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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from DXdual in DU Memes   
    *holds her tight* I love you Alioth-chan, but I need to mine you for minerals. I'm sorry

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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to NAMECAPS in Open letter to NQ   
    I wanted to thank Novaquark, I think the whole team has managed to create something truly unique. Challenging to describe to my friends, difficult to even categorize for all it's ambition. In an ever-growing sea of independant sandbox/survival games, anybody who gives it a fair shot will see it stands on it's own. Is it lacking in some areas compared to other titles? Sure, but it's still in development, with a lot of the foundation not even mixed up yet, much less cemented - and the plot they've chosen for the whole place is in a different world anyways.
    That foundation is what I wanted to talk about. What I feel sets DU apart from every other title is it's ability to balance on the fine line between quality and quantity, and how every feature of the game focuses on player freedoms.
    I see a lot of cynicism directed at NQ and cries for "more, more!" in the NDA forums, and while I'm guilty too of being  impatient or impulsive about stuff I'm passionate about, I want NQ to see this and know that even now, as a skeletal test-bed, the canvas they've woven for all of us to leave a brushstroke on (or tear in ) is monumental.
    Anybody who plays games as a hobby has come across one or two games that featured some mechanic that enthralled them, a unique and unforgettable facet that outshines ANY competitors for the time. Half-Life 2's gravity gun and facial animations. Shadow of Colossus' climbing of monolithic, LIVE monsters. Saint's Row 3's "Streets of Rage" parody level where your comically busty and topless protagonist has suddenly become every 80s kid's bouncy, pixelated dream game, no cheat code or microtransaction necessary. Enthralling ideas made manifest by visionary producers and driven, talented developers.
    For me, the ability to manually mold a shape, color it, fill it, hollow it, refine it, equip it, animate it, tune it, adapt it to different roles, change it up in an instant, make it mine and actually climb inside and pilot the damn thing, then choose my own adventures with friends in real time (and soon lay waste to anybody who thinks they're BETTA THAN US) is the blinding light that, while surely catering to some smaller, possibly niche tastes and demographics, is just so f#$*@n' brilliant that I haven't even finished Red Dead Redemption yet. Whack, right? 
    A lot of us know what it's like to be drawn to original, ambitious products only to be let down when they fail to live up to their own expectations. Doom 3, No Man's Sky, Duke Nukem Forever...that time your younger sister offered to make tacos for dinner but didn't say it'd be with tofu-based beef substitute seared in a hot pan of water instead of oil...DU is not one of those stinky fermented waterlogged tacos. It is a steaming hot, well-seasoned pile of deliciousness towering in a fresh, crisp shell, just missing all the veggies, sour cream and cheese on top. One might think that, "what's the point of eating it if it's only half-done? You can't compare the two."
    Oh, but I can, because through a haze of carnival fumes I smell what NQ's cooking and it's drawn me by the nose like a cartoon. I dip a finger in that simmering sauce and lick it so homoerotically  clean that China censors me across the continent. Even incomplete, I know that mofo is tastier than anything else for miles - because of the time, care and refusal to compromise for lesser ingredients all bringing out the best in the foundations of that tac--er, product.
    Do y'all want another Ark? I don't think so. There's a perfect example of quantity over quality. New content always available, but the infrastructure (virtual AND physical) is worse than games made a decade before it and the devs refuse to work on anything but new dinos and maps. It makes me appreciate the fact that while DU lacks any tameable wildlife or stuff trying to eat me whole, what it does have works well, and with lots more customization, ample room for personal touches and flair to set yourself apart with more than just clan numbers and force multipliers.
    For all the involvement that NQ wants - and needs - from us, I feel sometimes that all our criticisms, while aiming to be constructive, can end up being so pervasive and numerous that it becomes a burden. I may just be another basement-dwelling dork with delusions of being a space cowboy, but from my perspective I can see that for every hour any backer or sponsor or grizzled, platinum-tiered Kickstarter donor has spent waiting for the next update, the next test, the next phase, Novaquark has spent three times as many hours and as much effort pouring their livelihoods into making imagination reality. For that, We thank you.
    For all the freedoms you endeavor to give us, I think some of us can forget about them when voicing our thoughts & oppositions to what's been implemented (or is intended to be) and try to impose our own limitations on what should be. It seems like a raw deal to put real work, gruelling long hours into building such an open medium so many other people can freely create upon with such depth and jolly cooperation, while enduring endless opinion pieces you gotta wade through that only seem to impose barriers and boundaries or cry out for more features, more toys, more purpose when a player's found themselves floundering for something to do because somehow all of it still isn't enough.
    I guess I just wanted to say that despite the long road ahead, you've already accomplished what no other studio of men and women have even conceived. My first exposure to DU, I just wasn't interested. Coming from primarily playing AAA competetive shooters, RPGs and the occasional racer or roguelike, minecraft in space didn't interest me, especially not a $60 alpha build with zero NPCs, zero guns and zero quests...but I DID think that building my own spaceship could be pretty cool, so I actually did a little research and what stuck out for me was the proof that the whole team was capable of putting their money where there mouth was, of aiming high AND hitting your marks with consistency. I didn't believe the single-shard system would work, much less in sync with everything else planned, but after nosing up and getting the starter craft over the treetops with some light modifications I felt accomplished, even more so after learning to land without busting my nose. Knowing that almost any of those blobs out on the horizon were exclusively player-built bases, and those shapes hovering miles over my head were their cruisers and carriers, and those billboards at the giant space banana were their outstretched hands, beckoning:
    "Come build a new world with us" 
    It's been enthralling, and while I can't wait for what's next, I respect the path NQ is taking and the pace at which they lead. Here's to you, the greatest thing to come out of France since Camembert or Gojira (the band, not the beast)!
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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from Yuu in DU Memes   
    *holds her tight* I love you Alioth-chan, but I need to mine you for minerals. I'm sorry

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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Recent Bans: Clarifications   
    Dear Community Members,
    As some of the Novaquark recent moderation and sanction actions haven’t been clearly understood by some, here are some explanations and clarifications. We are aware that members from “Dark Star Imperium” (DSI) and “New Genesis” think that the decisions taken by Novaquark have been unfair and/or feel like a punishment. It’s not a punishment and we limited the inconvenience to the minimum possible by just resetting the member list of the Organization. This has been done to remove all ghost accounts and make the involved Organizations restart on a healthier basis.
    We also made sure that at least one person in each of the involved Organizations can re-invite real members in the Organization:
    - CN_Firestorm for “Dark Star Imperium”
    - Chipfromearth/SpaceKitty for “New Genesis” (until the end of TMA’s ban)
    You are more than welcome to contact them to join theses Orgs again if you wish to do so.
    Keeping in mind that besides the cleaning of ghost accounts, nothing else has been removed. All community work/content related to these Organizations have been left untouched. We are also going to send an email to all ex-members to inform about the member list reset and offer them to join their former organization again.
    Regarding the ban of the leaders of these Organizations:

    We understand that seeing your leader banned might be frustrating. However, we want to make it clear that being at the head of a big Org does not give a free pass on toxic behavior and/or bad practices that could damage the Community as a whole. Being passionate, being young, creating quality content is no free pass for such things either. That’s why all the permanent bans decided recently are final. We are not giving such heavy sanctions with a light heart or on a whim. In more than four years, the number of community members who have been banned permanently from the community can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. We think it speaks volume... Some recent rumors say that the bans may be reversed or canceled. There is no ground to such rumor. It’s just disinformation. The fact that a banned member will “not tolerate that” has no weight either. It’s the Novaquark team’s call and the Novaquark team alone.
    Now, we want to give a fair warning to anyone wanting to challenge Novaquark’s decisions openly, directly or indirectly. If a community member has been permanently banned from the Community, he’s excluded from the game, which means he shouldn’t be in any Organization anymore. Reinviting or keeping a community member banned permanently could have serious consequences (such as Organization disbanding but not limited to that, as this could trigger other sanctions for those actively supporting banned members).

    Now to address some specific questions/rumors:

    We exceptionally give some details to the Community to show that we are not banning randomly or without a serious reason. We do it only because some banned members try to take advantage of the confidentiality policy to enforce their own narrative and play the victim, and attempt to misinform other players. Don’t expect the Novaquark team to give anymore information on this case or the possible future ones.
    “Banning Sakej99 was a mistake. He’s a different person from FullSend/Lime”.
    The Novaquark team is aware that Sakej99 and FullSend/Lime are different persons. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the permanent ban affects FullSend/Lime will also affect accounts he may have access to (by account sharing, which is forbidden in our EULA). This is one of the main reasons why we are so serious about forbidding account sharing. If someone sanctioned got access to your account, the sanction can be extended to the said account even if you haven’t done anything wrong.
    “FullSend/Lime has been unfairly banned, with no prior warning.”
    First, for the infraction this community member has committed, there will never be a warning as it was obviously utterly wrong: if a false report is sent to the Customer Support in an attempt to make another community member banned, the one getting the ban is the one who sent the false report. And in this case, indeed, there is no prior warning.

    Second, FullSend/Lime is probably the person in the community who would deserve multiple permanent bans (if it was possible), due to previous infractions in addition to the most recent one. Playing the card “no prior warning” is just complete dishonesty and denial of assuming the consequences of his actions during the past couple of years. Here is a short list of the infractions he has done in the past:
    - Asking members of one of his former organization to give login and password of their accounts to him.
    - Using accounts of other players.
    - Creating ghost accounts.
    - Using a loophole in the organization management system on the Community Portal in an attempt to sabotage/destroy an organization by using the account of another player.
    - Participating in a doxxing attempt.
    - Always denying the facts or trying to minimize them, to the point of reaching self-absolving, to avoid dealing with the consequences (a practice reiterated with his last infraction).
    Due to the history of this community member, there was no reason for “prior warning” with his last infraction. He has been warned too many times already. Mistakes are not erased just because it happened “long ago”.
    By default, Organisations where FullSend was the founder have their ownership transmitted to the oldest member with the ability to create an organization, which gave the following results:
    - CN_Firestorm becomes the new owner of “Dual Insider”.
    - Gravetender becomes the new owner of “Project Azimuth”.
    If you are a member of one of these organisations and you want to discuss these changes, please contact the new owner of the Organization.
    (About DSI) “There has been a total wipe of the parties to kill the conflict”     
    Wrong. If that was the case, we would have dismantled “DSI” directly and ban both DSI leaders, which would have included CN_Firestorm. You can assume that if it’s not the case, this is precisely because there is a difference between CN_Firestorm and Primarch. This sanction wasn’t against DSI. The sanction was against Primarch.
    Some of the banned members may say “They will be back”.
    It’s up to them. However, if we catch them, they will be banned without further notice.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in "DSI / TSU / UEE" investigation   
    Dear community members,
    A few weeks ago, we took a stance regarding “out of the game”/IRL-related practices to discredit, threaten or shame publicly another Community Member (even if the involved person is guilty of several infractions) that could be an opponent in-game.
    As the DSI (Dark Star Imperium) / TSU (Trinary Star Union)  / UEE (United Earth Empire) case blew out of proportion during January, we investigated.
    We are really serious about differentiating real life from the game itself. Unfortunately some didn’t take our stance seriously. We gave them a chance to come clean in a private discussion and restart on an healthier basis. They didn’t take the opportunity for what it was: a last chance.
    As they preferred “playing dumb” with Novaquark staff, we can’t have any trust that they won’t continue. Therefore we have decided to ban permanently those Community Members for various reasons (all not being banned for the same reason(s)):
    Not being honest towards Novaquark staff. Making and encouraging ghost accounts. Abusive recruitment practices. Practising real life harassment and/or threatening another player. Making false report to Novaquark’s Customer Support in an attempt to make ban someone they dislike. Spreading real life information without the involved person’s consent, aka Doxxing.  
    (strong reminder: even if a person gives you real life information about him/her, it’s not okay to share these information with ANYONE else without his/her consent. You can’t predict how the other person(s) will use this information and if he/she/they won’t share it again. If some trouble occurs following this sharing, you can be held legally responsible).
    This might seem an extreme sanction but this shows how serious we are when we say we are not going to let toxic attitude and practices spread in the Community. Our goal to build a healthy and friendly community isn’t just a figure of speech. Anyone caught to spread or encourage any toxic behavior will be removed from the Community as it will be considered as damaging the Community and negating Novaquark staff efforts (without saying that it’s time consuming and a waste of our resources).
    Saying it’s a long time grudge coming from before the arrival in the Dual Universe community is absolutely not a valid excuse. If someone has a personal grudge with another community member, he/she should either:
    Leave it at the doorstep and/or settle it in private and peacefully with no one else involved. Contact directly (and only) Novaquark staff if the issue persists.
    The moment someone uses the Dual Universe community as a tool for IRL revenge, he/she is not welcome anymore. We’re all here to have fun. It should always stay that way.
    Therefore, the following Community Members have been permanently banned from the Community:
    Lime / Fullsend / mmtheboss / Sakej99 [DSI] Primarch Zelevas / TharisUEE Melkor_Morgoth
      In addition the DSI Organization member list has been reset, and the Novaquark Team has appointed CN_Firestorm as the new owner of the Organization, should he accept to take a fresh start on a healthy basis.
    We also give a warning to all those who were indirectly involved (with the evidence we found) but not actively participating in the recent community troubles. Next time, there won’t be any new warning. If you become involved against your will in some shady real life activities, you have only two healthy options:
    Leaving the group doing such activity immediately. Report it to Novaquark staff.  
    If you stay in such group without leaving or reporting it and the group is caught, you take the risk to get the same sanction as those actively involved.
    This investigation has taken (or more precisely wasted) a lot of time from Novaquark staff. We really don’t like to intervene in players affairs. However, if there is a chance that such affairs damage the Community by toxic behavior, you can expect Novaquark staff to step in. We hope we won’t have to take the same measures again.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in "New Genesis" investigation.   
    Dear community members,
    It has come to our attention that abusive recruitment practices, as well as practices to artificially inflate organization sizes, have been recently used more and more in some organizations.

    After having conducted an investigation regarding New Genesis, and discovered the following infractions:
    - Recruitment attempts that are harassment by private message through automated bots on Discord.
    - Ghost Accounts to inflate the size of the organization artificially.
    It has been decided to reset the member list of the organization to its sole leader, TheMasterArchitect.
    Furthermore, as New Genesis has been already twice at the center of troubles regarding recruitment ethics in the past, involving at least once (if not more) its leader, a temporary ban has been applied to him.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Uberjin_ in DU Memes   
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to SirJohn85 in DU Memes   
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Lethys in Stealth, Fog of War, ability to hide Territory hex claim.   
    The focus isn't on you - If you don't claim a tile then noone will instantly know you're there. But ppl like me will try to find ppl in their hideouts. Yes there are thousands of players and in that alone is a huge advantage. Ppl will have a hard time finding YOU anyway. But you can't hide forever and shouldn't bei allowed to do so. Only when you take extreme measures like flying far away, Not building big things, Not claiming territories and other stuff.
    Claimed territory needs to be marked somehow though. Imagine entering orbit and doing a quick long range scan. Then you just knowe that 6 of 55894 tiles are taken. Nothing more. Then you have to fly there to get a better scan which allows you (because of skills, modules and such) to determine which org or player claimed that tile. 
    Who knows If there will be scanners for players? But structures like TCUs, bases and ships can be detected via radar. It would bei much more fun and better gameplay If they did some countermeasures to that. Build your base out of antiradarium to block radar. Then the guy needs to do a thermal scan. If you have a major mining base there which needs alot of heat to run (furnaces) then you'll emit thermal energy which can be detected. If you build so deep that even that is blocked then you still need electricity which could emit EM-waves which could bei detected via some other scanner.
    All those scanners and countermeasures would need special skills and special modules, need energy and fuel to balance them. Such a system would be way more fun to have because it doesn't make you inherently stealthy or inherently good at detecting others but it would need critical thinking, good planning and actual work to stay hidden or detect others.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Setzar in Stealth, Fog of War, ability to hide Territory hex claim.   
    Big bad pirate here.  
    If I'm cruising around in my pirate ship looking for someone to pillage, I'm going to be using stealth myself to get as much information and as close as I can to my target.  If I can be 100% invisible, I'm going to have an easy time following someone from a trade hub back to their base when I call my fellow pirates to do piratey things.
    If only ships can be detected, but bases hidden, I can still follow a ship back to its base, to which point I call my fellow pirates to do piratey things.
    As Lethys suggested, detection mechanics based on game mechanics would be very interesting.  Learning how to fine tune your base to remain hidden means tradeoffs and planning, which is a good mechanic in my opinion.
    If you haven't, you might want to read this DevBlog on Territory Protection: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Lethys in Stealth, Fog of War, ability to hide Territory hex claim.   
    Yeah, that's pretty bad gameplay mechanics right there. If they would do such a thing, everyone (including big Bad orgs) would abuse that system to just stay hidden. Only available to small orgs? Just split that huge org into smaller pieces via rdms and take full advantage of that stealth system. Just available to players without orgs? Why give them a huge advantage in a Dog eat dog world?
    What they COULD do is a fine tuning with scanning mechanics. Like thermal scans or radar waves. Hide your Base well with a special voxel made out of antithermium. Then ppl would need to use other means to scan for your base. Or craft your ship out of antiradarium and ppl won't bei able to detect you via radar. Whatever the mechanic - you have to balance it. There should not be a 100% safe solution which would take others years to find you. Days? Maybe. 100%? No.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Alethion in Project Tortuga   
    Tortuga Discord - https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9
    Drop by our Discord and join the community, be apart of something great!
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to MaltoSigma in General Relativistic Time   
    I'm too dumb to understand this idea.
    Or I'm not high enough, sry if being too direct.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Cybrex in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    This weekend on August 12th (Sunday) BOO will be doing a Day of Games in celebration of our 2nd anniversary as the best community in Dual Universe. (No bias, I swurr). We'll be playing Planetside 2, Rocket League, and Teeworld as well as maaaybe crashing some discords to say hello.
    This is mostly just a BOO event, but if you're interested in joining our shenanigans on Sunday, just drop a message here, send me a DM, or hit us up on Discord.
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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from Greenfox in DU Memes   
    For clarification, I love DU and the direction NQ is going with the game. Its the endless cancer walls of text posts "discusing" things that NQ has already on numerous occasions made very clear, that cause me to avoid the forums....
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    *holds her tight* I love you Alioth-chan, but I need to mine you for minerals. I'm sorry

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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from [BOO] Sylva in DU Memes   
    *holds her tight* I love you Alioth-chan, but I need to mine you for minerals. I'm sorry

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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from The Immortal Ranger in DU Memes   
    For clarification, I love DU and the direction NQ is going with the game. Its the endless cancer walls of text posts "discusing" things that NQ has already on numerous occasions made very clear, that cause me to avoid the forums....
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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from The Immortal Ranger in DU Memes   
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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from Nebenfigur in DU Memes   
    For clarification, I love DU and the direction NQ is going with the game. Its the endless cancer walls of text posts "discusing" things that NQ has already on numerous occasions made very clear, that cause me to avoid the forums....
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    Ryoko_Takahashi got a reaction from CoreVamore in DU Memes   
    For clarification, I love DU and the direction NQ is going with the game. Its the endless cancer walls of text posts "discusing" things that NQ has already on numerous occasions made very clear, that cause me to avoid the forums....
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Haunty in DU Memes   
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    Ryoko_Takahashi reacted to Korvid Rin in DU Memes   
    I love BOObies. 
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