these half measures.
  4. Glad the pvp orgs have something to do now. Making a lot off those recovered mission packages?
  5. There was a running gag here and on discord about DU being a "small indie studio please be gentle" for a long time when the game first went to open beta. Every time people got angrier the phrase got weirder. "We are small indie studio, please be patient" "We are small family restaurant, please be patient" "We are just 2 guys with a hot dog cart, please be patient"
  6. Great you sound like my mother...... She was wrong about that too. The philosophy that is not DU, her playing DU woulda been hilarious.
  7. @Thunderblaze Alright I had my hopes up because the REALLy buggy hole at the parts warehouse looks fixed but over at one of the manufacturing plants I found: and of course there has always been this I did not see some of the old ones but not sure if that means that is fixed or that I don't know how to "trigger" it. Gaelyn just now mentioned that he is still getting it on his MTI cathedral.
  8. Last I checked we still had it at the main city center in a few places. NQ actually managed to fix some it for a few hours (a month or so ago I believe) but it came right back. Did they fix it again? Will log in later to have a look.
  9. See you on Steam We hope to have a good chunk of SLI/MTI and any new people who want to join us there on the 17th. If you take off the rose glasses you realize this launch could go either way. Might be No Man's Sky PART DEUX! or it might be the next big thing, I can honestly see it go either way and a lot of it depends on what they are not showing for release day.
  10. The amount of resources sunk into construction across all of our Madis tiles is truly mind boggling. The amount of meganodes stripped for it all, people wouldn't even believe it.
  11. We've seen a bit of activity in our DU crew this week, bit more than usual that is. Nothing like it was a few months ago when the .23 reckoning. Not sure how long it will last, games are coming up this month. Might garner some attention over there....might flop out of the gate. Who knows.
  12. Oh man that would be hilarious if true. I have tens of thousands of scans across all the planets and moons that would suddenly be invalid. Hundreds of meganodes scanned. I might check in a bit if I can pull out of this CA for a bit. I will keep you informed.
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