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  1. I play mostly solo but hang out with people in the Discord Voice Chat.
  2. build because you like it, because you are having fun....Landmark ended on us, and we had fun until the last second, and we can go back to Twitter and see all the shenanigans we pulled there...same with this. Just have fun man!
  3. Since this is the only 'voxel' game in town, this will not go away anytime soon. They have no competition, so they are fine. Other games in alpha are either not ready yet, or they are not true voxel builders, which is what people seem to love this game for.
  4. So all I've seen is people bitching in forums, bitching in Discord...about the status of the game....and hey, if you're not having fun, bitching about stuff is not very useful, so......use your 'IMAGINATION'!!! You have a building game, where you can build anything you want....so build a giant middle finger L core ship if you're mad, huge tile sized billboards, giant ass to moon the planet with, get creative! This can all be done in game, and you can have fun doing it, instead of bitching.GO BUILD SOMETHING....and express yourself. Remember you have Reddit, Twitter, Forums, Discord....all to post screens of your 'PROTEST' so go get creative, because the bitching is monotonous and boring! Sincerely, President Porco
  5. So...if you find this game boring, or do not like it....here's a suggestion. STOP PLAYNG! No need to post garbage, no need to vent, just un-install, and play something different. You will notice your stress levels go down dramatically. Go....try it! 😏
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