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  1. NQ needs to realize that 'player made experiences' are a fantasy. Start introducing the mechanics for 'structured gameplay' either PvP....or start introducing PvE. I know...that costs money, but you know...when a business is in the dumps, and they cannot reinvest, there's only one direction to go, and that's down. Either find more money, and start implementing new game aspects that would make the game MORE FUN...or get off the pot and let someone else have a crack at this (SELL THE PROJECT). I showed up on the scene after .23 and really had some fun with this game....for 4 months...then it got
  2. The so called 'parents' of this game both rely heavily on PvE...as both minecraft and eve have excellent pve, which is needed, in any game. I know you really want JC's vision to work out, but it looks like it didn't...because players got fed up and left...and left a big empty world with invisible birds.
  3. I remember reading in the Devblog that NQ was working on making the game more fun. Since then, the game has not become more fun. There has been graphical improvements, but is the game more fun...NO! There is no risk vs reward, there is no 'progression'...there's no PvP. There's absolutely no PvE...and a non living world. NO PVE??? In an MMO? (nope nope, we'll leave it up to the players..), there's no NPC's...nothing. Just the players. This, was an idiotic idea. DO BETTER. I'll be back in a few updates to see where this is at. Have fun. (no, you cannot have my stuff....my 100 untapp
  4. I'll say it again....THIS GAME NEEDS PvE...DESPERATELY! PvP has failed. Now it's a resource gathering/building game. PvE is badly needed!
  5. ok thanks....so 100% broken was correct. Appreciate it. So this one is an easy fix...and it would cover one of their devblogs to improve quality of life...why doesn't NQ do anything about this? is it an easy fix?
  6. So....I never really figured out why people cannot build with dirt, rock, sand...which is free to collect and its everywhere. I get it....when people dig it costs NQ money. Data...going back and forth. But why do people dig: Let's ask that. To make money? Some...but (as in real life) hoarding money only goes so far. People dig to find materials to BUILD! Because....no matter how much people want this to be Eve (Eve has PvE, btw), it isn't. It took more genetics from the dad...MINECRAFT. DU...is a building game. So let people build! Let people use ROCK to build....and see what happens. I bet, t
  7. well, think about it....Eve, has PvE. Minecraft...has PvE.
  8. I'm calling this a mining and building simulator. There's no 'game'...PvE would certainly add some game. Well structured PvP would also add game. Ship building is fun. Building structures is fun, and both are unparalleled in any other game. But that's it. Obviously your assessment of PvE is your own. Look at how broken No Man's Sky was, and they fixed it. People would back PvE and wait for it.
  9. So the repair units are completely broken? I just got one and I cannot get it to repair my ship, am I doing something wrong or is it broken?
  10. SUGGESTIONS: Do a wipe, then make 3 starting factions...1 on Alioth, 1 on Thedes and 1 on Madis....start them all at war with one another. TADAAAAAAA! Now you have structured PvP! I suggested this 3 months ago when I started playing.
  11. Oh....GAME LORE....would benefit from finding aliens, or monsters on planets. Otherwise....what is the game lore...A DEAD UNIVERSE with absolutely no animal life? (oh wait, there are invisible birds, I forgot)
  12. so by unique, you mean boring? the so called 'player experience' is digging and building...nothing more. PvP is a complete fail. So a nice voxel builder with PvE would be excellent, and would succeed.....but as someone mentioned ...NQ has missed the boat. Can they build a raft? Maybe. JC's vision of this game didn't work. It was a FAILURE. Now, NQ is stuck with this albatross around their neck. What is the next step? Perhaps sell this to an actual game company who will make it 'fun' to play. And as far as 'game lore'....WHAT A JOKE....I made more game lore than these people ever did, their ver
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