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  1. i posted my first feedback in the PTS section, by the way our Math boy solved already the problem and could use it
  2. Hi together, This post are our thoughts to the battle from 06/07.03.2021. It caused massive problems to some players. We from the Hyperion side had no problems with lags or something like that. We saw that our opponents had some problems. For example one ship stopped and speeded up instantly back to 8.000km/h. Possible problems could be: 1. Number of the elements. We saw it on our L hauler ship. With too many elements you get a lot of problems. Also with a good computer you get sometimes 10 Frames or lower. 2. Voxelmancy can make a lot of problems too. We have a space station (10-20? L cores) but only voxels and our members with high end hardware has even lags. You can even check it by yourself. VR Station “Elysium” 3. Maybe when 4-7 ships are shooting at one target, the mesh server with voxel correction are too slow and bringing lags to the players. For example each ship has 2-4 gunners and each gunner has maybe 4-6 weapons. This makes 5 ships, 3 gunners each, 5 weapons (middle value) 75 shots each cycle. Some are using slower weapons and some are using faster weapons (cycle time). 4. Maybe it has something to do with the gold voxels. They have a lot more hitpoints and could deform in different way than other honeycombs? 5. At the Star Wars Event I had enormous lags too. 5 -10 seconds after each shot wasn’t funny. I asked around and i got the tip to increase my RAM. I had 16GB, now I have 32GB. With this upgrade I had no problems during this fight. 6. I think everyone knows that DU has „at the moment“ not the best performance over all. When you want, we can grab a cup of good old black coffee, and take a talk together. Maybe we can help to get DU better.
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