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  1. yeah, for gaming make sure the resolution match your desired quality settings. 144 Hz without enouth fps from GPU is not worth it. Also note the difference in display size! 24" / 32" To begin with: you picket two very nice monitors! tl;dr: Would say it's mostly a matter of taste if you want a bigger screen with more resolution and a VA-panel -> BenQ EX3203R (2018) or a bit more economic with a TN-panel and lower latencies -> LG 24GM77-B (2014) Personally would prefer the LG. Tests (german, but very detailed): LG 24GM77-B: https://www.prad.de/testber
  2. I thought about it too. I played with the thought of debris cores (not controllable and with a simplyfied physics and for bigger debris only) that may be simulated not by server but by client. These cores would have access for all to collect the scrap and are assigned and distributed between nearest clients for simulation. So sync is the same as for ships and like all other online games ping may be a problem.. While I believe voxel dividing to single objects is generally possible I see a bigger problem in syncing the exact division and all behaviours of the objects in time. ? Can not go furthe
  3. I was looking for a forum thread of implementation ideas. More based on the building system. But while I read this I want to put in my two cents. ^^ (?? idiom "Give my mustard"?) I read of many problems for overpowered guns. But don't forget that there may be overpowered defense systems, too. Of course you can use BFGs for defense. I mean rather shields, sensors and a secret service. While shields will also need much energy, but let's say the biggest one is strong enouth for lots of BFG impacts. They make it possible to strike back effectively. Also BFGs can appear on the sensors while rout
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