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  1. QUI SOMMES NOUS ? Forgés dans les flammes de EvE-Online, dispersant les larmes et les drapeaux blancs à travers l’univers, de 2006 à 2010 nous étions connus sous le nom de “Tau Ceti Federation” une alliance de la grande RedSwarm Federation composé de GoonSwarm et Red Alliance. En 2010, lassés par le jeu, nous sommes partis pour créer FrogSwarm communauté solide ayant sa propre culture et évoluant dans le monde du MMO sandbox. Nous n'allons pas jouer au jeu avant qu'il n'atteigne au minimum une phase de réelle beta (et non alpha déguisée), cependant vous pouvez nous rejoindre et attendre / te
  2. Dear DU Community, so long I didn't posted here and I hope you are all doing well considering what we are all facing in real life right now. FrogSwarm is still following DU development without being actively involved with the game yet. However, we still are a strong group playing other games and this year FrogSwarm will reach 10 years ! We bonded together in 2006, created FrogSwarm late 2010. So many years have passed, we saw so much extraordinary groups / alliances forming, fighting us, be or became our friends. Ultimately with years a lot have shattered or disapp
  3. FrogSwarm is now open for Dual Universe recruitment. After this last pull request we are glad to announce the opening of the recruitment to all french speaking player for Dual Universe. Stick in mind we won't play the game until it at least reach the beta, but now you can join and wait with us : http://frogswarm.fr/apply With our recruitment also comes the integration of Dual Universe in our standing board : https://sb.frogswarm.fr/game/du Feel free to contact us and ask for standings because you feel friendly, want a non-aggression pact or because you want to declare wa
  4. Yeah we figured out about the forum, but : 1. Forums aren't the best idea to authenticate even more when you already have a tool for it (community.dual) 2. There is no corporation information using the forum which we really want since we ask our members to be exclusive, no affiliation. So having access to the user profile from the community website without the need to log in would be the best shot.
  5. Dear NQ, this is not really an idea but more a kind request. As a lot of us (players) are going to gather in the Dual Universe adventure, the need to decently manage our corporation will come. At FrogSwarm we are a bit elitist about security and corporation management and so, we already kindly asked for web API to be able to manage our members using our tools. So in the wait of the API, can you at least, since there is no private information to be hidden here, make the user account publicly available instead of restricting it with a dual id logon (ie: https://community
  6. I'm sad, noody really bites the April Fool shitty post I made and lost me 5 min of my life for ever.. Damit ! ?
  7. Dear community, Since we lost all interest in it, FrogSwarm is leaving Dual Universe. From our point of view, the direction of the game design is unfortunately going the wrong way. Ships that you have made for days will not re-spawn after a being destroyed and you'll loose everything. PvP in the game is unfair, we were looking for a 100% safe universe to be able to peacefully mine ORE or explore, but not to be griefed in a non consensual PvP turn. Griefing should never be allowed in a game like this, this is harassment to players and these people should never have the r
  8. Dear all, After so many times of inactivity let me post few words about us. As it as been announced in 2016, we don't get involved in the game until it comes out playable in full scale player group, stable and no wipes. It means you won't see us at least not before the beta, but it doesn't mean we don't exist or are a ghost organization. We are waiting, patiently and killing random pubbies in others space games. We are watching DU community moving and growing, fighting for the top 10 member podium which is nice for the game, more people mean more fun. But a friendly adv
  9. FrogSwarm is coming, when the game's ready.
  10. No man's lies. This game is a joke, just pass and never again.
  11. OP updated. PLEASE READ @ALL : Please don't apply, FrogSwarm is a French speaking corporation only, restricted to FrogSwarm members and exclusive (no affiliations). @GOON MEMBERS : Please don't apply to FrogSwarm and wait for the SA corporation to be created, check the SA Thread faggots.
  12. [iMT] War - Chapter 1 https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1352-frog-frogswarm-french/#entry45241 [iMT] War - Chapter 2 Act 1 : A new approach Since we destroyed their bases in Neptune we didn't had any news from our talk offer, however, tones of tears appeared in the official forum from them, accusing us of backstabbing. Blackmailing the traders, got kicked and then cry for backstab... Easy to blame the others for your own mistakes. And so, they decided to rename themselves in [iFK] Interstellar Frog Killers (which was funny imo), and declares war upon us. In the same
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