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  1. I'm not sure, what NQs opinion/statement on this is, but i think why not? Fans where recreating ships from their favorit IPs for a long time. Out of Lego, building it in Minecraft or drawing fan art. The only case, I could see a problem is when the IP is a direct competitor to DU, like Star Citizen.
  2. NDA - non disclosure agreement All content of the Pre-Alpha is under NDA. I hope this will answer your questions ^^
  3. I just don't know what to think about this post... Anyway, welcome in the community
  4. Hextaku

    Bike seats

    Yeah... I just thought: "Sounds nice, what could I build with that." Then I imagen it and added parts in my head until I realized that I need a fuel tank... We are not ready yet xD
  5. Welcome, Wolfe ^^ May I ask you where you are from? Your Name is confusing me a bit xD I know there is the word "Wolf" in your name English or another language(German?)? I do not know any language writing it with an "e" at the end. So I think that's a personal decision of you. But for me (may because I'm german) it sounds kinda like some German dialect, something you will hear on LARPs. Sorry for this wall of text ^^
  6. There is only one single day to train yourself or your army at the moment: Every single day: 100 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats 10KM Running You and your army will be unbeatable! It would be like you could beat everything with only one punch!
  7. I really could imagine this for ship sales. The seller could have a kind of showroom for every ship(or may a big room with different platforms). Every of this could have one of these devices showing the price of the ship. If you want to buy a ship you just have to use the device and confirm the payment. The script will automatically change the ship ownerment to you and then open a hangar door, likely on the roof above, so you simply start your new ship and fly out of the building.
  8. @Ghoster Let's say you "Upgrade" by buying a CONTRIBUTOR PACK. You may not get any discounts but you get: Alpha 2 access (instead of Alpha 3) 1 Beta key 7 DACs (instead of only 4 from Bronze Founder) Bronze Arkship Passenger Outfit Pet Lvl 1 1 Resurrection Nodes 1 In-game title 3 Extra Character customization 1 (Digital) Original Soundtrack (This is the only "Item" you already have) 1 Forum title (I'm not sure if this is additional to the one you already have) 1 Content Creator Pack 1 Name in the credits (Here I'm also
  9. I totally agree with @Kuritho And the big Question: What would be the advantage of it?
  10. Cyber-Phoenix is a German Org, so this will be a German post. If you'ar not speaking German, a short English introduction is on the Communety hub. You can ask any question, no mather if in English or in German. DEVELOPMENT|KNOWLEDGE|DEPLOYMENT Metadaten: Sprache: Deutsch Komunikation: TS3/Cy-Ph Forum/DU Community Color Code: Red: Management|Blue: Science|Green: "Security" Ursprung: Cyber-Phoenix MGC Wer sind wir? Cyber-Phoenix ist eine zweiseitige Organisation. Auf der einen Seite sind wir eine wissens
  11. Du solltest die offizielle Dual Universe Lore Bibel als Quelle verwenden. Diese ist deutlich umfangreicher und aktueller als die von dir verlinkte Seite. Ich hoffe das hilft dir ^^ Finde es auf jeden Fall interessant, einen weiteren Deutschsprachigen Channel zu sehen, der sich mit der DU Lore beschäftigt.
  12. discordauth:OdEp5UX5fCOq0oJG-B1UONP9610k0sa6XiIOcYo6tNE=

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