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  1. Yes, at release, Energy Tiles will reduce the size of the factory you can place in 1 tile
  2. My pov: Meganodes are fun but are a mistake. Its solo per node most boring experience the game will offer. I would really to see what others think about this. Wouldnt we benefit more from mining a tile in small teams while all the planets will have their T1-5 ores averaged while we still have a decent progress towards T4-5 tiers instead of instant gratification high lvl tier mega nodes bring ?
  3. In case you missed it @NQ-PannHeya, As UO/AC/DAOC/Eve (2004 acc) player when i see this names i press like Welcome and enjoy the show! Ive 1st heard of DU August 2016 and i was pretty much scared on what NQ was trying to acomplish. 4 years later here we are, with me 90 days in beta and kicking in like there is no tomorrow I cant wait to see what 2021 brings with such awesome Devs and CMs in the team. o/
  4. You had a chance to test the game in Beta before release. The game is not like it was advertised because it just got out from Alpha. You should come back in 1 year and check out what advanced tech it will be. While i agree and i understand everyones pov i just cant understand why people compares alpha with beta and with release? I mean, you guys talk like this is NMS 2 ? wtf?
  5. Its easier to change the warp price cost x1-10 times and warp cell craft cost. No need to change the rng mechanics of landing around a planet in safe zone.
  6. Enjoy this days while they last. This will be the easiest DU version you will ever play. 1 Year from now at release you will look at this version and you will compare it with a primitive tier
  7. From posting a vid and sharing the info with community and NQ to naming and shaming tens or hundreds of people of cheating it didnt took long. Thats not good.
  8. @NQ-Naunet Congrats on promotion. Sorry for this late reply. I wish you good luck!
  9. What are you trying to achieve with this topic? Attention? There is PvP and PvE. PvP and PvE are the group of things player do togheter and against each other. Combat in done via AvA, CvC and whatever comes later and goes in PvP folder. #fml #semantics
  10. in which mmo grind and farming was fun ? ARK survival ? Rust? They will add auto mining someday
  11. we dont know what we will have but its not ok ship to carry weapons bigger than the ship itself
  12. Instant gratification is something we dont want especially now in day 1. The more you play, the more talents you train the better it will be.
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