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  1. Scanned a water hex for Kerjava on the discord. It had no ore deposits. At all. WTF This is a bug, right?
  2. How have you not been permabanned yet?
  3. AhhahahahahAHAHAHHahahaha. Just lol if you actually believe that.
  4. You seem to be irrationally angry at something. Perhaps you should take some deep breaths and realize it's not that big of a deal.
  5. when the bugged industries problem happened, I fully expected a roll back to before the bug was introduced. instead, NQ did nothing. Not impressed.
  6. huh? it couldn't be simpler. See what tag your territory unit has Create an RDMS policy, add the unit tag, search for and add player name(s), add what rights you want to share. Done. Took me about 2min to figure it out and I watched zero tutorials.
  7. Yes, you can. Get a second email address, pay $20 for another 3-month sub, claim a hex next to your main's hex, and give your main dig permissions. Additional hexes may be obtained for the same entry fee. I've done this once so far. I'm tempted to do it more.
  8. What the hell does that mean? The OP's post is in perfectly fine formatting.
  9. Apparently that means that the servers are in dev-only access mode. e. .. why did you put your email address as your display name? .. noone does that. Ever.
  10. Nice guide. I've found that my experience in Kerbal Space Program can be applied very well in this game. I'm thrilled that it does.. first non-KSP game I've played that does stuff like this.
  11. Press F to doubt. They've had how many years to work on it?
  12. You may find this video inspirational. I've found myself tempted to attempt to recreate that hoverbike in DU.
  13. And you missed my point. I created this thread as a discussion about a current gameplay element and what its future would be regardless of any future wipes. Also, I suspect that the time until resources are depleted may be much less than half a year, especially on Sanctuary and the moons of the planets inside the safe zone.
  14. Yeah. This other thread is a great example. Since the launcher / game login screen has no server status info or useful error messages, you get posts like the following: and my reply e. go to try to log in right now and Any newbie would be like.. uhhh... what? Nope, no problem on the player's end. Just another thing that makes me wonder WTF they actually tested in the Alpha.
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