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  1. Dear NQ, here is my feedback from the overall good chance with the schematics. - At the moment there are T2-T5 Pures, T1-T5 Products, and T1-T5 Elements. From an industry guy there are 2 different approaches. 1. You craft so many schematics for Pures / products that you have enough for a month and the rest of the time you concentrait on the Elements. For that it is recommended that you have „enough“ characters / friends / org member 2. You calculate what you need for Pures / Products for the element you want to produce, this would be easier for the solo player, but with more effort because you need to calculate everything. I think most of the groups / orgs will go on Solution 1 and the Soloplayer has to go for Solution 2. I think its a tricky decision that you need schematics for pure / products / Elements. You said also, the „parts“ don't need at the moment schematics, this is really good, that we can see the result if its good playable or not with groups and also as a solo player. - One of the biggest impact is i think the warping situation ingame at the moment. Because of the change, i think it got a lot more expensive. I like the idea that you want to make warping expensive, but i would also say there is maybe a little bit better solution. At the moment a ship with 500t and a distance from 400 su costs x amount of warp cells. A ship with 1kt 400su distance costs 2x amount of warp cells. Why don't you make it more dependent from the weight? Like 500t 400su x amount 1kt 400su 4x amount of warp cells for example? So a small warp shuttle can easy fly from planet to planet with not big costs, but the big freight ships / big PVP ships are expensive to warp? And with this change, you could maybe double the amount of copies from the schematics for warp cells. So Person traveling is easier / and cheaper then now and big ships are expensive as hell? - Why do Static core (T1-T2) have the same schematic like Space and Dynamic cores (T1-T4)? Dynamic / space core are T4 and for example the L static core schematic is expensiver then a normal T4 L schematic? Do you want to reduce the size of the cores that are placed? Or was it only a mistake? - The costs from ore and time are the same for a territory unit and an Uncommon M industry, why do you make it as an extra schematic? Do you want to control with this solution a little bit of the amount of territory's or something else?
  2. My Feedback what NQ should do / clear thinks out before a full wipe (I Personally would prefer a full wipe) Main Topics - Zero Tolerance Politic with Bugs / Exploits, no disaster with the schematics that costs only 1% from the original price - What kind of game loop is coming instead of schematics, then everyone can build a Gigafactory (are also exitisting with Schematics) but will be a lot easier without - Clean the Org System max 5 orgs for each Player, also in each Org there hast o be an Superlegate like you wanted in the past - Maybe rethink about the size of the galaxy? Reduce the distance form the galaxy for casual friendly gameplay for missions ? I know its a hard topic, but some people would prefer a shorter travel time (with small ships you have the short time, with big ships / missions ship you need a long time Refered to bugg reports #46315, #40785, Secondary Topics - New Seed for the Planets for the Mining Units (that we cant pre Scan the hot spots) - Fix the Ammo Talents or Remove them - What will happen with the Thoramine ore? Or will it be deleted because still no use? - With the new start, you get a lot of starter items like rezz node, or some people the throne from the recruit a friend system, will this block your inventory so you cant pick items up? - Harder start for new player (because there is no free ships or something like that) - Sanctuary? Do we get a second sanctuary unit or only the one from the FTUE Planet? Because we cant pick them up, and with that the Sanctuary moon has no ingame usage?
  3. at the moment you can only dock smaler cores to bigger cores, means xs s m L m s xs, for example but with the new docking system you can stretch it longer in the distance, but when every core is in his place, never use the maneuver tool again
  4. From my point of view, the first IAR timer, these construct should be deleted directly and not be ready for salvaging. I got so much stuff because of Static construct looting, its crazy because people were not online. Now again the dynamic construct, this would kill the economy completly, when its not already dead fish in the water
  5. Wrecks - Wrecks, where can they spawn also in the PVP zone? - also is the rarety depending on safe zone / pvp zone? - EDIT: can you give us examples how much worth of quanta / what kind of stuff is build insde them IAR - What kind of blueprint? hopefully only a blueprint when they have the DRM and not from an other Person (safety for stealing them) - From orgs, who gets the blueprint only the Superlegate? - When starts the timer with 180days / 7 days? with the beginning from the patch or sometimes earlier? - You are writing loosing ships when they are not parked on a Sanctuary tile, how is it looking with cores parked on an HQ Tile, are the Dynamic Construct still safe? Will People get an Email because of these changes that are unsubscripted to safe there constructs?
  6. i posted my first feedback in the PTS section, by the way our Math boy solved already the problem and could use it
  7. Hi together, This post are our thoughts to the battle from 06/07.03.2021. It caused massive problems to some players. We from the Hyperion side had no problems with lags or something like that. We saw that our opponents had some problems. For example one ship stopped and speeded up instantly back to 8.000km/h. Possible problems could be: 1. Number of the elements. We saw it on our L hauler ship. With too many elements you get a lot of problems. Also with a good computer you get sometimes 10 Frames or lower. 2. Voxelmancy can make a lot of problems too. We have a space station (10-20? L cores) but only voxels and our members with high end hardware has even lags. You can even check it by yourself. VR Station “Elysium” 3. Maybe when 4-7 ships are shooting at one target, the mesh server with voxel correction are too slow and bringing lags to the players. For example each ship has 2-4 gunners and each gunner has maybe 4-6 weapons. This makes 5 ships, 3 gunners each, 5 weapons (middle value) 75 shots each cycle. Some are using slower weapons and some are using faster weapons (cycle time). 4. Maybe it has something to do with the gold voxels. They have a lot more hitpoints and could deform in different way than other honeycombs? 5. At the Star Wars Event I had enormous lags too. 5 -10 seconds after each shot wasn’t funny. I asked around and i got the tip to increase my RAM. I had 16GB, now I have 32GB. With this upgrade I had no problems during this fight. 6. I think everyone knows that DU has „at the moment“ not the best performance over all. When you want, we can grab a cup of good old black coffee, and take a talk together. Maybe we can help to get DU better.
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