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  1. discordauth:8dXw8sk2i2w9_pIPXSMV_xn9L1lZYZgmTur6AJPmSGE=

  2. Idea: ammunition with: ~5% extra dmg and ~1%dmg to the surrounding. surrounding means: in a sphere around the weapon/ship to all ships/structures. Expected effect: It's supposed to be some sort of drug. Most people will want to get an extra dmg boost. Most groups/orgs/corps will want to ban it because a dude damaging all group member is pretty annoying.
  3. Hi, I didn't add a 50:50 joker answer for obvious reasons. Let's see what comes out.
  4. It's confirmed Territory Units going to have an automated "being attacked" message. But I expect same is possible with ships/structures and scrips. Sending this message from one terminal to another (for example a police station) should be possible. How the report looks like is up to you and the possibilities of the scrip.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeZtqoydXpc&ab_channel=DualUniverse https://youtu.be/efu_129hI9o?t=11m44s
  6. AI/LUA/robots will be unable to fight/mine/build. There are some exceptions, but I'm too lazy to list them.
  7. lock and fire only. But locking a target is most likely pointing at it.
  8. It's like playing Rock-paper-scissors and knowing the answer of the opponent and he knows yours. To clarify: The fleet changes the equipment. It's stopping people from building anything else. Because everything else is easier to detect.
  9. If stealth is just adding nothing to a ship, no one would build anything else than a pilot seat with a truster bolted at the back. I don't think stealth should be just a cloaking device, but something like it would make them bigger/expensive/and more specialized than just a brick with trusters. And as I said before: It's like playing Rock-paper-scissors and knowing the answer of the opponent and he knows yours.
  10. -this would only be true for wars between clans. Random encounters, piracy or basically every fight without scouting beforehand is still gambling. -if both sides have scouts, they would just constantly switching their equipment to the best fitting without ever attacking.
  11. I think 4 types of detection wouldn't enforce tactic, it would only enforce gambling.
  12. agree. Btw a more complex system is only able to harm the aggressing player and it's easy to bypass the penalty with a second acc.
  13. In Lua, you can only use functions implemented by the developer. So you can only open/close doors, etc.. You wouldn't be able to use an attack function.
  14. Static objects have there own core units. https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Core_Units
  15. automated defence doesn't have to be scripted defence.
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