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  1. Carefulll .... your ndaing hard here xD. This be public section.
  2. It can be discussed outside of NDA now. They realesed the info about ages ago. + now too. Honeycombs as state in the devblog, are crafted from ressources. And can be used as building "blocks", aka the voxel material you can use to make ships etc. Well we can't say what honeycombs are avaible, but we can say the generics ^^. ''' Generally speaking, honeycomb materials will require more ore to make. The amount of honeycomb material you could acquire previously was a little too high and we wanted to rein that in a little. We don't want you to feel c
  3. Probably this. When you mined say 100m³ the last time. Now you mine 100l for the same time invested. BUT the recipes probably still require just 100l ... So you have literally a factor of 1000 more storage space ... in that sense. Cause something that needed 1m³ now needs 1l or something more realistic. ^^ Not gonna make a screw out of 1000 liters of iron.
  4. :3 More the merryer. And i think i bring some new ideas to these. Lets make a sound so NQ sees us ;3.
  5. ;3 I see an apsiring drug lord. But i hope this really gets some limelight. Potion type drugs are a stable for rpgs, but often ignored as valid means to enhance ones chracter and more delegate to being ... an way for lonewolfs to not need buffers/healers. Done right, this could be really fun and interesting.
  6. Hello there, after talking this trough with someone we came to the conclusion that in a game with an RPG lock and fire PvP alot of things could be enhanced by "potion/drugs". The basic idea would be to enable players to craft a multitude of drugs, like chempacks/ stimulants or healing meds. One could implement a estensive crafting sheme for them too. If a Adrelanine Pack needs: -Water -Carbon -Energy -Some plant/herbs or adrelanine boosting chems from a chemical fabricator One could craft in some other ressources to chang
  7. @Ever_green Dont feed the troll :3. Or also known as Kuritho, the master OwO sage. And don't let yourself be told off from your idea. Some people just don't understand Space in itself ... as long as you have protection at the location you want to unload and load your cargo, everything will be fine. And booians, as far as i am concerned, aren't rocket scientists ... It's incredible hard to catch a target in space~ Just be prepared to defend yourself and your cargo when you're close to planets/ orbital stations. And even then ... you probably have 3~10 trys to
  8. Cough was to early for me xD. I meant, yama needs to hitch up an video explanation pop up onto that discord for all first time visitors :3.
  9. People still posting something like this :3. Might need yama to hitch up an video first tiem discord visitors need to look at xD.
  10. It's best not to feed Kuritho too much. But i must say, the last one really made me smirk :3. -- But back on topic. I like your Logo and modus operandi. If you're looking for buisness partners hit me up. I'm slowly trying to form a network of likelyminded corps, so that we can interact a bit socialy and buisness wise. The Iridium Cartel is always open for good buisness, as long as you don't antagonize the empire that is.
  11. Otherwise people not under the NDA could ... data mine the downloaded files. :3. And trust me.... people would do that.
  12. It seems so hard for people to check that one news post xD. I hope NQ spams a roundmail to all people about that on Alpha1 patchday ... or close before it.
  13. Welcome :3. A fresh patron is always nice to see. DO ask ingame or in the forums if you have a problem (NDA covered forums). Do remember that the game is in a pre-alpha stage still ;3.
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