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Doesn't matter! The thread base been created!! Welcome btw :)


The new screens look amazing! Since it can load svg data I could theoretically recreate du-stats in game, or at least part of it. People can create games, or if we can hook sensor data into it we could make radar stations (sort of) that would give sensor readouts visually!


This is amazing! 


And the damage model is good to see too :) makes it so people have to be careful when they fly. Graphically, everything is looking good. 


Honestly, if you can get alpha out before SC gets their alpha 3.0 out, DU is going to make some huge waves in the gaming world. (And will anyways, but getting out before would put DU way ahead in 'the race')

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As first, welcome to the community   @uniqueness  :D

The Video surprised me a lot xD I'm very excited about the screens.

We could make so much out of this.


6 hours ago, CaptainTwerkmotor said:

Space Arcades, here they come!

And this is a very nice Idea ^^

@Xplosiv maybe something for DICE?

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