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  1. 0.23 ended the game for me, I logged on the day after the patch to check things out, haven't played since, I was playing for several hours most days. I am only checking the forums every now and then in the hope they will remove the schematics, which I doubt will happen. It killed the solo player experience pretty much and introduced too many restrictions on free game play. Now it's main goal is just to make in game currency and there's too much focus on the economy aspect of the game. I was having fun with the creative side like building ships but now it would take me weeks or months to g
  2. Spread sheets, market analysis, moving averages.... Yeah this is just what DU needs to make it a fun game.
  3. You don't have to have LvL 5 but if you want the freedom to craft what you want when you want without having to rely on others then yes you do. With the introduction of uncommon, advanced and rare versions of most elements, people aren't going to spend millions on lower tier schematics just to craft something that no-one will buy so you will need to go for the top end schematics to stand a chance at making the ridiculous amount of currency needed to buy schematics. Working back up to crafting everything myself will take time yes but it was already taking a huge amount of time mining ores,
  4. I hadn't focused on currency, I was aiming for the self sufficient game play, I currently had around 6-7 million, basically enough to buy 1 medium container or 'A' window schematic. Now I have no chance unless I grind for weeks or months to get enough Ore to sell. Ofc that's if server glitches don't crash my ship which will mean I'm screwed because I won't be able to go mining or afford new parts because of the damaged element changes. The talents were reset. This doesn't really help. Now you have to remember which ones you had chosen already and/or which ones you want to leave out
  5. Unless I missed it, there's 3 shapes of each Size Canopy S, M, L. Could do with an inspect item on the ones listed in the market so you know which of the Canopy shapes you're buying the Schematics for? Don't want to spend 4 mil and find out you bought the wrong one. From what I can see it's just Canopy M with no way to tell on the one I looked at.
  6. So now this is live, after checking, to get my crafting back to where it was where I could craft whatever I wanted it will take me until mid April next year just to train the talents for all machines. On top of that there is now 4 of each type of industry, basic, uncommon, advanced and rare and 6 different types of each size assembly. Also uncommon, advanced and rare versions of elements. To make something you need the schematic.. Canopy Windshield Schematic S - 1 million, L - 16 million....you know this is a window right? Schematic for Uncommon Military A
  7. This is going to stop me playing I think, I am part of a large ish ORG but I have been enjoying being self sufficient. I don't have a mega factory but I do have a multitude of machines churning away to give me Warp cells from 1 industry unit and other assemblies set up to give me a container when I need it. The initial investment for setting up my mini factory was the time involved mining for the ores, figuring out the production lines and crafting the machines, linking them etc. Now it seems that it will take a whole lot more time, in game currency and talents just to get going to pr
  8. You would have started on Alioth, I think all the main areas have a start building. They are next to the UEF ship store normally, marked with 'HUB'
  9. An alternative would be to make PvP areas. Kind of how it is now, anyone interested in PvP goes to those areas for their combat fix. You could still have your territory wars, if 2 Orgs have declared war on each other then anything goes anywhere, for those Orgs. Give them different coloured minimap blips and different titles for PvP kills etc to feed their epeen even in safe zones outside of Sanctuary. Solo players can choose to take part in PvP but attacking someone makes them attack-able by the person/ Org they attacked for the next week/month. Make pirates more of a class than
  10. Guards Bank Vendor buy All follow me..
  11. There are some people that prefer the solo play style, what do they do? I thought DU was supposed to be played any way you want to play it. Stop thinking like a generic MMO player.
  12. The help-Support Channel is going to get busier with people asking to have their ships repaired/restored because of server lag crashes. This will also probably be abused by people who just want their stuff back and will try to dupe the system. The sheer amount of time it takes to craft some items, I think some people will just give up. It's ok if you have an Org to help with resupply but people that prefer a more solo type of gameplay are in for a rough time. What happens to talent points spent on improving repair skills or the time and resources spent crafting repair u
  13. Everyone gets something different from the game. I have played all of the Beta and haven't quit..yet. For me it isn't about PvP. The draw for me was sandbox and exploration, I have no interest in the PvP side of this game at the moment. For the most part PvP just seems to be you win if you have the right elements on your construct, the constructs that are used in combat have little to no thought in their creation, mostly(not all of them before you take offense) they seem to be just a cube or minimalist design with a bunch of elements thrown in then you just wait around for a name
  14. It used to be just right click the element and share with all. I was helping a new player out yesterday, offered him a ride, right clicked a chair to try to let them use it and..nothing, share with nearby player...nothing, set a policy share with all...nothing. In the end I had to make a new contact before it would let them use the chair.
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