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  1. My Day 1 gameplan is to read steam forums, and reddit and this forum and laugh and laugh and laugh. Wait you guys are actually going to play this and not just laugh at suckers who fall for this 'release'?
  2. I think you may have a very different concept of "relative stability" from others - because what I recall is people being unable to log in and unable to finish the tutorial because of the crippling lag...
  3. This is cute. Imagine thinking that a game with 100 players is viable. NQ has 68 employees according to LinkedIn. It's safe to assume that they are burning through ~5m a year - in short they need 50k paid accounts to break even.
  4. Wow it looks like all 3 remaining builders are outraged...
  5. I can't help but laugh at the MU implementation. I was begging for MUs because mining was just such a nightmare: So I hoped MU's would help remove a lot of the tedium from the game and actually make it fun to play.... Except when we got MUs it was totally not what I had hoped for....I wanted to remove tedium - not add more!
  6. Yeah - the typical DU player quit about 12 months ago after the schematics change rolled out....
  7. Ha - I wish it were just 'silence' - half the time we'd get talked down to like we're a bunch of chicken little's .... "You don't understand just how much ore there is to mine! It'd take years!" Every time you did get a dev response on any of the concerns, you'd get told you were just wrong...
  8. Literally the only part of the game that does not support Linux is EQU8. You are welcome to tell me what these 'other' parts of the game that do not run on Linux are. DU ran 100% fine on Linux before EQU8 was added. DU ran on Linux fine - albeit unsupported - prior to EQU8. Once EQU8 got added, firing up DU in a linux container died with it. I don't game on Linux, but no matter how you twist it - NQ made a decision to murder any hope of linux support with their choice of anticheat. DU was runnable in a linux container until late summer 2020.
  9. You're wrong here - DU uses Unigine for rendering on the client side but their server tech is proprietary. There is nothing wrong with running on AWS. AWS offers phenomenal scaling capabilities and is a fantastic solution for game hosting where player counts vary through the day and life cycle of the game. It is frequently cheaper and better performance to host via AWS than in house if you are expecting a major difference between your high and low loads. It would have cost NQ far more to buy whatever silly number of physical hosts they would have needed to host the game when it launched - and then what? The player count is likely less than a third of what it was a year ago. The game engine and hosting were far from the primary failure points of DU. The lack of a game and the complete and total failure to listen to the community played a bigger factor. JC literally played the game with infinite resourced and complained that mining was too easy despite never having mined.
  10. Remember when they conned us into kickstarting this game by implying that their server tech was totally sorted out and could scale basically infinitely to be a true massively multiplayer game? This was the vid that largely sold me on DU. Having burned out on the unbearable lag in Empyrion - this seemed like a game that'd solve the unsolvable problem of Empyrion lag. The server stuff was supposed to be the sorted out solid foundation that they built this game on. So many other open world games failed due to poor server tech - I genuinely believed that this would manage to be the exception. The game built by an actual engineer, from the ground up - focused on a solid technical foundation of a scalable and high performance massively multiplayer server engine. After all - the engine failures are what made Empyrion and Wolds Adrift awful in combat - surely DU would get it right by starting with the server tech... So much for that....
  11. No. DU was not a windows only game until the addition of EQU8 anitcheat. Prior to that the game ran fine though a KVM on Linux etc. DU is built on Unigine which runs fine on Linux. The current limitations are entirely the result of choosing to use EQU8.
  12. Nobody is going to buy NQ in it's current state. The more likely scenario is trying to position themselves for more loans/investments by extending the time at which funding will run out. What they should do is turn blueprints into NFTs and watch investors throw money at it...I mean come on lets be frank it won't make this game any worse....
  13. I think the progress has been very impressive. At this rate by this time next year NQ will have successfully reduced the player count to 0 and finally go the way of Worlds Adrift like I kept saying they would...
  14. It's sad to me that the unfinished release of Odyssey and the communication after can be used as an example for NQ to learn from.
  15. The subscription cost is nowhere near the elephant in the room. It's not even in the same room. I wouldn't play DU for free.
  16. It's gone beyond us now. You're not going to hear anything until the end. Same as with Studio 38. Same as with Flagship.
  17. Buying tech is fine but the tech has to be packaged. Engines themselves are a perfect example of that tech. As are APIs, GUIs etc. IIRC NQ themselves use Coherent for the UI. That's the kind of tech you buy, packaged and well documented and easy to plug in to your project and saving you months of effort of deving it in house. Nothing NQ has is portable to another game without tremendous effort. NQ holds 2 patents that I'm aware of and only the one for the partitioning has any real value - https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/a7/15/87/2ec4f4e207739a/US10565785.pdf The other does not. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/44/3d/9e/c0d03c82bee467/US20190279401A1.pdf Basically the only thing they could do is sell the patents to a holding company and try to hope someone licenses them. With that said, server meshing isn't a new thing and they just hold the patent for THEIR way of doing it - the value there is questionable as well.
  18. Come to think of it - the only case of a major studio's code actually being taken over by somebody else and development being continued rather than going on life support that I can think of was Hellgate London. They also didn't 'buy' it - they 'owned' it as being the primary investor for Flagship studios who when going under turned over ownership to Hanbit. Even in that case, the continued development was merely a few steps away from life support. Basically a few additions and repackaging efforts to resell the game a few times.
  19. Changing the game engine is like changing the unibody of a car. You can do it. But you're basically building a whole new car from scratch - and it would cost you more to do a body swap than to just...buy a brand new car. Taking a game off one engine and putting on another is the same way in pretty much every imaginable way.
  20. We can speculate and we can also see that the previous job listings that NQ had are gone and that the number of employees on LinkedIn for NQ actually dropped. It's all guesses and speculation. As I and many others have been saying for 9 months now, this game is repeating Worlds Adrift's mistakes all over again. So grab the popcorn and hope for a cool server shut down event - but given the quality of other events, don't get your hopes up.
  21. Yeah - it runs pretty good at the menu too - but when you know actually try to play it and you know - build a giant base - like you're supposed to.... lol - you're not going to make me reinstall this that easily!
  22. Post your resolution and FPS while walking through a factory.
  23. That's all fine and good and how it should be - but the problem is that PvP is awful and forcing people who already hate the mining grind into a mining grind in no man's land isn't going to prove fruitful. Think about it - how do you envision mining in pvp space. In EVE you had local and as soon as you saw a red - you warped to saftey - or you had alts logged in neighboring systems as an early warning system. How do you do it in DU? You have someone sitting on the ship staring at the radar while someone mines? JC has refused any consideration for automated defenses of any kind so mining these ores will never be a solo effort. Grouping activities are generally a great thing for a game - but the reality is that mining in pvp space in DU would be mindnumbingly dull for at least the person hanging out on the radar. Never mind the elephant in the room - which is that pvp wouldn't actually happen. You see a hostile contact on the radar, you warp.
  24. Is that really surprising though? Sift through 6 months of this forum. You'll see the general shift in the community from hope and optimism to frustration, disappointment and finally resignation. For the bulk of us, what the game is, what the game is turning into, pace of progress, dev responses to exploits have been unsatisfactory.
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