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  1. If you have Perma death, all skills and unlocks etc must last though that... If Loot only gets lost on death then it would be costly, and should force safer gameplay from people and be a lot more rewarding to open dialog...
  2. I'd look to Everquest Landmark, they used the same engine, though they gated the tools behind progression that was a grind so I wasn't able to get dirty with the building... but the Vox system is minecraft on steroids different levels of block sizes and shapes that all seamlessly fit, with material that has stats attached to be added based on skin look.
  3. There are not instances.. so there will have to be a Brawl System and betting... we will have to make a closed area in-game and build it... The E3, said that there are no loading screens and such, what you suggest will have to be developed within the game via the player base. Or within a Waring faction that prides strength and war... within that a mercenary group and such... think outside the box
  4. Lets not make our space sim, like Real life systems... - I am sure the developers have taken their detailed looks at this and in their blog say they have templates from that you can build systems as above state... That is my current idea of it.
  5. That would be the best thing to hold a system/planet to ourselves. And yeah a game like this there will be a group that WILL fight back. - Will be interesting to say the least.
  6. I never want one thing to be its soul idea, locking it to RP only, it is just one aspect example But yea, it can have a dev blog update in it... - you name it.. Link up with closest player via it... just to make it more social... Could even have bounty hunter listings, along with recourse trading off it, so there is no visit NPC X then buying and selling like a silly AH.
  7. Was more of an example first of all, but what the main idea is that, it is not fun being grieffed for being a RPer at times. I don't want to have to deal with a group that their main ideal is to come in and always attack the RP group, I really don't mind random events taking place while RPing... I am purely worried on the aspect of being hunted for RPing, as most RP will not be always in our ships dog fighting... Like in many other RP-PvP MMORPG, there are groups that purely there to hunt and RPers and think it is fun to call us names and just kill us on a continues note while all we a
  8. So the core of this idea is based off of a UI element that is community driven, - Like newspaper... For example there you will access the Wiki, the Developer blog, In-game forums linked to here(Not sure can be done), then you can have the RP sections.. where you can story develop aspects of current events of major Factions... Example: X Faction is Attacking plant Y from Faction B... Read more here: Click into the webpage and you go to another tab... Or even place the market place on it, making it open and not blocked up like old game MMO Auction house markets. - Where you can li
  9. TLDR: I hope to see systems that support a heavier & immersive base of RP. Note, no idea if this is the right place to post it. The RP I speak of: Classic RP, with /emotive and in /say Text basis with simple D&D rolls on aspects. The back bone: So in a lot of games in the recent RP is often pushed aside, and often the community is the group that has to pull together to make a proper RP collective. - External Websites and such to unit RP under one banner and so on, choose a RP Hub... and so on so forth. So what I hope is that the systems in place will be there to also no
  10. Linxie


    Maybe customization that can be detailed later, within the human scale...
  11. I registered right after watching it, Really excited and hope to give advice on RolePlaying aspects as a player - as a lot of current MMO's don't support RPers in that idea in a good manner, in the sense of Moderating the rabble. I hope the game and Fractions will be able to set up laws and the game systems will be built along side the RP core aspects
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