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  1. Omitting the shoulda woulda coulda, here it is: Thinking there would be emergeant roleplay was the big mistake, the game lacks all sort of systems to encourage that. Or rather the stuff left to do was to high effort to be expected from the community: if someone bothers to make like a LUA lasertag minigame, it's understandable they'd want remuneration if everything about the game is so hardcore, and ressource management is the only real gamelooop there is... So awesome stuff got burried behind profit motives that never had any chance of profit. What should have been done is NQ organising nationbuilding: if we earned quanta from aphelia by actually doing stuff that's "real" (immersive) most of our goodwill could have been salavaged: We could have spent our time filling the landscape with stuff that fits your vision of urbanism, be paid for it with quanta, fill the world with content that makes it more appealing to explore... Strangers would have found themselves working on a project together, and that might have created new bonds. The nationbuilding was up to you NQ since you are the entity that is able to generate currency. And all those that wanted to know nothing of it could have played "against" the majority and aphelia. We could have held votes on construction projects, scaffold projection of the winning entries and have everybody be busy, participate in something together, and feel like they play the same game in the same world, together. Very very low investment that could have carried the game for years while you add systems. Would have taken the balls to commit to some sort of lore/flavor, instead we got total [s]freedom[/s] vacancy.
  2. nice gaslight but you wont twist this game in what you wish it to be either
  3. Hey I allmost crafted mining units L by now, I'm just so goddamn engaged man do I love setting the clock to myself, I was aching to log in thrice an evening to do the most basic shyte. Can the bot orders run out before I sell some ore, doing at most 1 login per day, and planning at most 1 ingredient ahead? I doubt I will get to see it because I can't justify spending another dac, and then I will miss out on the super rewards, and what's to bring me back then :D?! checkmate I am starting to feel a sense of relief.
  4. Got my STU because I started as late as the 1st october. 🤓
  5. Wait it's still the same game eventhough we erased the progress of those filthy backers? But we really felt it wouldn't be... Oh well bye bye.
  6. hahahaha like when we did a general rehersal for the launch but then it took only 3 days to notice how uber[filtered]ed the exploration and market meta was pay up fellas you're missing talent points as we speak lmao
  7. Be glad you didn't sign up a few months from earlier from the initial launch. This is my fourth, and I didn't play that much alpha at all. I'm still unsure wether I'll put in some elbow grease to get some tiles where floating peni will be in commonly used flight paths, or if I will make a point out of not playing for a year or two to prove people's fixed ideas didn't matter: that the game can be joined at any time without putting everybody through the negative fun first month. Like really I defy any wipists to show me a sandbox where a fresh game is as unfun as in DU. Eat login queues and get dissapointed!
  8. Look the server will start once the rabbits pooped on all the correct pressure plates, obviously. Jesus...
  9. I was mildly sad when I noticed it's day X today and I have not been able to bring myself to connect since idk... june or so?? Byebye my stuff, you deserved to be inventoried so I can spam the list on any screen I'll ever build ingame, but it wasn't meant to be... But your comment just gave me goosebumbs, thank you for your perspective. I feel so unencumbered.
  10. I doubt you can surface farm on it without a claim, probably just less work to leave it in.
  11. Just a friendly reminder of summer DAC and the ongoing dance around DAC... I'd be kinda surprised if they are in fact tradable once it's all said and done. I expect them to be phased out gradually, as all engagements have been fullfilled and all backer playtime has been spent.
  12. If the "nothing" fills hard drives and server traffic, those bills don't care about the value assesment of your personal enjoyment. Since you do not pay for potential I wonder how you're assessing the game anyway, since the beta was unbuyable under those criteria. And if there is nothing (nil, niente, nada, nix) to the game it ain't worth 0,99 any more than it's worth 15. I can not assess the server costs from where I'm sitting... You can speculate that they're too high since they ran the servers for less, when they had to constantly transfer tunnel terrain data.You can speculate that instead that was the dumbest thing they ever did since instead of pulling in more players they just lost out on revenue. We do not know for a fact. It's like you have a 75hp car that takes 5l/100km and a 300hp car that takes 12l/100km. You can argue that the big car is dumb and useless and that the small car does everything useful better than the big car, that's fine. But to show up at the gas station with the big car, and insist to be handed the same bill than the small car, is quite ludicrous.
  13. I'm not convinced by that, you can take all instanced titles out that list before even starting the conversation. Then: I'm pretty sure I could host a private wow server from my 15 years younger high-end machine. I wouldn't dream to be able to host DU on a lonesome little rizen. None of those MMO that are comparable have anywhere near the performance requirements, the wow map is saved on your computer, the DU map can't be. Then finally: they did lower the price in an attempt to approach the problem with an economics mindset, and I am convinced it did jack sheet: you don't pick DU because it's cheaper, you pick DU because you want a game like DU... Who the [filtered] goes: well I wanted to play the scifi-sandbox but the fantasy-mmo is cheaper so I pick that instead?! It's not a thing.
  14. Fortnite was banned from the apple store (for a while,still is? idk) for trying something a bit like that, iirc.
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