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  1. This is how I think the first PvP battles will go..
  2. I don't think there will be one until sometime near the end of the first quarter next year. Maybe later, before you see the first Alpha?
  3. Same here, but in places where large numbers of players congregate it's equally as weird to me with so many people standing in one place and not hearing any crowd noise. There must be some way arouind it other than music. Ofc as you said, this is being very specific, the main idea is sound effects in general.
  4. For market places and alike, admittedly its a bit specific lol.
  5. I think this will take some trial and error to decide. While ti does make for some very nice politcal options and potential mischief it also has the potential to be a game breaker for some. Imagine you have built your home on a distant planet that takes weeks to reach, youve come back to get the last of your stuff to transport there and the gates gone. Sure the gates can be rebuilt but how long? Then there's new players, if the gates are controlled by certain Org's then any new player would need to join the controlling Org or face being trapped in the starting systems. And tbh it's the internet, if it's destructable it will be destroyed simply because it can be regardless of any political motivation. The problem is, if it's open to anyone then there isn't really much insentive for anyone to spend the time and resources to build it in the first place. Dunno it's a tough one to pick sides on, maybe a Universal build project for the gate systems where every Org contributes to the building of it and a plaque on each to say which Org contributed the most. Then make them indestructable?
  6. Being able to build underground, in space etc, obviously there will be different environmental sounds. What about inside your constructs, in the cockpit of your ship for example, exterior sounds would be muffled, This will probably be part of the cockpit element. But what about inside large player made buildings? Perhaps a positional sound effect as a tool on a very basic level? Hall Crowd Windy etc.
  7. A craftable repair station you can set permissions on for your TU. Allow any user to repair their ships there at a price set by the station owner, its then down to the owner to make sure the station is fed with enough resources to keep the customers coming. Could specialize in certain difficult/expensive repairs.
  8. If it's lasers please give them decent sound! A recent games lasers sound like the noise you made as a kid with your imaginary laser pistol. Tbh give them all great sound it really adds to the immersiveness at little cost to performance.
  9. I wonder how long it will take to gather the resources to build this.
  10. Probably lots of different games, I am between MMo's at the moment. It's been hard to find a game the last couple of years that has long term appeal. The only one I'm really 'looking forward to' is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Maybe Aven Colony https://mothership.itch.io/aven-colony depending on how the Beta does.
  11. Lol ok *Googles; How far is Alioth from Earth* That comes up 81 light years* 'How far is Alioth from Earth in Dual Universe' no answer. Other than dismissing a thread like that you could try and be helpful. You've basically made seeral posts saying nothing. I think the dumbed down version of the question would be is our Alioth a fictional system or based on a real one?
  12. Well I read this one again; https://dual-static-web.s3.amazonaws.com/static/pdf/Dual-Universe-English.pdf Still where does it say 10000LY away, is there more lore than that released? I also looked here http://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Dual_Universe_Wiki and here https://devblog.dualthegame.com/ and several threads, can't seem to find it.
  13. Mmm where does it say it's 10000 LY away? We were in cryo sleep for 10k years but no mention of FTL travel on the Arkships, but it does say FTL is the slower form of travel that will require fuel. 10k years at ftl would need alot of fuel.
  14. Someone would probably make an addon for this function if none is implemented. Good point though. Hehe, or make a Universal Translator a real thing in game, craftable, sellable.
  15. Is this the same Alioth? 81 LY from our Sun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stars_in_Ursa_Major
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