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  1. EVE has got the basic's correct but the general PVE that drives a big part of the economy (special drops, BP from rats, bounties and ore mining) is boring as hell. Copying EVE and implementing it badly is even worse than not have having your own ideas at all as what happened after patch release. DU needs to invent their own basics, implement those to get all streams implemented that feeds the market and removes currency from the game. After this the market will start to "live" and can then be tweaked to make sure the balance is correct. Forcing the market
  2. That is the truth GG, sad very sad. Fix the bugs before you remove the functionality that was implemented as workaround for the bugs or am I missing something here?
  3. I upgraded to a proper solid state drive and added another 16gb and it did not resolve the market issue. This is a server side issue that needs to be addressed. I also agree with the rest of your post as I setup industry to automatically build tier 1 pilot elements with a screen that shows Ore levels (thanks to a org mate). All that newbies that join needs to do is make sure the ore containers are filled and they can build ships. Nothing fancy but I spend a lot of hours on this and I just don't have the in-game currency to setup a factory to craft 10% of what my nano crafter can do
  4. It is sad to see things going this way, especially the feedback from old faces from Alpha, I just can't disagree with how everyone feels about the current state of the game. Going back to basics and fixing those should be the the main priority. It looks like NQ really needs money now by charging game time for an alpha release. This seems like a very slippery slope. Stupid me I was very enthusiastic about Beta and got a lot of my EVE Corp member that stopped playing EVE to join my Org. We even named it the same as the Eve corp and now I am the only active pla
  5. I agree 100% and I am starting to think that the backend infrastructure can't handle the dream concepts. As I mentioned a long time ago to you on Discord the super big orgs will kill the game like in Eve. Eve have been trying to undo big powerhouse wealth for the last 2 years. When they implement automated mining in DU they will kill the game for the smaller groups trying to have fun and probably the game too
  6. I got into DU because I was tired of Eve and wanted something new and different, now it seems NQ is just copying EVE without looking at the pitfalls. Learn from EVE's mistakes (They have been trying hard to undo historical mistakes they have made after a lot of people have left the game) Schematics is not so bad as I get the fact that super factories is an issue however saying that the current way it was implemented is completely killing the game. They should have just given one schematic of each up to tier 3 for everyone to do basic building and still produce some elem
  7. They should have just given one schematic of each up to tier 3 for everyone to do basic building and still produce some elements to sell on the market to buy more schematics and steadily build up small factories. This would still have killed the super factories. Now on Orgs with deep pockets will be making money leaving simple folk out of the game. There are so many other basic issues that needs to be fixed and new player are not leaving because of content but bad game performance.
  8. interesting I like the survival future outlook :-)
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