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  2. While I can now see the arguments for this pay model, I still hope that skins for elements can, after vetting (handwaved as r&d time), becomes a thing. They wouldn't take up much of a work day since it will be a simple "does it have a swastika on it or does it look like a make member" yes or no question and swipe right operation.
  3. The gaming world appears to be moving away from monthly fees for games. Perhaps a flat fee would be better with payments for ENTIRELY non gameplay items like decorative elements, element skins or paying to import your own models/skins from Blender (subject to review before acceptance) etc? Edit: title fixed
  4. Hey, I shot you a friend request on discord but I didn't know you restricted messages from non-friends / mutual servers. I pulled my request after you accepted not realizing that and now I can't poke you on Discord so if you could hop over there please and thank you.  ?

  5. Oh you can and you shall. It's the after effects that will get you. In the dark. When you are alone with your thoughts. All alone. When your digital grand children ask you what's wrong. When your imaginary priest presses you about the one memory that makes you shake in the morning. All alone. Carry on.
  6. What is Aesthetic Shielding? It is the art of building a ship so beautiful that tears form in the eyes of the aggressor making it difficult for them to go through with firing. Even if they do, they will inevitably re-evaluate thier life choices and become better people. Joining ASL means having a commitment to creating only beautiful constructs. Not for us the brutal cubes and boxes of simple minds. Everything we make, from simple cargo craft to huge manufactories, will be pleasing to the eye and mind. Everything we write and proclaim will adhere to the strictest of values concerning beauty of expression. Do not mistake us for wilting lilies. We will be entirely willing to go to war to protect ourselves or to improve the universe through acts of applied aesthetics. If you wish to proclaim the lifting up of your soul by joining Aesthetic Shielding Limited as an affiliate, then please respond to this message. Website to follow, pending interest.
  7. We're already n the pre alpha. The Roadmap still says alpha 1 to start in November 2018. Heard nothing about delays.... so I'm excited. NQ won't let me down. No, sir.
  8. ..according to the roadmap. Yes, siree. I can't wait.
  9. Your choices are, depending on circumstsnces, A ) find a way to be in charge (but don't try to hijack an URL, this is usually illegal and treated as real world theft). B ) offer to become an advisor/Lieutenant (the Eminence Gris/obvious successor route.) C ) leave and form a similar organisation. (If you go this way, let people know what you are doing, with only constructive feedback, but it's a social faux pas - and terrible diplomacy - to use that notification to actively recruit from your old org. I wouldn't even reveal the name of the new organization. If people are disenchanted with the old, or interested in your message, they will let you know.) As far as nerves? Nobody is going to die on an operating table here. If you try and fail nothing of consequence has been lost. Only time and calories. You fail? Go join another organisation or study your failure and then try again.
  10. That's right. Play to your skills. And know your weaknesses. Mine is attention span (i have severe ADHD) and burnout, so I like to make sure there is a contingency for my wandering off and that my fast burning energy is transferred to someone who is a bit slower burning.
  11. Neither do I. I just know that existing orgs will have them and new orgs will be late to the game.
  12. Depends on how lucky you are with recruiting. It also depends what kind of leader you are: Charisma Boy or Organization Boy. The first type makes people want to help him, the second type impresses people. Don't try to be a cold, calculating Charisma Boy and don't try to be a Make It Up As You Go Along Organization boy. You'll be given mixed signals and putting people at unease. I tend to the lucky with people type, this person is good at this and that, would you like to do that? I try to make an organization that doesn't have any real secrets (or I make light and try to sell them to you myself) which discourages spiess and agents and try to be light on centralized goods, which puts off scammers (though most EVE 'master scammers' are people who betrayed trust and try to make it seem warm and fuzzy by claiming it was 'years in the planning'.) I do let people know that X Y and Z do the big decision making, just to save money on painkillers.
  13. Regardless of size, unless the game sets up a ersatz webbrowser in game, a webpage helps to focus players, gives a platform for stimulating the interest of friends who play other games and gives something important to important future and current recruits - a sign that you know what you are doing. Leadership depends on the nature of the organization and the energy/commitment of the leadership. It can range from very loose (a pirate band, with a leader who is the idea man and someone who owns the website) - basically just a band of mates who want to have fun - all the way up to a Japanese Style Corporation/Military Structure with everyone knowing their place and having a set role, even if it is 'meat shield'. The problem is if you want the loose formation but with strict order or a Corporation where no one is in charge. Lead, pally about or delegate, but do something that fits the theme of the org. Practical knowledge is things like (i'm not in Pre Alpha, but I can hypothesize), what landscape is best for defense, what minerals are most efficient to process, if the terrain gives clues to the minerals, that kind of thing as well as having an idea of the most efficient way to produce a blueprint).
  14. There are problems with an organization at the beginning of a Game. The Corp I set up in Elite Dangerous (The Code - nothing to do with Eve's C.O.D.E - that eventually partly splintered to form the SDC) had things in the charter that didn't happen in the game (splitting loot mainly and other things that seemed logical but didnt get put in) so, yeah, some organizations will fail because of that, or burn out or politics. Some won't. The ability to have an organization infrastructure (leadership, webpage, practical knowledge of game systems) already in place is a huge secret bonus for those lucky enough to get into Pre-Alpha.
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