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  1. Sure, the rewards might not be top tier for non-believers, you understand, but still substantial.
  2. Once we have Avatar vs Avatar combat, I will be offering a small starter ship and possibly other rewards for anyone willing to take the time to be a voluntary human sacrifice to the Wreck. You will have to become a worshipper of the Holy Wreck, but this doesn't take up much of your time. I'd be happy if you only put it on census sheets, for example. It's a very 'hands off' religion. Except where human sacrifice is concerned...
  3. Dispenser is up. Wish I could put a pic of the ship up, but I don't want to risk the wrath of the NDA monkey gods. Think of an arrow crossed with a accordian, but pretty.
  4. Do you have room for a very large temple to the Holy wreck? L core Ziggurat. Also: ok with self human sacrifice and semi-consensual heretic sublimation into smoke?
  5. Let their smoke become one with the Holy Smoke! Blood and oil!
  6. Come see the stunning new "Zinnea" pattern at our new Showroom at District 2. Pick up a Blueprint today! (When I put in a dispenser, later).
  7. The Ziggurat temple to the holy Wreck nears completion. Just needs a couple of doors, some decoration and a lower wall. Oh, and Wednesday is our Sabbath. Fri, Sat and Sunday were taken by the early adopters and everyone knows that British Chippies (Fish and chip shops) take Mondays off. Plus the whole W thing.
  8. Hmm, give me a bit to work a reason for this into Wrecker lore, I mean consult the Holy Smoke.
  9. When player death comes in, I may add in "Apeothis Prizes" where you agree to be a human sacrifice at the Temple of the Holy Wreck where your donation of blood and oil will be rewarded with m/l cores or difficult to make items. This would be open to existing members only (so it's not an entry gift).
  10. I've nearly finished the Temple to the Holy Wreck. Just the Altar, blood channel and spectator seating to go. It's a ziggurat base, with a W in Aluminium on it. It has two entrances in the bottom 'points' of the W, one for visitors and one for "offerings". Images to follow. W!
  11. Seems interesting. I'll be in touch when I get around to building a site for Aesthetic Shielding Limited (ships too pretty to shoot).
  12. The first Sacred Battle will be at a place outside of a safe zone after PvP is introduced. Planned for once a month. Could go every 2 week if demand shown. Coordinates will be given publicly after a claim has been made on the land. (Or near my base until territory claims are a thing). All are welcome. Sides are a bourgeoise concept and exist purely in an advisory context. Winner will be whoever says they are longest and loudest afterwards. Price of entry is leaving a wreck on the battle field. Fighting ships and elements limited to Small and below, to begin with. Bringing ships or elements that are too big may reintroduce the concept of "sides" rather quickly.
  13. Come along to the monthly Sacred Battle, with a disposable combat craft, and see for yourself. It's very freeform. The price is simply leaving one wreck at the battlefield.
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