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  1. The Good : We are getting feedback, got to love that! The Bad : Give me game! The Ugly : We can talk all we want, what we need is solid dates of delivery of promises.
  2. Has any game maker tried a node/distributed tec? like come to think about it you could have players host servers of "map volxel service" to distribute and offload data off NQ....and NQ pays in ingame currency for the service....humm going to reserch this a bit....good feedback!
  3. To have a cost efficient data structure is a good step forward for the longevity of the game. I hope similar efforts are done to the quality of content generation.
  4. What we are building here is ground breaking, it has a lot of potential for both NQ to make profit as well as player to experience an unprecedented MMO content, But with out honest feedback synergy is wasted. A very positive push to right direction this is, thank you and keep it up we are here to help.
  5. it's a big barrier entry barrier and would love to help out! Like Klap we are also part of an all Spanish speaking org and would really want to help with this. It's a 400 Million people market, 2nd most spoken language in the world....that's a big chunk of a player base that could be added to the game.
  6. I'm looking for some UI ideas for screens and the helmet hud, for a new script im working on. If you have one post it here! thx in advance.
  7. FrigoPorco...fake or the real thing? buy it now on novianhub.com
  8. is there a discord where people can talk / collaborate about this?
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