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The exchange deepdive


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To be brutally honest.

This whole building shows the failing of the project.

everything players asked for, everything players commented can be said about this venture.

We did not want NQ to build it, we were waiting, and waiting to be able to build it ourselves.


I am sorry to say i have not touched DU for months as every new feature that is brought with joy is just nothing else as a failed promise.

As long as main patch features are stability,graphical, ui and other stuff while the actual Gameplay only sees restrictions and restrictions brought as new features there is no added market value of this game to anything already out there. Even though i love to build i even have to agree with the core PvP players in this. 

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2 hours ago, blazemonger said:

The idea of the exchange is fine. The problem lies in the way NQ isolates it from what is already in place and how it becomes a single point on the map which would more likely find a meaningful use if it was either located at or combined with existing POI.


Adding the concept of the exchange to markets is trivial and would likely yield a faster and better response. 

Placing the Exchange at the same location as the central tutorial location would make sense as it then becomes a logical next step if new players are to visit the location.


As a single location, IF it gains traction and become popular, which is obviously possible, the next and predictable set of issues will come into play around performance. We all know that if left as is, it will just become a massive pile of ships, people will start parking their own stalls outside, will park AGG ships above, will start placing their own advertising at or nearby the location.


Your arguments here are somewhat contradictory. While it would have been possible to integrate the exchange into the other POIs such as the markets or district buildings, such a dual purposed structure/area would then result in the accumulation of an even higher number of player constructs, thereby hindering performance. Having the exchange stand alone serves to better distribute said load since players are more likely to spread between them, particularly because they offer independent and unique services. The centralized location also makes management considerably easier, which is especially important considering that it currently requires GM administration. Furthermore, several players, including yourself, have voiced concerns that the exchange as a whole disincentives any player made equivalents. Would it not then be preferential for NQ's implementation to have a more "inefficient" location so as to provide opportunities for players to implement their own versions?


3 hours ago, blazemonger said:

So yes, the idea is good. Players have suggested something like this for years and have offered sensible and executable options to make it happen. NQ however chooses to just add another potential bottleneck to the mix, with predictable future issues and complications and with the likelihood, seeing NQ's history in this, they will just disengage withe idea as it becomes too much trouble to manage.


In general the "we told NQ about this years ago" argument is really only valid for high priority issues. Did such an endeavor really deserve to be prioritized above all the other issues that arose throughout that period of development? Even if we assume that GMs at the time already had the required tools, and were capable of managing player content and setting up advertising booths/screens, do you really think the GM team had enough time on their hands to manage such a system? I have serious doubts about that.


On 6/24/2022 at 4:48 PM, blazemonger said:

I'll add the link in OP.

I have posted my personal idea from back in 2020 several times already when the exchange first appeared on our radar.. not that I expect NQ ever saw it then  or bothered to see it now.

I repeated some of my ideas around how the exchange could actually better integrate and server an actual purpose in relation to the existing player content already.


Appreciate it, and thank you for linking to your feedback from 3 years ago. I reviewed the thread and the context by which it was given seems to be centered around addressing market performance. Looks like the majority of improvements you suggested have since been implemented. The overarching concept however appears to be "mini-exchanges" that surround the existing district buildings. The idea has potential but I feel like its skipping ahead a bit. Something like this would need to be slowly added based on demand and scaled according to performance limitations. Honestly I would consider Nicodemus's version to be an excellent pilot project for your idea. First test how performance goes with 64 XS player shops (including foot traffic) then scale it down/up and distribute accordingly to total demand. Nicodemus might need some more help or better tools once things get to that stage thou.

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You have a knack of spinning context to suit your narrative of supoporting NQ.. And that is OK as it is who you are and what you do. You completely miss the point and ignore the fact that NQ is only adding more potential performance bottlenecks though. Adding the idea of the eexahcnge to existing POI woudl be the better solution becoause those POI are already set up to handle higher volumes of traffic AND by doing so you also distribute the potential additional load across already present POI so the effective added load is less.


The point of me lining my suggestion is not that I want NQ to do it my way, the point is that ideas like the exchange have been provided by the community for along time and NQ has effectively ignored the idea and when they came around to adding it, did not go back and see how they could add it in a way that woudl optimize the way the game can support it and generate the best possible exposure for players, they just drop a single building into the gameworld which may potentially attract a good bit of tyraffic which in trun may prove a performance hurdle.


But we're past that now, NQ has yet again not take the long game here and only pushed a sort term solution without consideration for consequences which I have no doubt will become apparent. We;ll see..

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Haven’t been following much recently, too busy playing Star Citizen, NMS and Stellaris,  but let me get this straight:


NQ now not only have a monopoly on the market places, with bots on markets to sell and buy goods and ore etc, shops that sell ships, hard to reconcile tax bots that somehow disable player creations instantaneously and remotely, bots that give and accept missions but now they also have a new centralized “exchange” for showing players’ creations?

in addition to the curiously misleading name, it seems player agency has been nerfed yet again by a well-meaning but poorly implemented waste of player potential.  

Tell me again, what part of this entirely designed by players game is entirely designed by players?


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Well.. As NQ has been on a spree of actions and changes to dissuade players from .. well.. playing..  Most of the locations that did what the exchange seems designed to do that were created by players have been either destroyed, abandoned, or just left unattended.


There is no player base to support player creations like this anymore.


While not enough sure, many came at the start of beta and a good few community/player driven initiatives started. The expectations were that NQ would drive progress, advancement and bring player controlled and owned markets into the game. None of that happened.


The game has stalled, features have been removed or eroded and from what we know it would appear that player markets are entirely off the table.

Dragon Assembly had a really cool player driven trade post on Jago, many had stalls there and there was a pretty steady stream of visitors. The place is dead now.
Moustache riders had a pretty nifty boardwalk with shops, stalls and trade set up on Alioth.. It's entirely gone now.


Both places featured quite prominently in streams on twitch but both streamers are no longer active. Markee will probably get back in and give the game one more serious injection of support on release in the hopes of it picking up steam. I do not see Moustache Riders return as they are mostly very disillusioned with NQ and the game. Other trade/industry driven project have gone too.. The last bastion is probably gottchar and IC but the latter seems all but extinct by now as well.

All these project, to some extent, did what the exchange intends to do and all are gone, not due to player being unwilling to work around the quirks of the game but because NQ was not able to keep then engaged and actively drove them off in some cases by choices made.

Personally, if I see some motion as far as new players arriving at release I will probably restart my idea of a noob friendly org, not so much to hold their hand but more to bring them up and let them be self-sufficient and independent while serving as a backbone to fall back on when needed. But I'll drive people to player content, avoiding the exchange as much as possible. We do not need NQ to create these things, we need NQ to create the tools and options to do it ourselves.

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blazemonger, give me a call and i will help you!

You are so right as i also mentioned, we need the tools to make it happen, not a developer who does it him/herself and then tells us this could have been done by you with good tools and still dont provide those tools.

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Thanks @Aaron Cain .. I may take you up on that.


I stil think DU can work but it will fail if we as the community do not step up and try to make that happen as NQ wil not be able to as they have no idea how.


I am actually planning together with a RP streamer to being in part of his community using my Summer DACs and start from scratch, building an org and see where it goes.. It will all be wiped in 8-10 weeks anyway I'm sure and if it turns out these guys do not like it they can just walk away. If it works and we can build up a little something  then we may repeat it as the game releases..

Could be a disaster.. could be good, maybe even great .. we'll see

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3 hours ago, blazemonger said:

We do not need NQ to create these things, we need NQ to create the tools and options to do it ourselves.

This needs to be repeated over and over until it mixes with NQ's CEO's morning cereals.

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