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  1. the 120 minutes of free mining is the biggest lie ever
  2. I would like to know this as well. Moving my shop would be a month long project. I would quit the game before I move my base.
  3. i made a before and after of the changes to pvp from the latest patch
  4. they said they would revamp pvp last patch and all they did was change the stats on voxels and guns... OH AND SHIELDS WOWOW.....
  5. They keep pushing it back. They originally said they would do it before CVC but im guess the 2 second latency between clients is making it very difficult for AVA.
  6. yup... maybe nerf shields by half
  7. just get rid of time based talent point accumulation all together. That was the Worst design decision NQ made. Passive talents are the stupidest thing you can think of. There needs to be some sort of active talent accumulation as well. And no, the achievements don't count. 120 talent points for an achievement is an insult. The AFK gameplay mechanics need to be fixed(i.e. talents and missions). There's a reason starbase is winning. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=US&q=dual universe,starbase DU is the game with the best game technology and the absolute worst game design. It's a shame. Hate to say it but you need to fire your game designers and get someone good.
  8. NQ Logic : try { //do stuff } catch (Exception e) { // this will never get hit so just swallow it }
  9. and don't even get me started on those pending operations...
  10. When game first launch beta to public I was a bit more forgiving during the first couple weeks but now there should be no excuses. Game has been out for almost a year and software quality has continued to decline as you rush patches out the door with little focus on QA. Things that cause game to crash : - Landing near market - Landing near base - Landing..... - Flying over buildings - Opening inventory - Opening market/remote market - Opening crafting menu - Opening map - Walking around????? - ...and breathing I'm sure there are countless other things i forgot to mention but this is an absolute embarrassment NQ's part. Org members have been telling me they won't bother even playing due to all the game crashes.
  11. They didn't revamp pvp at all. They just changed the stats on the already existing pvp. PvP still requires no skill on the gunners part. The only part of pvp in DU that requires skill (still not much skill) is piloting to align tradjectories, but that only affects pirating (shooting unarmed haulers) since you don't need to try that hard to get near someone that is also trying to get near you. PvP needs to be completely redone, not merely changing the stats on guns... As it stands, PvP is just a matter of who has the biggest most expensive ships. No skill in it at all!
  12. This guy pretended to want to help me with a factory and stole all my schematics.

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