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  1. Cannot agree with you more! But the first step is getting the basics implemented in a good way. After that these should be high prio, Schematics cannot and should not be removed, I kinda like them the way you say. They should be items instead of buyable from a bot. Three CMs? I'm didn't know that, surprises me even more that the communication is so dramatic.. needs some work there.
  2. It was during the eastern holiday weekend. But still, you have an MMO that goes on 24/7. This message could have been sent days earlier. BUT let's stay positive, there is a change going on at NQ. Lets hope it will be a positive one.
  3. I'm more active in the Discord, but sharing your opinion there is mostly taken with a grain of salt and is bombarded with memes. So its clearly time to take my opinions to the forum to have an discussion about them. I'll will share my opinion on three topics and I hope with the short-term plans 'the new' NQ will tackle these. I fiercely hope that the game will be a success. These topics are the first baby-steps, I'm not even talking about the mission system and pvp or any other gameplay loops. Community Manager Honestly, it is one of the most important jobs of an online games these days. Especially for an MMO where the gamer is also a important stakeholder, their input is insanely valuable. They really need to step up in communication with the community, after .23 it went downhill quickly. Suggestion: Hire one or two dedicated CM's and make them responsible for setting up a plan to improve on this aspect. They should be interacting a lot with the community, get their feedback, pass that feedback to the business and come back with answers to the community, give the community room to discuss. Roadmap / plans We have seen a few roadmaps, and none of them are making any sense anymore. I would love to see a realistic roadmap for the rest of this year. Be honest in the plans, we (or I) cannot handle unrealistic roadmaps anymore that make me demotivated every time I look at it. Suggestion: Rethink the plans made and come up with a solid idea of what the future looks like. Communicate this and stick to it, if one of the plans is not doable anymore for some reason communicate this better. Schematics Well.. we have already talked about it. Schematics are pretty cool the implementation is however, bad. Just listen to the community, a huge part didn't like it and instead of mostly ignoring it, NQ should be in a discussion with the community to improve it. Suggestion: Its not about schematics are bad, its about how NQ (not)took the feedback or came with a solution. Just for the love of everything, think of and communicate a revised schematics plan. And for the love of DU, get better in communication.
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