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  1. Imagine being such a simp, such a cuck, that you have the inate intuition to denigrate other customers payments. God there is people in this community that are dumber than eucaryots. https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Dual_Universe Just so firmly convinced of the blame they attributed, they become anti consumr. It doesn't even have to make sense on a surface levels. YEAH RIGHT RIP BACKERS IN PIECES DONT GIVE THEM DAC We HATE THEM There is nothing to gain NQ won't reward you for being a good simp.
  2. Why is he so butthurt about the fact that it took a way above average participation to even know about this, let alone compete. Its not gonna carry the thoramine over either way.
  4. It's looking less and less likely... Knowing me I'd probably log in daily for a while to use up my mining and schematic charges... But my utter apathy towards the current server shows me I'm probably an idiot to not forget about it alltogether as soon as possible... The ressources are there, I'm rich and if I'm not using it now I never will but I just can't get myself to give a fork. Just the the thought of figuring out yet another schematics system before I ever fired a weapon... It's a 100% tedium and if it's not persistent there is no point in going through the grind. I'm never gonna use t4-t5 and I'm never going to own it again either. I been saving up for the day I want to play a game that will never exist.
  5. Fair enough. Make the highest tier reward available to anybody who pays 13months tomorrow. Then we all unsub after the 6 months........... I think you forgot to mention keys were unearned. ffs
  6. Basically if I'd never logged back in since 0.23 I'd be in the same position. Yay I get a fifth of my talent points back but so does anyone who had forsaken DU after 4 days -.- meh.
  7. They got introduced to stop factories from going "wide": to prevent a thousand machines running in parallel. They achieved that to a degree. The system now uses up schematics and gives players a way to create them themselves... I'm confused because that's pretty much the fix the community had been suggesting. In practice it should mean that players are not reliant anymore on selling their ore on the open market, before they will be able to build a ship (larger than xs). Additionally if you have a band of players that don't let their "schematic points" go to waste, in theory they could now buy their industry machines, use up all the schematics in ridiculously wide assembly line super fast, put the industry elements on the market again and be on their way. We just can't do a neverending stream anymore, not sure how it's a bad thing for the economy, that industrialist wales couldnt afk "farm". That being said I made my peace with the old system after an initial tantrum... This sounds like another thing to manage daily, basically another chore. It's a little ironic how all the content turns out to have that certain feel to it. I don't begrudge it though, but I temper my expectations a lot. With what seems realistically achievable, I keep dreaming that with a healthy server population, we could have sort of a second life where people meet up to socialise and play mini and boardgames in lua (total waste of electricity but maybe worth the immersion).
  8. It really depends... I still buy games fullprice from time as well as I still torrent them from time to time. The former is getting rare the latter even rarer, but it still happens. Realistically tho with all the free game we be getting today, and all the games I allready own, and the console stuff too (I got like an everdrive for every relevant retro console, because I was able to scoop them up for free or next to free)... With all that I will think thrice, long and hard, before spending any kind of money on games. Last full price was cyberpunk. Last expense were all the dlc for borderlands 3, since they were in sale and I got the game for free on epic. Last thing I stole was some gog port of something I own on cd. And the next game I'm going to buy full price is vampire bloodlines 2. Edit: oh and these steam summer sales, I took a thorough look at my wishlist went like yup these look cool but I don't want any of them RIGHT NOW or soon, and bought nothing... TBH I had a harder time not buying some dlc for total warhammer when they had their sale.
  9. It feels like we are supposed to downsize a lot but it still feels like bigger is as allways better with the way thrust and weight scale across engine sizes. How would the game be if the vast majority of constructs and activities happen in the <100kl range... IDK biggest missions are 400kl right? And the second biggest 125kl right. It seems like you'd struggle to do any of these with smaller than an m core. If they were to reverse the curve so that the smallest engine have the best thrust to weight ratio would it be more obvious "how to build"? I'm sure there is more thought that went into it and there is the whole planetary gravity stuff I don't know how to work into my guesstimates. It's certain that if you're used to hauling like 10l containers at once, the small scoops are gonna feel like we're paddling with a stick. Maybe it would be better for overall performance and to reduce risk avoiding behaviour. IDK
  10. Afaik atm missions are only available 5 a day, which are randomly picked across the former pool of missions, and different for every account. So pretty much dead, in case you hadn't heard.
  11. I wish we had a way out of this downward spiral, I don't envy the coders... It must be depressing to have a look at the forums. I mean sure it won't help the game to cut out the feedback, but the endless stream of negativity must weigh one down... Then there is the heat and presumably some crunch on the horizon. We tend to treat NQ like a monolith but I am grateful to the individuals working there trying to make this game a reality. I'll try to login by the end of the week, it's not easy to login regularly and care atm, but did finish a big sideproject yesterday so it got a little easier... Courage les gars et merci.
  12. Talent points, they are the most unproblematic thing: -Costs NQ no money -They were earned, least exploit prone feature in the whole game probably. -They can't harm an economy in it's infant boots.... compensatory quanta can rip that delicate flower out of the ground as soon as the server launches... whereas you can have all the talent points in the world and it won't change the fact the people who provide the raw materials can decide who they trade with and how... and there will be such inelastic demand for elements the first days that you willbe able to sell without buffs too. The whole level field schtick won't last longer than a weekend anyway.
  13. Since they chained themselves to discord anyway, and discord is very web based...Look I'm not a discord fan but I have an account now in large parts due to DU... Seems like a missed opportunity to not have an API that allows you to send out a tooltip prompt when people enter a construct to invite them to the relevant discord. It's the best of both worlds, highly customisable but no random noise spam. Edit: it's trivial to implement actually if you want to make it really fancy make so that the game can "kick" people in discord... i realize we cant check 3000 times a second if somebody walked a cm out of the doorstep but like... check once every two minutes if they're still in linked container range should be fine, propably more optimised than doing ingame VOIP too... Smart idea for a thread btw very constructive.
  14. Wow you really rebuked him there, people do not take unecessary and unrewarding risks, what a keen eye... Now to enlarge the pvp zone...
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