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  1. lol, trying to get into the game so I can build the club....yes....Pussycats.
  2. Been busy. Looking forward to the closed alpha for this. I never explain myself. No. But I know of him.
  3. ??? I do not understand your question.
  4. "Sometimes, people need to die... " - Dr. Frigo Porco 12/13/16
  5. I always warn people in advance. Creates fear......and there's really nothing they can do to stop it. It's more fun this way.
  6. "Revenge is a dish best served with the heart of your enemy cooked in white wine sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and basil" - Dr. Frigo Porco
  7. Wow, everyone thinks I'm just going to order a bunch of assassinations and kill everyone involved in speaking or doing anything against me or Porcocorp.......ha ha hhhahahahahhahaha.....hehhehehehe...hahahhah....
  8. For the love of science and humanity!
  9. "So what? It's only a few billion people..." - Dr. Frigo Porco
  10. It's a 5 star spa, Mr. Jame Gumb is a certified yoga instructor and level 3 Reiki. And plus, every guest signs a full waver. Emberstone? Is that a massage parlor in Pattaya, Thailand? Yes......great place!!!! Ask for Mindy.
  11. Have you visited the popular Buffalo Bill's Lotion Shop?
  12. "Where's the fun in just 'killing' someone? " - Dr. Frigo Porco
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