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  1. The fact that DU once e worked on Shadow PC and stopped working as soon as Nvidia proposed the GeForce Now is, at least, dubious. Explanations about why it doesn't work anymore were quite unclear at first, but became totally inconsistent when they announced the compatibility with GeForce Now. I don't even know if it's legal regarding french and EU laws on fair competition. Moreover, GeForce Now is not a replacement solution for me as I don't have any PC. I'm using the Ghost device.
  2. OK, let's do this. Hi, I'm Oxdale, Founder and Associate at Huginn & Muninn Associates. I'm also the founder of the Old Guard of Gaia (this detail is important), an organisation for which I took a back seat some month ago (burn out), but the OGG values are still alive ! I made and deployed the BIRD. This is not my main service but an experimental system I'm still working on. The goal : As I said, I found the Old Guard of Gaia, whose values are independance, balance, immersion and respect. My ultimate goal is to live in an immersive world, where relations between "evil"&"good", "PvP"&"Carebear", "Casual"&"Hardcore", ... are balanced and sustainable on the long term, and where players have respect even if characters can spit on each other with a smile. It has always been my motivations. You can find my interventions on this forum, long before I even have the idea of Huginn&Muninn. The idea : I'm developing a service to help organization and any players to protect themselves against scammers, freePK, trolls, thieves, serial-org-quitters and every toxic behavior we could find. Because currently, those action can be made with full impunity and it's nearly impossible to prevent this. I'm trying to find a way. And thus, this is not a surprise some dislikes this service. Choose your side. The service : It is a paid service, indeed. Because I need to pay fuel, scrap, cells and spare elements of my ship. But I told all my current clients that friendship, safe shelter, fuel&repairs and visits is a sufficient payment for me. Information is also a kind of payment I accept with great pleasure.I don't care earning money, I just want to explore and make contacts with the noveans (also an OGG concept). Furthermore, trading allows me to fly my ship. I wanted it independant from any organization because it's not a domination tool. On the contrary, it is a leveling tool. But don't be fooled : big organization has the same, and probably more. I'm here also for the little ones. The code : The BIRD are running strictly the same code you can find around any serious base or ship around and I'm still developing it to consume less and less resources, regarding the heavy limitations NQ already enforce for Lua scripts, especially around markets (Alioth ...). Believe me, I don't like cluttered market neither, so I made it, I hope, quite aesthetic, small, immersive and not on the paths. Moreover, the script is just an on/off run, it does not last more than 500ms. Everything I read about what I can do with Lua is really pure fantasy. This is a basic piece of code. All the refinements are for ingame performance and exploitation. Now some reactions to what I read here : First point : if I wanted to spy, I won't describe Huginn&Muninn Associates as an intelligence and security agency, this is in the public description from the beginning. And, obviously, I wouldn't put this as a full white pillars with crows from a Huginn&Muninn org (any simple research on Google would give you a lot of hints). If I was an evil hidden spy, I would do like some others already do : put "trade", "recruitment", "mission" or "get fuel" booth and hide sensors, or just land a little speeder with some code in it. There are so many ways to hide it visually (even if it would have been detected in the Lua channel tab). I chose to show it with some elegance. Second point : some are surprised Lua is executing code on their pc. It's how Lua works, and how it is working in DU from the beginning. And news for them : same for every single line of javascript on a web page. And there are A LOT of it, and far more harmful than gather avatar ids in a video game. Third point : This is an emergent gameplay. If NQ doesn't consider it the same, no problem. I'll do something else. I won't intervene anymore in this thread because I think I've written all of it. But I would be glad to chat on Discord with you about this.
  3. What the... So much words for such innocent little birds. Let me read all of this, and I'll answer questions and explain if needed.
  4. In short, I feel this new features are incomplete : - We need element and product recycling to deal with almost destroyed elements, and not delete them (full destruction of resources in a world with finite resources, can't go well in the long term) - why can't we sell second hand elements ? It can be good enough for designers, ships galeries/museum, newbies ! - We should be able to "Replace" with a downgraded version/tiers/variant of the same element. We always should be able to replace a Giga Super XL Military Engine by a Basic XL Engine. - I can't understand why you removed the core size involved in detection range. It was quite a simple way to implement a first step to furtivity and you could have replaced it by involving cross section in the formula. But now, whatever the shape or your ship, you will be detected only if the hostile radar is small or large. Said differently, a L ship or a XS ship will be detected and locked the same under the radar range. I think it's a downgrade of current mechanisms.
  5. Totally agree with the initial post even if I DO believe that DU needs PvP, even the most sauvage version of it. But the game, on this aspect, is really unbalanced. Some ideas : - no exploitable external view while in PvP combat, for example no engine control or weapon activation => no more seat in voxel blobs, no more blind voxel blocks => add the need to design proper cockpits with usable view. - seats needs to be "inside" the ship. Totally possible as they are already able to detect it (for the sound) - currently, PvP is a huge and sharp cissor and a very thin leaf and a tiny rock. Pure escaping ship (speed or signature) or tanky ship should be able to manage encounters without problem. And these feature should be exclusive with heavily weaponized ships. Using capacity, perhaps? With thrust enhancer or shield, plugged on the seat? - no build mode while in combat. You should be able to repair from inside the ship. Just some ideas.
  6. Like for Elite Dangerous, we will have plenty of external web tools with crowdsourced data like market, maps, org database and so on. Don't expect a direct link between ingame Lua Scripts and real world. You, as a player, will be this link. Use databanks as databuffers, that need to be dumped regularly in a real database (or just a spreadsheet)
  7. Le groupe est vraiment fier d'avoir atteint 50 membres, 50 Gardiens et Gaiens. Un long chemin a été parcouru ensemble et nous ne comptons pas ralentir le pas. Rejoignez-nous et veillez sur l'équilibre de cette nouvelle Humanité, avec votre créativité, votre désir de rencontres, votre ouverture d'esprit, votre diplomatie, et si nécessaire, votre volonté de combattre. The group is really proud to have reached 50 members, 50 Guardians and Gaians. We have come a long way together and we do not intend to slow down. Join us and watch over the balance of this new Humanity, with your creativity, your desire for new encounters, your openness in diplomacy, and if necessary, your will to fight.
  8. Different vision of RP here. We think RP is just positioning his avatar and/or his organisation in the world, define identity and method and act accordingly with logic, lore and game mechanics. This is not playing an artificial role with full created background, lore and capacities (like "we are a people from another galaxies with telekinesis powers" or "we are a millenar empire".... No we are all All naked in a cryopods until the release, and coming directly from earth!).
  9. Our will : meet the Noveans, help and advise those who ask for it, collect and promote good ideas, hunt down and eliminate bad ones, always searching for the better and most immersive experience in Dual Universe. Our methods : erect a Temple on each planet and moon, build a Sanctuary in each city welcoming us, show our new civilization, in its best and worst aspect, always on the move from projects to projects, from cities to cities and, if needed, from battle to battle. Our players : mature, creative, laid-back and fun kind of people, wanting to play together on common and individual projects, in a trustful relationship. Mostly french and english speaking but open to anyone wanting to share time and ideas with everyone.
  10. As you said, this idea opens too much space for exploits. PvP players would organize themselves to have the most toughness possible, defeating each other in friendly training. The only way to deal with the fact that there will be powerful and weak characters (because we need this, it creates a lively society...) is to enforce the inter-dependencies between all players. If industrious and carebear transporters players are necessary to PvP core game, they will be protected and encouraged to continue their business. In the opposite, if a player can be powerful AND autonomous, it's like Homelander in The Boys, he can do what he wants for no particular reason. ?
  11. The Old Guard is honored to welcome Heldric and Shealladh as Brother and Sister of the Old Guard. Heldric is a very dedicated voxel builder, searching for the perfect technics. Shealladh's aim is to gather knowledge and build the first Library of DU ! - - - - L'Ordre des Gardiens de Gaia est honoré d'accueillir Heldric et Shealladh. Heldric s'intèresse de près aux voxels et compte en maitriser les arcanes. Shealladh souhaite tout simplement bâtir la plus grande Bibliothèque de DU pour y accueillir tout le savoir de ces nouveaux mondes. Discord Website NQ Community website
  12. Guy, you are already losing weeks and months of your lifetime playing video games ... ?
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