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  1. Would need to pay a licence which probably puts the kybosh on it, since ads would be a severe immersion killer.
  2. Nothing in this about rolling back the awful changes to manoeuvre and fetch which should stay in the game until it is mostly complete or mostly bug free.
  3. They'd be files editable with a primitive word processor. Made from t1 products and copiable.
  4. You could if you had in game files sellable from a container at 150q a pop.
  5. I've always thought that the introduction of "paper files" would, at minimal effort and cost bring in elements like espionage, contracts, journalism, advertising, guides, fraud, etc.
  6. Find a cliff and discover the joy of gravity.
  7. Such a "Hand of God" fix for a problem. Some pun intended. Why would a "character" accept a time out? Where does the timeout come from? Why wouldn't a character fix this artificial limitation the first chance they got? If, and it's a big if, the manoeuvre tool needed adjusting, then why not base it an actual physical limitation like weight with mass and power of tool? How? Simple. The tool is powerful enough to fling xs ships (or up to a certain weight) around with gay abandon. Moderately heavy ships between x and y weight can only be move so far in one operation and the next weight up, slightly less up to XL extra heavy ships that can barely be moved at all. That would fix the "issue" in a much less gamey way.
  8. For a happy little extra "screw you player", tripointing three territory scanners is now practically impossible unless you are a hotshot and very precise pilot. Play your own game devs, ffs.
  9. To make a destroyed element repairable you only need to have scrap in your inventory. You don't need to use scrap itself. If you do, it will use up one+ scrap of any type. Not using scrap to go from red (destroyed) to yellow (in repair) will save you some scrap, time and cash, particular if you've advanced to start using expensive scrap.
  10. I did not read 9 pages because I want to do two things this hour so has anyone suggested that, in future, that a % of container goods be destroyed dependent on either rng or damage in total (1% of container damage hit points over container total = 1% of goods damaged) or some combination of the two? I'd also prefer if cores had ranges for weapons; Xs can fit xs and small, small fits xs small and medium, medium fits all and large fits all. Otherwise we're going to see hard to hit xs ships and powerful large ships and not much in between.
  11. It's a repeat of the fetch tool nerf. It shouldn't be nerfed until the game is nearly bug free.
  12. Game crashes near any market nearly every time. So ship will now be destroyed every time? Super.
  13. Make a grid like this, one voxel thick in a 3 x 5 sheet. Remove alternate voxels until it looks like the pattern below. V = Voxel G = Gap (no voxel) V-G-V-G-V G-V-G-V-G V-G-V-G-V Copy paste (and copy increasing sizes until max) Et voila, cover large floors with this grid to save half your building material. Nothing, yet, can fall through 1 voxel holes. May cause a performance hit on weaker machines though. This may need testing.
  14. The asteroid is still there and radar shows a wide distance. Work a little.
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