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  1. Of course we would'nt want for you to lose your inspiration! Do as you see fit and we will enjoy the fruit of your art as it comes!
  2. To identify a group of voxel you need a static/dynamic core unit which already gives RDMS to the asset it results in.
  3. Forget your faction, everybody should have your music as a playlist while playing DU! You certainly can picture the endless universe through it. Thanks for the share!
  4. Oh, by the way, is there a compilation list somewhere of all features coming with each version, not at release or refused?
  5. True, the ownership of a tile could be purchased by a ghost organisation then they could give all rights but ownership to the main org making them get all the benefit without the increase int tax Having controls in place against that will only hinder the organisation and right system like preventing communities (organisation of orgs like nations or alliances) to share rights on multiple tiles
  6. Hi, the forum is in english so if you could at least translate your posts into english so that everyone can understand the content of the thread? It would be nice
  7. Hopefully they'll let the server live enough time to cover all time zones
  8. 1KM radius if I recall right Also : @Vellnn Indeed if they implemented exponential taxes it would be reasurring but nothing official has been said yet on the matter
  9. It would be fun to create Challenge Houses where you pay to enter a base and try to get to the chest at the end, if you die on the way, your participation is added to the chest minus a percentage fee. If video feeds are available it could be recorded and made into a competition fun to watch and bet on.
  10. Well it would be sad if only a handfull of big organisations get all the tiles and none is left for medium or small orgs The price of the tiles will say it all but I'm worried with the "very expensive" mention :/
  11. I'm glad I get to have a hand at the game even if it is in a lesser version than the promised alpha, what has been shown is already enough to get me started and start exploring and testing the game. But I'm curious about what are the features that should have been in alpha and will be missing of pre-alpha, still I can't wait untill the 30th of September! As for it being a good move or not, I think it is a smart move because NDA will refrain most player to leak and NQ trust will prevent a lot of rant as well on the state of the game and if the forum is available to let people's steam out and make the community closer, it should work out pretty well and the rest can be dealt with accordingly
  12. I'm not really fond of the idea of paying an expensive tax each month even if I understand the reason behind it because if the price is too steep, it would'nt be fair to only have rich people owning safezone tiles, it will also make it more difficult to acquire a safezone in the beginning which seems already a difficult task.
  13. "Scripts are run locally on the client, but they can only generate legal actions towards the server. The number of actions per unit of time is also limited (so, if you make a light blink very fast locally, someone next to it looking at it via the server will not see it blink so fast, but some steps will be skipped). Scripts are also sandboxed and limited in number of instructions per seconds, total memory, and of course the set of functions that can be called. " That was in answer of a comment by the Dual Universe CM on this video :
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