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  1. This is a great addition to the LUA! excellent work! can we get the - Player Static URLs for images- now that we have some new fancy Screen Resolutions? You can read up the idea in
  2. EGG HUNT EVENT CHEAT SHEET THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR ALL THINGS OF THE EGG EVENT By Juvenius, [ discord: juvenius#2318 ] OFFICIAL FORUM LINK https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/24675-an-egg-cellent-adventure-has-begun Please comments the document so i can make changes to it, use the CHAT in google docs THIS IS AN EGG, they have different colors THIS IS THE SCREEN The code and phrase STEP TO DO THE EVENT FIND AN EGG EGGS are ships in the form of an egg that you can go into build mode! move fast!!! places to find eggs market 6, Altioth [source: koffye] Institutes and Markets, Altioth [source: koffye] please comment for other places where eggs have been found OPEN THE EGG!! go built mode screenshot the screen! Get the code take the stuff from the container Remember egg color!!!!!!!!! Keep the screen DRM! Everything else is down! free voxels and container Put the screen in your built and open the lua of the screen, so you can copy the redeem code easy REDEEM CODE! link to form to redeem the code: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1faipqlsd_vaecljvms1uiiptlj_n-efnm-pq3ayd2rv7tmtyn_fdaxq/viewform (don't trust me! go to the event forum confirm the link) SHARED THE PHRASES Share your screen, pm me the screenshot and phrase to juvenius: (discord: juvenius#2318) EVENT PHRASES IN SCREENS Share your screenshot and phrases please! Contribution by Juvenius: You can call me a worshiper. You can call me a follower. But I'm just a wanderer… Sunset Alioth A small Sanctuary sits Despite the Haven Shivering distance before some vertices join At the perfect seems Elderly Sundown A small Thoramine hunted Betrayed by the poor Contribution by Koffye : Beautiful blaze old A shaft pleasing speeder soars Into the journey Icy outter space A coarse, sluggish adjustor Beyond the ship High warming Sand dunes A private sharp pilot flies In spite of the rock Caller horizon A private, sharp pilot flies Whilst watching the rock SCREENSHOT OF PHRASES
  3. This is what we know so far, on the post bellow is a summary of the "EGG EVENT - Cheat Sheet" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FvQkMXgWRn2Hk0MmBSidFybgT7swOunZ2IhkRB_ZF-Y/edit?usp=sharing Please post new info so we can keep the document updated. Thx. PM me if needed: discord: juvenius#2318
  4. If you can only show approved images, then the d1ck p1ck was approved by the interface...same as it is now.
  5. Thx Koruzarius! Great job at wording the idea. I do some times news stand stuff, funny memes and such....Imagine a lot of players having a screen with - Juvenius Links - or newstands. This would be such a game quality of life feature! low coding cost, high player engagement! A true low hanging fruit. NQ Do this! its at most 10 lines of code, its just a simple URL redirect.
  6. Hola estimad@! REKIUM es una comunidad de multiples juegos (WOW, EVE ONLINE, Minecraft, NEw World, etc) tenemos tiempo haciendo casa aqui en DU. Si te interesa formar parte de una comunidad ya madura con una vision clara que estamos para divertirnos aqui....ven y forma parte de nuestra organizacion. Mi nombre es Juvenius y cualquier pregunta que tengas estamos para ayudar....tanto si entras o no a la org, cuenta conmigo. Saludos,
  7. the forum idea did not catch up so I will be closing it...fadom it is then...
  8. it could be... --rotation: in radiants or degrees [x,y,z] addText(layer, font, text, x, y, [rotation])
  9. Nice! did not know Uhura was a last name in the ST universe.
  10. Welcome to DU! what is the story behind Nyota handle?
  11. adblocker is amazing for it, but not everybody use it....but you got a point there.
  12. DU has been running for more 4 years and not having a PROPER WIKI does not help with new player retention and establish player experience . The only wiki available is the FANDOM's Dual Universe one, and it is just painfully full with ads, we need an alternative to it. We at NIS made this quick mockup of a CLEAN WIKI, what could be had if we all work together to make it. https://wiki.nis.do/. It doesn't take much to make it work if enough players join in together to DU IT, no solo player can do this. We offer a start, an initial proposal to the community, lets make this a project we can all back and make happen, a GOD DAM GOOD WIKI FOR DU. Join in the conversation at NIS discord, find it in https://standards.nis.do or PM me for invite in Discord #Juve2318.
  13. Do we have a transition period or is it cold turkey? for the organization and personal core limitations
  14. This is a test right? are you guys joking? how far do you have to change the game till its just an other very different game that what it started originally? This is more a 'DU light' version of the original "EVE meets Minecraft"
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