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  1. Heres the thing though, as with most things in life you rarely see a review if things are good. If you work for a job that you neither hate nor love most wont leave a review. It takes someone who truely loves the job and workplace to leave a good review. However, most people who are angry are FAR more willing to leave a poor review of a company for even the smallest slights. Keep in mind most employees who get canned are usually angry. Doesn't matter WHY they got canned, they will be angry. They could be slovenly layabouts who never do a damn thing and spend all day leering at the women while rubbing parts south until someone says enough is enough. Or they could be amazing talent with a racist as hell boss who has zero problems exploiting them then trashing them. Once fired they will be pissed. And the same applies to any other area someone could get angry. Perhaps they feel slighted because someone else got promoted over them. Maybe they dont fit into the company. Maybe the work they are good at is unfufilling. Maybe the hours are poor and result in family problems and a million other such cases. These are all the type of people and situations that are likely to leave a poor review regardless of what actully happened. As a result of this knowledge, most reasonable people wont trust just one or two bad reviews that are spread far apart over years in a company of hundreds. We only get one side of the story and only from someone who is likely angry ontop of that. Instead they will take such reviews as a collective thing. If you have a ton of close together bad reviews then odds are something is wrong. However, if you only have a bad one here and there, then that is entirely normal for any average company and can be disregarded. Hell its common for any product, service or job just because as a rule angry people tend to blow a problem up much bigger then it actully is. Hell in their heads they may even be telling the truth as THEY understand it, though its not what actully happened. Hell you are doing it with your posts right now. You are at some level angry at NQ for the problems the game has. Something many of us here likely even can agree with to varing extents. And the proof of this is your trying to conflate 2 bad reviews over 3 years, with NQs poor communication and game problems and imply this is a toxic workplace. There is little/no evidence of this. We dont see CMs quitting in droves, we dont see NQ scrambleing for devs with open positions constantly, we dont see lawsuits against them by former employees nothing. You just have 2 posts from 2 angry ex employees and a simile of events. Honestly this just seems you are trying to stir the pot.
  2. As someone who is usually vocally and entirely anti-rollback and anti-wipe. I think this is a situation that would justify a roll-back. Yea it sucks hard but right now you lose around 24 hours. The longer they wait the worse it will be as well. Sure the fact jonny whosit over there got 50 warp beacon blueprints wont hurt you now. But it wasnt just a few schems here and there. There are now people who spent as much as a billion on schems and have literally thousands of them on almost everything you can think of and can now dictate market prices to a point where they and others like them will be the ONLY ones who are able to compete in the market. That is unless you dont mind selling at what is esentially a loss on most products for a very long time. This glitch has literally killed huge swaths of the market for most normal and all new players in terms of ability to compeat and literally invalidates .23. This means the only solutions are a rollback or to reduce schem prices down to glitch levels for an indeteminate amount of time unless you want a handful of super monopolies who price most players out of the market.
  3. Faster ship goes boom usually. Some "wonderful" guy was at the markets with an engine and brake covered XS ship and flying into the way of landing ships and stopping cold a few days ago. Caused several to crash including a few L cores.
  4. Simplier solution. Allow us players to make markets and market hubs, and allow us to set a timer with a minimum duration of say 24 hours to salvage anything left on our pads without permission. Then if people clutter up our shops we can grab the mess toss the constructs in a scrapyard and take care of it oursleves. Problem solves itself at that point. I know i and many other players would MASSIVLY prefer to land at a player owned market or start our own over dealing with the amd with all due respect to NQ moronic pile of bullshit mess we have now. And its fewer resources and less time to impliment.
  5. You are correct, i dont know you, i have not met you in the game and you are not a friend, enemy or ally to my knowledge, I do not know your playstyle beyond PvP as you have admited. I willingly admit to that ignorance. This means that all i can do is form my opinion based on your posts and respond to those. Same goes for boo, i see several of you as community represenitives and i have seen you at various events and streams as both boo and NQ reps thus my opinion of boo is formed from the actions, words and posts of the visible vanguard as it is all i have to form my opinion with. And while as your comments indicate im already toeing the line here if i have not already crossed it, i figure if im going to get banned or moderated anyway i will at least attempt to clarify my position and opinion before this happens. First of all my first comment was not meant as an attack, it was blunt and at a minimum rude, yes i admit that. I am frustrated at the situation as a whole and it shows i am sure, something that i am sure many players can agree with, yourself likely included based off your own recent posts. Though if i am.off the mark here please correct me, as i know i am.making a few assumptions here. It was my prespective based off observations of your posts I.E you and by extension boo do not care what happens to the game anymore in reply to blaze not as a direct attack at you. The second one was if not intended as an attack directly, was at a minimum boarderline i admit. One aimed as a response to your own post which i viewed as an attack on myself claiming i am "anti-pvp" My negitive opinion of you stems from posts such as the one mentioned above. Posts which you make that tend to entirely gloss over or flat out condiscend at the points people attempt to make in regards to the following. Namely that warp is borked and prevents pvp. Yes most of us agree the current travel system is crap and needs a massive rework from the ground up. Especially anyone who enjoys hunting. Most of us who do so just disagree with your "rip the bandaid off" approach due to the fact we see the bandaid as one of the only things preventing DUs bleeding to death currently. Ripping it off is going to put the game further at risk in our eyes and to carry the metaphore a bit further. We want to see some of the gapeing wounds in DU heal a bit before we rip the bandaid off. Or in more clear terms. The game mechanics are going to change yes. We all know that. However, the game as it stands cant have its guts fiddled with until more holes are filled in, so that if and when it goes wrong we dont have a second .23 on our hands. It needs the additional content to pad and soften the blow to make it something the game can survive and perhaps even thrive on. While waiting until the last second will obviously shake up players far worse then a gradual system. You dont pull more blood from a man dieing of blood loss and expect him to live. You keep insisting on changing it now while seemingly ignoreing the points we make with "hire mercs and get guns" again and again without giving reasons why its a good idea beyond T4 and T5 mats, things which as has beem pointed out are nearly useless in the current itteration of the game. This in conjuntion with the fact that you are an NQ rep who boarderline disparages NQ on a regular basis (something that is very disheartening to us normal players by the way. Namely, that even the NQ reps hate the game as it stand) and your response to a recent comment namely one who quiped you get mad anytime a freighter warps and you cant rob them with and i quote "damn right" gives the impression that you also wish to gank players. Only reinforces the view that you and by extension boo dont care about the game anymore and just wish to be the ones to light it up. If this comes off as a to you, third attack and you wish to oush for my being banned. Then i am sorry for that. But as i said i wish to clarify my opinion and my stance. Now at noddle. Until you spoke up i didnt even know you were an officer of boo or your general policy. However, as stated above and with due respect, you arent really that visible and i had no clue who you were. It is typically your members such as physics who are due to their status as NQ reps or being vocal. It was my ASSUMPTION that he was or is an upper officer and thus represents your org. The assumption based in this case by physics posts and attitude along with his status as a NQ rep and addtionally previous attempts by him to recruit me. This lead me to think of him as an officer and by extension representitive of your org. Thus my opinion of boo is formed from his and several other boo memebers posts and attitudes and has colored my opinion of your org.
  6. And i find it funny how either oblivious or willfully ignorant you are that you think many of us are "anti-pvp" just because we dont agree with YOU or boo in general and instantly go into "cry moar carebears" mode. If you actully read our posts most of us are PRO pvp and would LOVE pvp content in the game, hell many of us crave it likey as much or more then YOU. However, we also would like there to BE a game to enjoy the pvp in and for there to be a POINT to the pvp aside from "lulz me r blew up teh noobs" Your vision would not help the game and infact hurts it and quite badly.....at this time. Currently the game is not in a state where limiting options and forcing players into fights that they are likely to lose due to broken mechanics, balance issies, missing features and a SCORE of other problems is nothing but a negitive for the game. Right now we have exactly 3 flushed out mechanics. Mineing, building and flying. thats it. Currently industry is broken as "only 10% of players" are supposed to use it, and while currently a determined player CAN force their way into it, the cost is so obscene that its a bad joke to new players. PvP is full of issues as noted by MANY players. There is really only 1 gameplay loop, mine to make stuff to mine more. There is zero reward to PvP aside from people like you getting to laugh as you destroy some poor carebear. And exploration is a bad joke right now especially considering how bloody long it takes and how limited most players who actully have a jobs time is. Compounding all of this is the fact there are ZERO counters to pvp that prey can use. No ECM, no jamming of radars to make targeting harder, no stealth fields, no powering down, nothing. The only solution is to build a space only warship or to jump. If you then further restrict the game and start making it so travel and by extension industry and trade is even more restricted and gated off as well as blow up ships of players when getting started to begin with is already such a huge problem, then all you do is drive yet more players off. Especially with all the problems listed above, and in addition to there being no POINT to pvp. no reward no nothing. Even T4 and T5 mats are literally worthless as there is no point to them beyond fluff. No one is going to willingly risk hours or days of work for NOTHING and having it forced upon them makes them just say "to hell with this" and leave. Infact many of us have pointed out once these are addressed your idea would be much more viable and that we even AGREE warp is a problem that needs to be addressed LATER when the game has more loops, less bugs, more features, better PvP countermeasures, and more things to do in general ontop of a REASON to PvP and a reward worth the risk. Then again as i said you boohoos dont care you just want to watch everything burn so you can shoot up some ships.
  7. I was going to make a fairly detailed post about why his version of things is basicly "DU is dieing lets go ahead and kill it while causeing as much damage as posible" when i got off work but you beat me to it and summed up anything i would have said in a much more succinct and polite way then i could. Then again he has demonstrated he doesnt care how viable something is afterall "just put gunz on yer ship and hire a bunch of merc military escorts as likely to betray you as not or join a big org durr hurr" is his standard response. Sadly i am entirely unsuprised as at this point considering recent posts the boohoo org seem to no longer care if the game lives or dies. They just want to be the ones to light the fire while complaining the whole time the fuse burns.
  8. Sadly that laptop will struggle to even boot this game, much less play it. I looked up that laptop and it comes with intergrated graphics. Said IGPU is far far FAR below the minimum specs required for the game. While the rest of the specs are fine and the 3700Us vega 10 is great for most older or low requirment games it simply wont work in this case. If you set the game to 720P and as low as you can, it MIGHT boot and play. However at those settings it would be painful at best and a desaster at worst. Especially in crowded areas. Sadly the game in its current state is badly optimised and is a resource hog and three quarters.
  9. Nahh i would rather keep annoying people like you. Besides blueprint is used regionally where i live instead of schematic for anything built in 3d and im not going to change how i refer to them to please YOU.
  10. Few things it could be, First some markets are more borked then others, if posible try going to a diffrent market. Second is try messing with the core settings i.e try going down to 2 4 6 ect cores on the menu and see if any work. Next shadows can be a problem so try setting them to various settings and also try volumetric clouds. Lastly try clearing cache or if you have an SSD and the game is on an HDD try moving it to the SSD I know the game was almost unplayable on my desktop until i moved itnoff my 5400 RPM data drive and onto an SSD. Beyond that i have no idea. I run a laptop with far weaker specs and it runs just fine...usually....and my desktop rocks 128GB ram, a 3900X at 4.4 all core and a 2080TI and crushes the game even at its worst barring massive memory leaks.
  11. No clue but for slowboating to be a desireable option they need to do one of 3 things. 1. Safe zones between planets to allow travelers a place to safely log out and create shipping lanes. Bonus is it narrows where pirates need to look and also gives them multiple chances to catch accelerateing and decelerateing ships. Can also be used as a tie in point for roid fields. 2. Raise the speed limit either for everyone (not recomeded) or allow ships with a full set of higher tier engines to go faster then 30K to give rare materials and better engines a useage beyond "fluff" 3. Create engine mods you can install in any engine to allow you to push past 30K to various degrees depending on the mix of engines and mods that will require rare resources to craft and/or burn warp cells at a very slow rate. (think 1 cell per minute of active acceleration past 30k) Which also gives a reason for people to want rare resources. The current "up to 8 hours in one go" slowboating method is moronic and is likely a HUGE part of why space is so damn abandonded and everyone who has anything like a job or family just warps.
  12. Yep have a shore tile near the market and it has zero ore.
  13. Ok i cant atay silent on this one, wall-o-text incoming. PvE is all fine and good, hell even the most rabid rusties can ackowledge we need some forms of PvE if for no other reason then as a way to gather resources that is slightly less painful then ramming a rusty icepick up your own nose and giving it a firm wiggle. And so that not all their prey says screw this and leaves en mass leaving only a few pirates fighting over the few XS cores you can make in a nanopack and blowing up the infrastructure before its built. However we also need PvP systems in place as well. Right now this game is designed at least from how JC and the advertisements float it, as a game where you build civilization. I.E you start with a bunch of random jackasses who at best have a few small cliques and all hate each others guts and want to blow each other up. Which then evolve into large super orgs/nation states as leaders pop up and are able to hold these individuals then small groups together in a more or less stable form that also leaves niches and holes for smaller groups or even individuals to exploit. To acomplish this in a sustainable way you need conflict. However just "no safezones YOLO LAWl" does nothing but break this games nose again. Which means you also need resources and stuff worth fighting over on scales from micro to macro. I.E a single/duo man ship may find a random gen old wreck with a rare blueprint or top tier resources on it. Or a handful of small random spawn astroids with resources worth stealing. And for macro you have puzzle events, beacon equiped wrecks with super rare or even unique items/blueprints that require entire large orgs to produce and supply and to fight over. Giant megaroids with 10s of millions of rare resources that the AI anounces has been scanned that orgs will want to fight to the death over ect. That doesn't mean PvE and PvP are mutually exclusive either which my above examples should demonstrate. Many PvP mechanics could easily be repourposed for PvE and viseversa. I.E mining ships that use a mining laser to extract compressed ore deposits ah la extractor style to avoid nukeing the server. But a mining laser that can be turned on a very close range enemy for either low damage (no ammo) or extreme damage (uses ammo) so even miner ships can defend themselves and make pirates at least a bit cautious. But we do need PvP to be a focus of even our PvE design if we want this game to be more then "pretty space engineers" However we also cant just go all in on PvP either, as you need some safe gameplay loops to help make gaining resources intersting. And no i dont mean just mining. Gaining resources is everything from yes mining to ship design all the way to industry, to crafting avatar gear or element mods for engine or weapon buffs, to even just literally farming to make +whatever food buff items or pretty decortive plants for example. In order to do this while also ensureing you have a stable platform for noobs and down on their luck players to step onto, you need some safe stable spaces where the prey can set up safely and which has a steady flow of T1 and even some T2 resources that are safe to exploit in a mediumish capacity (i.e enough to build a small to medium basic ship in a few days/weeks and keep entry level parts and most fuel flowing) ah la the big 3 we have now. But you also need a good reason to want T3+ resources or to build in the PvP zones (ah la even great alieoth tiles are meh for power generation but say even the worst ion tiles are as good as any of the 5 best alieoth ones or higher tier engines can break the 30K cap to lesser or greater extent while slowboating for example. You should also tier those PvP zones organically as well to help ease unsure prey out. I.E a T1 PvP roid zone could be where most roids have around 10 to 20k common resources each with fast respawns and occasionall small depots of T2 but be very close to the safe zone and of a vasy size to make finding ships hard as hell. And T2 zones have much bigger T1 and T2 depots as well as rare T3 but are deeper into the pvp zones and slightly smaller and so on and so forth. TLDR for the illiterate. <insert warhammer ork here> W R NEED MOAR PVP MECHANICS BUT ALSO NO BE BAD KILL KILL PVP MECHANIC IT R NEED BE GUUD PVP MECHANIC GIB PREY PLACE HIDE BUILD AND BAIT OUT TO OM NOM!?@,$<×
  14. Too bad though the VM is at best an edge case for me. I use my laptop for most things and while its a good unit.......If i tried to run a VM of DU on it, im fairly sure it would turn into a mushroom cloud.
  15. Not being able to detect it /= being ok to do. Doesnt mean i or others may or may not do so. Just that a clear answer to satisfy my curiosity would be nice. As for beef my desktop is a 3900X at 4.4 all core, 128GB ram and 2080TI (can also slot in my old 1080TI and set the VM to use it as im pretty sure i have the pcie lanes to spare.....) Just split it to use 1 CCX per "system" split the ram half and half and throw a vid card at each machine. And boom cow computer.
  16. I wonder where VMs fall into this.....Its technically one machine but its also technically not.
  17. Duct tape really needs to be a thing in this game.....
  18. Honestly i think the current "low player" count and people "fleeing" is a mixture of things going on. Even if we assume towakins interpitation of the OP is correct just saying "durr NQ R SUXZOR No R CANZ DEVEloPE game" is not the answer. However handwaving the mistakes away and claiming the game is just a rough diamond and that JC is god and the NQ staff his angles is also not correct. The truth lies in the middle. This is obviously a first game for NQ, while they have made many mistakes they have also done many things right as well. As this is there first game they have many advantages and disadvantages. I.E not having a loyal fanbase with expectations ah la FO76. However they also lack the experince to know how to best handle the players or what will ballence vision/gameplay/player expectations/communications ect the best for the type of community they want to create. .23 being a perfect example, good patch on paper for what the game is advertised as. Bad patch in practice due to lack of other content and investments by players with limited other choices. This is before you take into consideration the fact there are also external and internal factors at play as well for the state of the game as it sits. For example using towakins interpretation of the OP as my base for answering here. I.E lots of players have left in favorable conditions for NQ just for clarification. Its plain and simply not as straightforward as that, sure many people are stuck at home bored out of their everloving minds. Many normal activitys are cut off and so they turn to gaming as a last or first resort in the masses, meaning the pool of players DU stands to attract is fuller, deeper, and wider then ever before. However many other much larger better known less niche companies know this as well. You are seeing vastly deeper and longer running discounts then is the usual, many epic exclusives are migrateing to steam and many long anticipated games have released back to back to back. This means while the conditions are massivly in NQs favor, they also have a ton more competition for players attention. Additionally many players wallets are being squeezed hard by the lockdowns due to reduced or eliminated hours, positions, jobs. So money is much tighter and more grudgeingly handed out. DU is a good game, even acknowledgeing the glareing issues and planet sized holes in the game. Its at least on par with other sandbox games like space engineers. However, due to the aforementioned issues and holes. I.E .23, the bugs and lack of features as well as the seeming disconnect between the devs and players over the vision. As well as the aforementioned competition. This means DU has a much narrower margin to ballence the game on. Every mistake they make is more heavily resented and amplified by players due to the competition they have and how precious money is for many players. Additionally those same players are far less likely to be patent and stick around as there are just so many other "better" more content filled games to chose from. Adding to this chaos is how much they will resent spending money for A and decideing they got B out of it. A perfect example of this is the carebear vs rustys fight going on I.E pvp for pvps sake and screw anyone not tough enough to survive or highly limited pvp and vast pve and world building. If you mix all of this with the holidays and people being home and likely spending more time with families and playing with new gaming systems/games then throw the resentment from the old guard who dislike the direction NQ has gone with things or feel NQ has ignored their advice....well you end up with what we are seeing now. A lot of the more casual players leaving for "greener" pastures with no one able to tell if they will come back when DU is more feature rich or if DU has driven them away for good. Angry old guard who are yelling "we told you so", rustys demanding no safe zones and orbital bombardment 24/7 without any consideration towards longevity of the game. Carebears wanting expanded pve and screw the pvp griefers amd trolls. Anyone in the middle who just enjoys the game for what it is and trying to make constructive suggestions getting attacked by all sides and accused of everything under the sun and the game getting a broken nose and two black eyes. And keep in mind this is really only the footnotes version of events. There is a LOT more to this then that. But i already had a wall-o-text that most will ignore and cherrypick apart to support their own arguments so meh.
  19. 3rd for me. As much as id prefer first, as graxx pointed out with perma element damage its just too risky. If i had cameras to view where the ship actully is, especially large bulky ones id likely stay in 1st. Sadly its not an option.
  20. If you reallocated your skills diffrently then most likely the ship feels diffrent then before. A few % here and there doesnt look like much on paper. But when added together can have massive changes in a ships performance. If you had boosted elements before the patch and that person changed their skills its also posible you may have lost your bonuses. I know some have commented that replaceing their stuff again seems to have helped but im unsure if that is true or not.
  21. It has its charms though your waist wont thank you for the experince XD. As for the laptop, since late alpha for this game and ive been running a laptop for gaming since around 2010ish. Its gotten better now that mobile data is as fast as it is and SSDs solve a lot of random hard drive deaths. Not great but as long as i abuse hotspots and carry an extra SSD if mine goes kaput its good enough. Main challenge is getting a good sturdy laptop. Speed is good, resistant to vibration and bumps is better.
  22. Yepper im an over the road long hauler. Usually only go home every 4 to 12 weeks. As for what i do i have my trusty ol laptop to play DU and other games on. As for if i enjoy it. Yes and no, i miss having actual irl friends and family but im also not hugely fond of large groups of people so its a mixed bag and depends on the day.
  23. Likely working and taking my rig through a snowstorm or 3. Gotta keep them wheels a rolling and that freight aflowing.
  24. If a wipe is required at all then most likely that would be a time to do it. Especially if they can do working magic blueprints. However it is not the ONLY time a wipe could be needed. There are of course other factors into what may require or prompt a wipe as a better idea then struggleing on. For example i doubt anyone here with common sense would complain much if NQ came out and said for example "we figured out how to fix the code base and heavily optimise the game, however we need to wipe to impliment it due to several under the hood changes being imcompatable with the current save" That would be a situation where a wipe would make sense. Another example of a wipe condition is to implment new features. For example they may tie in several new systems such as mining vehicles or player avatar gear. However said systems would break or be broken by current builds. That is also a wipe condition. Lastly something may corrupt. This is supposidly an entirely new way of running a MMO i.e sharding. Its not at all unlikely they will go to do something eventually that works great in their private test world. But when deployed live makes the game go boom but only after enough time the backups are overwritten and said problem is unfixable. That said i may be against a wipe NOW, but that is only because it makes no sense and serves no real purpose other then to "punish" a group of players who got ahead and in the grand scheme and does otherwise nothing good for the game and only harms it in the long run. Currently as i said before if we wipe now any "fairness" issues are only going to be 10 times worse and most of the players calling for it will be worse off then they were before and those who could care less if BOO flys around in giant L core golden toilets with guns and M aggs or whatever else goes on. The ones they want punished wont care and will take massive advantage of the current lack of content and avalible progression to lock down the game even more. And for those rustys calling for no safe zones. No. There is a reason even your vaunted eve has them. You want pvp and a healthy game then you need the prey to have safe places to hide. If you want them to venture out then you need to have reasons for them to WANT to go out, forcing them to pvp for the sake of pvp just drives them off and puts another cut into the game so it leaks lifeblood faster. Right now those lures dont exist and with the game the way it is, a "no safe zone" game would fold up wither and die on the vine. This is because you would gate 95% of the content behind months of grind and mandate mega orgs while killing off a huge percentage of the games population as they throw in the hats and leave. Especially as new orgs would have zero chance against established ones who basicly blocade systems.
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