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  1. Thankfully funds aren’t a major concern right now, but I’m planning on building an additional pc / completely new build maybe early next year. So the goal I guess is a I moderate FPS increase with what I have now. Thanks a lot for your time and the reply.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I feel like I’ll just go for a 1660 now, and plan for a 3060 later, as suggested. Thanks again,
  3. If I may, what brand did you choose? It seems like there's a significant variation dependant upon that. Also, do you have liquid cooling for your your GPU? Thanks for the help,
  4. Thank you, but it looks like newegg has those priced around $594+. Just a bit out of this price range. Sorry for also asking for shopping advice, but is there a retailer that your would suggest or is the 2060super is also a good option? Amazon is all over the place with the search results so I'm skipping them for this purchase.
  5. Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I look forward to inputting this into pcpartpicker and saving it for when the time comes. I'm also going to keep this current machine as a second machine (family usage) so slightly upgrading it and having it available won't affect a future, ground-up build. Thanks again!
  6. Hey guys, My PC is a not an antiquity, but it's been a few years. I'm wanting to upgrade my current setup a bit and wanted to see if I could get some advice on what gear is working the best with DU these days. I know we're aren't done optimizing the game yet, but I've looking forward to an increase in FPS for quite some time. I'm thinking I should just upgrade my GPU, right now, and start saving for a full PC upgrade to the newest tech in about a year (Christmas 2021). I was considering spending about $400 to $500 right now, but I'm not really sure what would be the best bang/buck ratio. What do you guys think? Any input would be greatly appreciated. If a GPU is suggested, which one is working well with DU these days? I prefer NVIDIA if possible. Below is my current configuration, but if I missed a piece of information that might be more helpful, please let me know. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 AMD FX-9590 8 CORE 4.7Ghz Corsair liquid cooled cpu heat exchanger with 2 forced draft exhaust fans 500GB samsung ssd, sata 6Gb/s, has OS and DU 16GB RAM 64bit win 10 Anyways, thanks for the consideration! VerZalj
  7. Der... I just clicked to login to game. I guess my subconscious was telling me the name and password fields were blank. Thanks for the reply. now qol+1
  8. Sorry for wasting your time. Thank you for looking into this and replying with the detailed write-up. Seems that I misunderstood that the greyed out text was already saying to using the last saved email/password. I guess I thought the field looked blank. I just click "play beta", and it starts to load game.
  9. Is this working for anyone right now? Was there a work-around to get it to work? Just a little qol goes a long way....
  10. discordauth:zNpuaWuwi4o7fhr5-Mz__qHzGsYJNoB-xdlV7N_nr2U=

  11. Hi. I'd like a mod to approve my account when you get a chance. I'm trying to get setup for Discord. Thank you! ? VerZalj
  12. discordauth:zNpuaWuwi4o7fhr5-Mz__qHzGsYJNoB-xdlV7N_nr2U=

  13. Man i missed this thread. I was looking for this to discuss weapon types and other mechanics but i was in the wrong sub forum. What do you guys think of any off the ideas found linked below? It's not all new or 100% original, just an idea post. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10102-damage-types-resistances-weapon-statistics/
  14. Yes i agree. Thanks! Any other damage you think should be there?
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