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  1. Quiet the opposite actually rofl. this is a objectively bad idea and ignoring customers will make them want to leave. He's been here since alpha, the dude probably gives so much feedback but gets ignored. I'm bailing too if this patch goes through. CP2077 is coming out anyway...I hope enough people remain to pay for the servers to stay up. Legit a lot of people think this is a BAD decision. If they ignore our opinions (as beta testers) why should we stay? They are only going to keep doing it. We offered ideas to combat the issues but they don't wanna consider them. Oh well
  2. That's a pretty shitty attitude man. But you're right, betas aren't for everyone and i feel they aren't for you. you seem to be misunderstanding what betas testers do.
  3. i WOULD use the Markets but NQ lets people keep their shitty XS cores all over the place. Industry was the only thing keep my small org afloat, curious to see what happens to us. Edit: how do players get schematics? can we make them? or do bots sell them? if bots sell them i don't think i'll be stickin around. You had me JC, you fucking had me by the balls with this game! Shame.
  4. Why don't you talent T2 industry and leave T1 industry untalented ?
  5. Trolls like this make me weary of the future of this game. I wouldn't be surprised if people quit after loosing 10 Large containers full of shit because of a warp trap or microvoxel towers.
  6. I am just unable to share territory units is all. Rdms or normal share.
  7. Regardless on how i share them, i am unable to.
  8. Lol this isnt my issue. Territory units are bugged. Even granting rdms is bugged.
  9. When I try to share my territory Unit with my friends, it tells me I don't have permission to modify this element. It's me unit tho, I made it and placed it.
  10. You guys act like The devs are "players you can fucked with". They are not. If it was a bug or intended mechanics, Dev constructs should NEVER be targeted. if you wanna send a msg, rip off the top of the roof and make a face in the landing pad. when you start fucking with in game systems you deserve the ban.
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