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  2. Who's your dealer mate? Whatever you're smoking I need some.
  3. If JC is the lord and saviour of mmos then CD projekt red is the lord and saviour of rpgs.
  4. I'm not real. You're actually having a psychotic breakdown and I'm a figment of your imagination. Or maybe that's just what I want you to think W O K E
  5. Ye we need this for realistic reentries. Like an 'impact seat' or something. You know the ones that look like roller coaster seats.
  6. Veld

    Bike seats

    If this isn't in game already: Small, compact bike seats that are placed in line with the cross section of a construct; a block that covers the form of a person seated as they would on a motorcycle. I wouldn't just add a cushion and call it a job well done, as then the players legs could potentially clip through any other parts. The outline in red is what chunk the part encompasses Mostly just for looks. But it could open up avenues to make lighter and more streamlined vehicles. I see some potential form issues due to the shape of the legs. It may be hard to sculpt the form of the vehicle around it.
  7. This should clear up most things. From this devblog: "It’s important to note that some engines are capable of generating force, while others are capable of generating torque, but not necessarily both at the same time. This is done to make your life simpler, as it’s much more difficult to control a ship that has thrusters generating force and torque at the same time (in most of our early testing, this was considered as too problematic by most people). We might introduce a way for players to reactivate the force+torque capability of all engines for added complexity, if you so choose. Let us know what you think about this! The bottom line is that if you have engines that are capable of generating only force (like atmo or space engines) and you tag them with a “torque” tag, this will do nothing."
  8. It's the internet. I have nothing to lose.
  9. It's true that firing at the red cross is a rather extreme example of scumbaggery. But acts of aggression to pretty much any organisation or nation that openly declares themselves as neutral is still technically scumbaggery. The question is can you get away with it or not: risk or reward. Pretty much everyone (apart from themselves) thought the communist Chinese were dodgy af. Thing is they had enough power to get away with annexing Tibet and they knew everyone hated them already. But still as a powerful nation they had to have the justification of Tibet being 'muh territory'. America couldn't get away with something like that because they're too 'muh freedom'. They need subtle justifications to attack people like pearl harbor, those damn commies, 911 or those damn middle eastern dictators. Same can be said for DU. Your org has its own 'muh <insert reason to screw each other over here>'. Or maybe it doesn't. Who knows.
  10. They have RCS thrusters for that. Very interesting. Can I get a source?
  11. To be honest the only reason people don't just fire on red cross ships is it's 'not cool'. It just makes your country look bad. If someone did make a red cross type org then the same would apply. Anyone who has an inkling of consideration for their reputation wouldn't shoot it or pretend to be it. It's a war crime. Only the scummiest of scum would try something like that. And if scummy scum want to impersonate neutral fleets then so be it. It's a good strategy, albeit dirty. Plus it's a challenge for players to use their reasoning skills. I don't think anything needs to be added here. Just get everyone together and say: "hey guys I'm making neutral org X don't shoot me plox we have voxels as shown in image Y on our hull "
  12. Alas it was all in vain. As his surroundings melt to ash, all that can be heard on the wind is a but whisper of his final cry... it's free real estate
  13. I think that the main engines don't actually apply a torqueing force to the ship- they just push in the direction they point. Not much can be said at this stage about rotational mechanics. Mostly just speculation.
  14. Veld

    Cloaking Tech

    Light and microwaves (radar) are essentially the same thing. Just different wavelengths. They travel at the same speed. Considering alioth is a lot smaller than the real earth I think NQ are scaling stuff down a lot which indicates sub light speed will be viable for solar systems. But perhaps not interstellar space. Who knows. The one system is big enough as it is. The general consensus in scifi is that FTL travel entails the ship going through some weird warpy stuff where no one can touch it. Which makes sense realistically. The conventional laws of physics as we know them can't apply in that situation.
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