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  1. Can someone pls let us all know if the new height limit is the top of the bounding box? Or the core itself?
  2. Just double the size so we're not frigging around trying to stand precisely on top of the things... and with better range. I'm so sick of 'elevator not in range' on L cores.
  3. We've been saying this for years: stop releasing stuff, waiting till everyone assumes it's permanent (in this case, even telling people calibration spam isn't an exploit), then stealth-nerfing it (dropping it in a patch with no forewarning), and being surprised players are annoyed/leaving... and NOT adding anything new. Far better to address inflation by giving players more stuff to spend money on than constantly dialling up the grind! It would be super easy. Add some more expensive lumi colours or semi-transparent lumi, some more coloured force fields, ways to earn/buy old collectibles, element skins, XL elevators (that can cross a whole L core)... new money sinks instead of forced poverty equals fun/gameplay. I wish they'd show some imagination. PS: I spent most of my 3 mill bonus loyalty TP on maxing out calibration points that I'll never now be able to use. I refund would have made sense. But hey, we're used to getting stuffed around.
  4. For the love of everything sacred, I hope they at least make the limit 1128m so: (A) We can build 1000m AGG pads that aren't on the roof of a tower, but can have structures and elements on the pad, and (B) We don't have the rounding problem where the base of the tower to get to 1000m has to be an exact multiple of 128m Setting the build upper limit AND AGG lower limit both to 1000m is just mental.
  5. By 'originally' they mean 3 days earlier? (Launch was on the 27th. On the 30th - 3 days later, 38 days ago - they said 'Contributors' would get one as well.)
  6. I’ve had a (pubic) conversation with a NQ dev on Discord where they said server load is the reason we don’t have XLs. And we know the difference on terrain/surface construct load vs space from the cache file size.
  7. I got my ticket closed, saying I have my STU now (40 days later)… but I still don’t have it. 🤪
  8. They've told us what they're working on for the next few months. If they can deliver this time, it will go some way to rebuilding trust. After that, when there's some open runway, a player council may be worth a shot.
  9. “…thank you for being a part of our game.” Are we playing their game? Or are we creating the game together? 🤔
  10. The only good reason for nerfing ore spawns so badly at launch compared to beta - minimal T2+ on Alioth, barely any surface T2+ off Sanctuary - is if they're already planning to add more new planets with better ore soon.
  11. TBF, ‘wipe’ crowd were fairly warned during beta, all they’d get if their wish came true was a minor shake-up in the orgs at the top of the pile, in exchange for losing everything.
  12. Dude, your maths is way off. Because of the crazy system where T2+ spawns in clusters, you only need to scan every 3rd or 4th tile. Plus they nerfed the spawns and removed Malachite. Plus several orgs shared results to minimise rework. All the T2 on Alioth was found weeks ago. I did most of the northern ice cap on my own in 3 days (granted, without sleep.)
  13. They did add the 'ghost', it's just hard to see in this video as the test core I used only had a single row of voxels along one edge.
  14. PRO TIPS: - If you're rotating your BP other than 180° or 0° (e.g.: 90°) you may get a bad angle on the BP due to a possible glitch in the way it calculates intersect with the voxel mesh. To fix this, try placing a pane of glass over the voxels as this bypasses the mesh intersect and, to be more precise, nudge the voxels back to account for the thickness of the glass. Or, place down blank aligned template cores around the area, and place your OG BP from the direction where it requires no rotation. - To make aiming your mouse at the reticule easier, drop the sensitivity on your mouse in settings to ~0.5. - If lag rendering the holo on a large, complex core is making it hard to aim, toggle off 'deploy construct', aim, and toggle it back on.
  15. Just us 'alpha testers' in this thread? 😆 TBH, I don't mind the quiet. Better than saying things they that can't/won't do... and nebulous platitudes like "we appreciate your patience", "this is one of our top priorities", and "soon™"
  16. I hope they’re busy fixing the things they said they’d do for launch, and didn’t: STUs for Contributors, snapping blueprints… but then I’ve been wrong before.
  17. Have you tried that with a L core? Cos of max select area you have to do ~50 copypastas to copy a single L core. I already did that to build the base in the first place. That’s what took 3 mths. 7x7 cores x 50 cut-and-pastes with travel time between = 2,450 copypasta. For my space station I had to copy-paste from a static core template which meant a VR jump and reload screen between every copypasta so that took even longer. TBH, if NQ hadn’t finally agreed to fix BP snapping (after 3 yrs of asking) I’d prolly have quit the game for wiping all that work when they said at beta launch they wouldn’t.
  18. Sadly, for all my beta customers asking when my store will be back up, I can't just say "very soon". (PSA: Anyone looking to buy my stuff again, the store will go up when NQ fix BP snapping - so you'd have to ask them.)
  19. Instead of a roadmap we have a list of things described as "rest assured this is one of our top priorities" with no timeframes, and despite it having already been promised before and kicked down the road.
  20. You missed the part where - after a core group of loyal players carve out a cruel existence in a loveless world of spreadsheets and grind - they periodically smash what we've built.
  21. That unobtanium woulda been super handy in the first week. Its just sitting there. On the other side of a thin red line. Grrr: NQ should just put a bunch of STUs on the market for 5m ea already - with a buy limit of 1 per player. Then give all the Contributors who didn't get one on launch, the 5m. Cos inflation. That way those who missed out can choose to just keep the cash now, and other players who want to try Sanctuary can get in on the action. Problem solved.
  22. I know rite. My whole store I spent 3 mths building ready for launch is basically bricked. I'm sitting on my hands now waiting for them to keep this promise.
  23. Nope. Look closer. It's possible to get so close on a XS core it looks okay at first, but it's not. On a larger core the alignment is harder, and the misalignment multiplied by the projection angle leaving cracks in walls, floors and ceilings: [EDIT: Don't make me show you a L core. We never got 'quick destruct' either, meaning they're a pain in the neck to tear down.]
  24. 3 weeks later, they're still "working on it": https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/307084295531659266/1032410850339848193
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