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  1. Talent points, they are the most unproblematic thing: -Costs NQ no money -They were earned, least exploit prone feature in the whole game probably. -They can't harm an economy in it's infant boots.... compensatory quanta can rip that delicate flower out of the ground as soon as the server launches... whereas you can have all the talent points in the world and it won't change the fact the people who provide the raw materials can decide who they trade with and how... and there will be such inelastic demand for elements the first days that you willbe able to sell without buffs too. The whole level field schtick won't last longer than a weekend anyway.
  2. Since they chained themselves to discord anyway, and discord is very web based...Look I'm not a discord fan but I have an account now in large parts due to DU... Seems like a missed opportunity to not have an API that allows you to send out a tooltip prompt when people enter a construct to invite them to the relevant discord. It's the best of both worlds, highly customisable but no random noise spam. Edit: it's trivial to implement actually if you want to make it really fancy make so that the game can "kick" people in discord... i realize we cant check 3000 times a second if somebody walked a cm out of the doorstep but like... check once every two minutes if they're still in linked container range should be fine, propably more optimised than doing ingame VOIP too... Smart idea for a thread btw very constructive.
  3. Wow you really rebuked him there, people do not take unecessary and unrewarding risks, what a keen eye... Now to enlarge the pvp zone...
  4. 😏 If you threat DU long enough like it's supposed to be rust, at some point the game will magically stop taking to do so much time to do basically anything...
  5. Why would we be terrified, as wipists keep pointing out we allready have a wealth of experience that puts us well ahead of them.... And that should be enough to console us. Just ignore the total irony that that argument, relates around fairness, and that not a single non-wipist argues around fairness. It just couldnt be that people played 16h a day when this game dropped, and that not everybody is eager to neglect their real life once more, just to be in a comparable position. You know these so called whales? They are the people who stuck with it. You think we weren't annoyed by all the changes? Each and everytime we swallowed our pride and got back up. So boy am I glad the people who threw a shit tantrum opinion's are valued.
  6. 1-5 in 300 so 0,33 to 1,66% My sweet summer child, if there is more than 98% of "cheaters", 1,66% are simply not taking full advantage of the gamemechanisms... People like you are the reason I'm still gonna get more than one account eventhough I don't particularly feel like giving NQ more money... You want do devalue and delete hundreds if not thousands of hours of my grind? I'm gonna shatter your illusions of purity so hard on relaunch. I am going to proudly share all of my "ill-gotten gains" to push some simp noses into their own poo.
  7. Given that in this game early landgrabs can remain permanent, it's relative, as relative as being able to train a skillcategorie to lvl2-3 during the time it takes a newcomer to design a functioning ship able to haul 3 territory scanner and move to other planets, meanwhile the big boys are allready scanning... In a new meta where there can be no players with odd reserves of rare and exotic ressources because ownership of these is gatekept by landclaims and people camping undiscovered asteroids on the closest rim, with ready designed ships... yes the ability to compete is very relative to say the least. As relative as NQ's ability to dillute previous excesses with hyperinflation through daily quanta, if everybody has 5 figures more previous fortunes become very relative yes... I thought the inherently unfair thing was whales multi'ing missions, not the people who grinded for their ore, apparantly that's relative too... You know what's clear cut and offers no relative attack angles? A total wipe.
  8. From time to time I get got and do the mistake to read here. Everything anybody could say is bound to be filled with narrative and age like milk, I am not excluding myself from that. It would be in the interest of everybody's dignity to just shut up and wait. If by saying I make no sense you mean that my statements seem contractidory, let me try to untie it. I'm am against a total wipe, but I recognize that anything other than a total wipe can be twisted in the court of public opinion. So do this terrible mistake, let the narrative be around that ("they should never have total wiped"), I want people to have a miserable time in the first months and get real "buyers remorse" (concerning the wipe), but the game still to do fine in the long run... A tall effin order I know. But I'd like to imagine some newb joining 3 years from now, who could only scratch their head reading through our stuff here, thinking of us as quite pathethic and too invested, and just be able to appreciate their time despite being late to the party, because of a total lack of siren calls for more wipes.
  9. Delete blueprints, they're able to contain skill buff levels, being able to fly instantly instead of spending hours designing a ship is an unfair advantage, and what about the creators who sold BP? The buyer gets to keep the BP but the designer gets his wallet wiped. At least be consistent you asswipists. What in that particular case we suddenly value player retention over an influx of newbies? What there couldnt be creators who make an elefant out of this mosquito like they did last time for the idiot who thought he could just dismantle aphelia buildings without consequences. Everybody here is full of shit. Just delete it all.
  10. In before somebody says: restarting a game is the most fun aspect, I don't get it seems you guy just don't wanna play, seeing a ticker do 90 ticks a minute is the greatest gameplay experience I ever had. It can only be topped by watching a ticker do 90 ticks a minute inside the platonic ideal of absolute and eternal fairness. You guys just dont want nobody to reach lvl 5 before NQ goes bankrupt.
  11. Seems to me like flotilla is the more search engine optimised term... you guys can be so pedantic.
  12. "level playing field" mf'ers realizing the best moment to invest was 30 ago, right at the time it was the best moment to plant a tree also
  13. Stopped my mining and stockpiling loops. From time to time I log in and fiddle a bit on my xs core in which I'm trying to put as many elements in as possible.
  14. If they relaunch with bots buying DAC at a fixed price, that would be an absolutely hillarious repeat of history. Might even put in a hunny just to piss of wipists with a millionaire screeny 2 hours into relaunch.
  15. "lost some assets? LMFAO! a large amount of players lost everything" sounds like he didnt even login to check... yup bringing 30 (probably more!!!!) likeminded, who are super gonna stay and swallow post relaunch hiccups with grace whatever let it rip allready
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