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  1. the Vertex Precision Tool is amazing hats off to the team for making it possible, its made DU the most creative game every made and cant wait to see what other people and myself do with it
  2. i fixed the problem just add org rights to the tile and all worked fine
  3. yea i guess now you put it like that i understand but something needs to be done you cant leave every tom, dick and harrys tile claimed, look at alioth 40,000 plus claimed damn we dont even have no where near that amount of players so how do u suggest we get them tiles unclaimed before or even if this game goes live ? if you like it or not the tax systems works but no matter what people will complain about what ever happens
  4. so you want everything for free ? this is a open world game where you earn money to pay for things etc, or do you just save your daily login money and wait until you have enough ?
  5. seems to me you quit long ago and your one tile on alioth could be paid by your daily login alone, i for one want the taxes system and get rid of all the quiters that have left there shit everywhere about time we had a clean up
  6. why is this happening i own the tile and my own org i own the core im placing the unit down on and i even gave the tile and the core rdms rights but nothing i do stops me getting unauthorized request
  7. the new update today fixed reflections thank you
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