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  1. yeah Musk tweeted about winds being too high a while back, so hopefully after this delay it will go as planned
  2. heck yeah! Hope we won't be seeing any fireworks today.
  3. In response to Sir Blender's original post: I think this is indeed a potentially useful idea. As has been said to death here already, no attempted "enforcement" of such standards by anyone would be taken kindly, though I could see this as especially useful in the case of designing and advertising hanger bay spaces for stations, hubs, docking stations etc. I don't think a thread is needed, at least not yet; I think this will have to take the form of agreement to mutually beneficial standards on the parts of industry orgs like SLI and orgs that will own territories and stations like nations, outposts, and hubs. I do think, however, universal naming for naming's sake is a mess, and as Sir Lethys said on the first page, people are going to name their ships what they want. Perhaps named classes aren't even necessary for representing sizes; something as simple as numbers/letters could work and would be less misleading, though admittedly less glamorous.
  4. Some type of inter-structure travel will definitely be essential in huge constructs; I don't even see how one could argue with that. Though I could even see use in medium-large sized ships.
  5. Yes! This! A while back I was looking at the different nation-type orgs to see which was more private-business friendly, and I noticed how (for lack of a better term) business-hostile most of the nations seemed to be in that respect. I do think if there are enough businesses in the game and one nation develops good policy for a private sector, it will definitely rise above the rest.
  6. Lol I would listen to what this guy has to say
  7. I'm glad Triggered has stayed at 2
  8. Yeahhhh, I probably shouldn't have . I was thinking more about the physical actions rather than the attitudes and purposes of the two. Good point.
  9. I guess if you are into Scripting, choose which category you most consider it part of, or if none exist, choose 'Other'.
  10. frick I completely forgot about that. Also nice Profile Pic
  11. This is a poll to get a general idea of the community's interests. -If you are interested in multiple/all careers, pick the one that interests you the most. -If a career you have in mind isn't explicitly listed but is very similar to a choice, choose the most related category. - Sorry if this has been done before (if so, please link it). - If what you are passionate about and want to do is not an option, choose 'Other' and post below what career path you would like to pursue/try out. - If this triggers you because you don't want to be put in a box or don't want this Eve-esque Career Paradigm in DU, choose 'Triggered'
  12. Hello, Sir Nicholas! Now I know what the 'N' stands for! Two more to go.
  13. Dang, 22 pages? This needs to die. Or am I just saying that to have the latest post...
  14. discordauth:T-geNlsp6qkoMD88rkfIZolZj56dBE-Rsn9ts1sS-xg=

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