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  1. Yessss!! We have been waiting for this! Super excited to give it a shot in Zenith Corporation. Thanks guys!
  2. They don't know what you're searching for - just that you were there and what time you were there and how long you were there and your name and ID. Well not really. Its just a detector. There is a lua function to fetch player data when they are inside the detector. So only when you are in the detector does the thing know. The script does of course run locally on your computer (One of the reasons these things cause lag)
  3. As someone who goes to markets often, I notice changes. Recently, small white monoliths have been appearing at both entrances of every market as shown. The white totems contain the Lua components necessary to run a script on your computer and store the data acquired. Presumably, the totem collects player name and ID and time stamp in and out of the market. This data is then collected and put into a database that can track when and where any player in the game goes to a market and the traffic therein. There are many other analytics these devices produce that can be sold - like specific player searches. These monoliths are owned by the org Hugninn and Munnin Associates (Norse Mythology) and run by Oxdale and his 3 alt accounts. Oxdale is also the Super Legate of The Old Guard of Gaia. Furthermore, he also collects player data like former orgs, locations, nicknames, ect. Oxdale justified his devices by saying: "I sell my services for org leaders in priority, to help them sort candidates and check profiles" However, he also says: "I have an extensive cover" Personally, I don't support Oxdale and The Old Guard of Gaia on this venture, and I feel that it is a violation for my information to be sold behind my back. That being said, I have taken the liberty to publicize this. What do you guys think??
  4. Good work guys!! I'm excited to see these improvements and I am very happy to hear that we will be reimbursed for the high prices schematics we have bought all ready. The public test service is genius. So no one gets advantages via inside trading.
  5. While I agree that this system will be beneficial to the game in the long run, I think it is important for NQ to realize that the game is, in fact, released. Pulling things like this in alpha NDA is no big deal at all, but when the game is public and charging a subscription, not OK. I fear that NQ will get a bad rep for themselves by killing their game early on because they were not prepared for release. I would hate to see DU become the next NoManSky... (A good game that no one plays because it has bad rep)
  6. Last night I landed my L core ship on my AGG platform. Turned off the boosters, hopped out of my flight seat, and the ship proceeds to fall through the AGG platform. I managed to jump off the platform and land on the ship and alt f4 before is slammed into the ground. I then had to force re-spawn to the platform and maneuver the ship to the ground 9 times to get it down safely. Another point: The bug with AGGs where the generator stops working when you move away from the ships has been worked around by logging off when the ship is at the desired parking altitude. Now, when we log off the AGG ships will just fall to the ground. NQ would say "Build a platform" But obviously that doesn't work either. I am very disappointed with the changes NQ is planning to make because they are coming before the bug fixes. The number one reason we use the maneuver tool and alt f4 is to prevent bugs from destroying our ships. Destructible elements just add insult to injury. It is clear to me that NQ has no idea what they are doing since this is the first game they have created. Well, NQ will kill the game just as quickly as they released it if they aren't careful.
  7. We will need a renewable source of ore if elements are destroyed. We need to fix bugs before adding more features / annoyances to the game. The number 1 reason I crash is because of bugs. Have fun guys! Damage should only be perma if it is via weapon fire.
  8. I will mention that this is an NQ verified event. Not just some streamer thing.
  9. We have claimed as many tiles as we can without exploiting. We have made orgs to make it cheaper, but each tile is well over 15 million to place.
  10. NQ has released information on this and what they plan to do is an excellent step in the right direction in my opinion! Griefers are a problem: NQ has said that they can not interfere with people griefing other from their own tile, but they must interfere to some extent when an individual is blatantly griefing. This is a wall that is blocking our runways from exhibitors who are trying to land. It was build by a 7oxicorp member, RangerD (The main account of BananaOG). The wall doesn't load in right until it's too late then the ship blows up and the griefer can steal it and take it to the PVP zone. If we can not possess the tools necessary to deal with this, then NQ must come and deal with griefing on a case to case basis. When the expo happens, thousands of non DU players will be watching my videos and other somewhat popular DU streamers and youtuber's videos of the spaceport. If the walls are still here that is some bad PR for DU. NQ is aware of the walls and the individual who has been doing this and other griefing constantly. However, it has been over a month since a support ticket was put in and nothing has changed. Here are a couple walls that have showed up recently: And here he is working on another one:
  11. Zenith Corporation is actively recruiting players Discord: https://discord.gg/6e3CWtP Community: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/3384/ Zenith Corporation was Founded for YOU Zenith is a rapidly growing community of friendly and skilled Dual Universe players. We believe that teamwork and leadership are absolutely essential to a good community. Based on this, our goal is to be excellent and efficient at everything we do while providing an innovative environment for teamwork and individualism to thrive. We see the value in everyone, and we are devoted to providing for and strengthening the skills and goals of each and every member. Zenith leaders are devoted to the group and the individual equally. Designed for Efficiency A good government is essential to the success of an organized group, and Zenith is no different. The ZC government will combine all of the best aspects of government into one clear and concise formula: A system that is expandable, seamless, quick, efficient, and most of all, best for everyone. For more information on the Zenith government, see the Community Link above. What's in it for you? Zenith members who climb the ranks enjoy a friendly and active community, access to one of the largest automated industries, unique and rare blueprints, access to scripts, strength in numbers, voxelmancy, Arch Confederacy membership, active Discord for DU, and in game training just to name a few. Members are free to blaze their own path and they will be supported as long as their proposed actions don't have devastating diplomatic effect on the group as a whole. Members may leave the group at any time for any reason on good terms. Joining is completely free. Interested? Zenith is always looking for new members who are interested in blazing their paths with us. We would love to enjoy Dual Universe with you! If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact a leader or member in game or through Discord. If you would like to join the organization, please speak to a leader and check us out in game through the organizations tab. We are excited to serve you! ~ [ZC] Virtual#4995 automat0n#0964 ~
  12. Have you ever been casually enjoying global chat when an annoying trash-talker comes online and blows up your message box? Yeah, me too. I propose that a block feature be added to the messaging system to remedy this annoyance. This feature would simply block incoming messages from a selected individual. A non-limited block list could be added as well! It could be activated either by a chat command [ /block ] or by clicking the individuals name. Is this a good idea? What's your opinion? Thanks!
  13. discordauth:eYtNgYRyPQKmS40xq8Wa_zI_fC9EkLwPRkFeNnBA3RM=

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