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  1. Greenfox

    [Idea] Chempacks, Stimulants and all kind of Boosters

    :3 More the merryer. And i think i bring some new ideas to these. Lets make a sound so NQ sees us ;3.
  2. Greenfox

    [Idea] Chempacks, Stimulants and all kind of Boosters

    ;3 I see an apsiring drug lord. But i hope this really gets some limelight. Potion type drugs are a stable for rpgs, but often ignored as valid means to enhance ones chracter and more delegate to being ... an way for lonewolfs to not need buffers/healers. Done right, this could be really fun and interesting.
  3. Hello there, after talking this trough with someone we came to the conclusion that in a game with an RPG lock and fire PvP alot of things could be enhanced by "potion/drugs". The basic idea would be to enable players to craft a multitude of drugs, like chempacks/ stimulants or healing meds. One could implement a estensive crafting sheme for them too. If a Adrelanine Pack needs: -Water -Carbon -Energy -Some plant/herbs or adrelanine boosting chems from a chemical fabricator One could craft in some other ressources to change it's properties. Makeing an Berseker Adrelanine Potion, which gives a faster firerate but lessens accuarcy. Makeing an Focus Adrelanine Potion, which slows down firerate and increases accuracy. Etc. So with a small selection of these. We could costumize our character momentarily. Noteing that after their effective time is used up, an negative buff should be applied. What types of items would we need: - Stimpacks = Faster Movement / Better Accuracy, extrem slow debuff afterwards - Strength Boosts = More damage in melee, less accuracy. - Med Packs = Healing overtime, afterwards a slow negative heal debuff which cost 50% of the healed HP - Adrelanine Packs = Basic one gives better accuracy and will drop in accuracy afterwards - Pain Blockers = Reduction of possible knockbacks or "dizzy" animation locks fro things like stun weapons. Increases received damage. And whatever we can think of needed as basic version :3. Probably we should have a drug for each stat that we will have ingame, even mining speed or mining damage. This would ultimately be a kind of moneysink for larger corps/ orgs that do PvP. As they will want to customize their stats to a certain degree in battle, a demand for these would make a steady flow of resources to crafters and from them too the battlefields. Balanceing this might be a bit hard, so i would suggest that for every active drug effect. There's a chance that one will "breakdown" on a time counter. If you have 1 drug active, an random roll for each 10 second of 1% chance. If you have 5 drugs active, an random roll for each 10 seonds of 50% chance. When in a "breakdown" state, the postive effects will vanish and the negative effects will go into effect for double the normal duration. So pumping yourself full of drugs will be a last man standing type of scenario for the user. Not a "lets buff ourselfs and pwn some poor miners!". Ideas and critics are welcome.
  4. @Ever_green Dont feed the troll :3. Or also known as Kuritho, the master OwO sage. And don't let yourself be told off from your idea. Some people just don't understand Space in itself ... as long as you have protection at the location you want to unload and load your cargo, everything will be fine. And booians, as far as i am concerned, aren't rocket scientists ... It's incredible hard to catch a target in space~ Just be prepared to defend yourself and your cargo when you're close to planets/ orbital stations. And even then ... you probably have 3~10 trys to learn it. As people will need to learn how to attack someone who's standing still, without shooting past them as a comet and burning up in atmosphere. AS in fact, you probably should be stationed close to that Atmosphere to Space Orbit for dropping off cargo into waiting hands of your costumers. Good luck and god speed. PS: Space is an deadly void ... but the best friend of a merchant.
  5. Greenfox

    Authorization for Discord

    Cough was to early for me xD. I meant, yama needs to hitch up an video explanation pop up onto that discord for all first time visitors :3.
  6. Greenfox

    Authorization for Discord

    People still posting something like this :3. Might need yama to hitch up an video first tiem discord visitors need to look at xD.
  7. Greenfox

    Axxon Corporate - Now Hiring!

    It's best not to feed Kuritho too much. But i must say, the last one really made me smirk :3. -- But back on topic. I like your Logo and modus operandi. If you're looking for buisness partners hit me up. I'm slowly trying to form a network of likelyminded corps, so that we can interact a bit socialy and buisness wise. The Iridium Cartel is always open for good buisness, as long as you don't antagonize the empire that is.
  8. Greenfox

    Download directions -notification?

    Otherwise people not under the NDA could ... data mine the downloaded files. :3. And trust me.... people would do that.
  9. Greenfox

    Download directions -notification?

    It seems so hard for people to check that one news post xD. I hope NQ spams a roundmail to all people about that on Alpha1 patchday ... or close before it.
  10. Greenfox


    Welcome :3. A fresh patron is always nice to see. DO ask ingame or in the forums if you have a problem (NDA covered forums). Do remember that the game is in a pre-alpha stage still ;3.
  11. Greenfox

    Hi, Need Appoval for Discord

    Then use your forumauth help and check what you're doing wrong :3. You need to add something specific to your status page and have the chat bot recongize that in discord~
  12. Greenfox

    [IC] Iridium Cartel

    Bump: - Added our newest member. - Changed the layout a bit - Added more infos - Added two pictures as placeholder for further composite stuff to come. Probably will add in Text.
  13. ^^ Chemistry Knowledge. Lots of cheesy RP times. Basic Java/ LUA stuff ... hopefully better at realese. Small Talk Skills~ Yay if the crafting is gonna be actually like they had promised ;3.
  14. That's true :3. But it seems more plausible then the bubble mechanic. What happens when your bubble collides with anything of mater? Space isn't really that empty and there could be even suns/ planets/ moon/ etc on yoru direct flight path, the moment you get there. The bubble mechanic was my favorite one, till i realized how difficult it would be to actually fly extremly fast. And how difficult gravity influence would be towards keeping the bubble stable. That's all solved the moment you can travel at speeds your ship is capable of withoutextrem tech aids ... well minus the probability that the Beta Plane could be in fact be made completly out of antimater already ... which would end in an neat explosion of nothingness. I wish we had the means to test these theorys already :3. Dude :3 ... let us nerd out here.