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  1. For the love of god, YES we need this!
  2. I love this idea! I added my own view on the subject matter here:
  3. Sybily is a new app on the android app store that has a different, yet more elegant approach to user privacy . It's main feature is in the varying levels of connections you have with people. Everyone starts off anonymous but as you interact with someone, you level up with that person. It serves almost like a reputation system but instead of a 'Global' reputation (like what reddit basically is), it's relative for each user based on their connections they have. The privacy is not some sort of extra thing added on the side. Instead, with the leveling system, user privacy IS the function of the app. That being said, I think social media can/should have a net positive effect on social interaction as long as its designed correctly. Sybily is a social platform that has the right idea IMO. It's worth checking out. Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sybily.client.android&hl=en_US P.S. I'm going to be playing DU when the servers are up so expect limited support during that time
  4. Good point, it wouldn't be viable unless it was players delivering the mail (could be a business)
  5. Having tiers of wearable gear with different stats and looks just like WoW would be pretty cool too.
  6. Having a mailbox system like WoW would be pretty cool too
  7. This was a game I backed many years ago because of the ambitious ideas they mentioned. However.... I think they're execution and implementation was way way off. DU is light years ahead and I find it funny that I even backed that other game. Surprisingly though, VoidSpace is still being actively developed, just at a snails pace for such a primitive looking game.
  8. discordauth:L-fXeMfw9jfCWnInzAYvugiUngpDDwghZzyRpI7kzl8=

  9. Real life is completely unhinged from higher powers than ourselfs (depending on your religion or lack thereof). In spite of this, humanity has done pretty well evolving into a complex social structure that we are. The lack of rules to govern us are what gives the demand for rules which we create ourselves. This is the beauty of the real universe we live in. Tweet from @jcbaillie https://twitter.com/jcbaillie/status/1071806930107142144 not sure how to quote from other threads... https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php/topic/10110-kickstarter-ama-event-second-part/ The name of the game is refering the well known concept of duality in mathematics: two entities are "dual" when they have a different form, but share the same functional structure. You can "map" one to the other. We like to think that DU could be the "dual" of the real world one day: another form, but the same core dynamics! Check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duality_(mathematics)
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/m6M3L I'm surprised the Halo ring world has not been mentioned
  11. Absolutely disagree. Doing so would not allow meaningful emergent gameplay. If the game/NQ does this then there is no incentive for players to do it. What would be the point of organizations to focus on security or other government structures if the game gives it away for free? There aren't many companies in real life that sell air to breath because there's near infinite supply, thus no demand. The point of emergent gameplay is to give purpose to the things you do. There will be no purpose for a kind of government focused organization to exist if the functions are already provided by the game. It would be inaccurate to think that player based enforcement mechanisms would be less effective than one built in game because players can offer a human touch, whereas game logic cannot. Sure a finite number of things can be enforced by the game but there is no way game logic could possibly understand abstract/complex kinds of contracts/quests that players might come up with.
  12. Everything about what I was talking about won't be "explicit" functions offered by the game. I'm talking about dynamic civilizations that will be bootstrapped entirely by players. A government becomes a government because players cohesively organize together provided there is a demand for a government with enforcement mechanisms. And means of enforcement are not built in as a function of the game , but rather players themselves enforce the rules they themselves create. They will enforce a set of rules principally because they have the power to do so (i.e. more military/firepower that is sustained through government funding).
  13. A quest or job can be abstract in its nature making it near impossible for enforcement to exist as rules of the game. That being said, some form of abstract work related contracts can still be made enforceable and can be done entirely by players without NQ involvement by means of enforcement bodies. A government like organization would have some form of judicial system where claims can be made. The government organization would also have some sort of policing to uphold and make enforceable, contracts made between citizens/other organizations, within the jurisdiction of said government. For such a concept to exist and function, citizens would need to pay a tax to the government in return for legal or any other types of protection from that government. Trust is a key point. Citizens need to trust the government to act honestly and fairly so as to know their tax money is to good use. Disputes between players that lie outside the jurisdiction (i.e. citizens vs non citizens) of the government organization would not be resolved by the government and therefore contracts cannot be made enforceable. In this case, the willingness to agree to a contract depends on the players risk tolerance as well as the trust the player has of the other player. I really hope the emergent gameplay allows for such organic complex civilizations to arise.
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