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  1. That's a very promising system. I should clarify that I didn't mean for my comments to say that it's unfair veterans have an advantage over newbies. I meant that DU could eventually become so daunting that newbies feel very little hope, which I've seen in well-established MMO's. But the system you described there seems to help alleviate that possible issue. I feel that I've also very poorly explained my intention of this post. I threw out an idea, a faulty one, that doesn't discourage newbies from playing when they're constantly getting pummelled. With Kenshi, you welc
  2. Many times in MMO's players become discouraged at continuing to play when they find themselves on the losing end of a war. The mechanic I suggest is to hopefully help encourage new players who don't have much PVP experience in this type of game, to continue playing despite being constantly beaten by more experienced players. I call the mechanic 'Toughness' and I've literally ripped it off a game called Kenshi. Toughness is the stat you need to level in order to withstand attacks, reduce bleeding and decrease the time you're knocked out. In DU, this could be translated i
  3. I’m dying for NDA access.
  4. discordauth:H3KM2dvNj7CCfWGVEow6bktcszs3cGYpwiMcks9ahps=

  5. So long as DACs are accessible through hard work during the game, it might not affect the number of new players willing to try DU out. My only concern is if players start pricing DACs at extortionate rates that put off newcomers. It only hurts the core in the long run as they won't see much rise in the player base. But I'm open minded to that test. Hopefully the sub model won't be an issue when players decide between this one and its competitors. Yes yes "10 dollars a month is nothing" and "DU has no competitors" but you gotta hope everyone thinks like you.
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