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  1. Since NQ dont want to shall we set up a "NQ interview/article" thread'?
  2. I mean, why WOULD you out a link to an interview on the main forums?
  3. Anecdotal, I know, but I found two mega nodes of carbon on the same hex on Alioth yesterday.
  4. Lianas hanging from trees so we can swing through forests without touching the ground.
  5. Not necessarily. There's still mass, "quality", appearance, rarity and price, etc.
  6. Caverns tend to have smoother slopes. Ore nodes tend to be ful of little "cuboid' straight sides, assuming no player smoothing.
  7. "Going to the farthest point from civilisation" may have occured to more than one great mind.
  8. This thread: sound and fury signifying nothing. Let it die.
  9. Press b to pay respect. Also why aren't people bored of this yet? Not one person has had their mind changed, nor one person has changed their position from their first comment. I dont think there's a golden thought, on either side, that will shift people's opinions. Waste of time. NQ can't/won't change their mind and don't care if you're cheerleading for them either.
  10. NQ probably makes the trains run on time.
  11. I'd like practical ways to avoid this, rather than dev interference and punishment.
  12. The only moments of mining excitement come from: Surface nodes Mega nodes Two different nodes close to each other and Finding big holes to explore.
  13. Translation: "We're about to over react massively to this."
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