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  1. It's a terrible decision, favouring not actually playing players over actually playing players. For the fourth and hopefully final time, in a dynamic universe you should expect to be rolled over if you don't play. Sure some may not come back, but there's no guarantee they would anyway even with this artificial and top down intervention in a "player run" game. There are also the knock on effects like excluding new players from travelling to market to auto sell because new tiles are not freeing up.
  2. I feel sorry for newer players having to shuffle 3 or 4kl a trip in a small core ship, especially if they didn't grab a tile close to a market. I'm lucky enough to be only 20 km from M6 and it's still a grind.
  3. Surprisingly not (although I have spare elements to sell if it gets tight). I still have to spend 3 or 4 sessions a week getting a months worth of joy time by selling ore, more if I total a ship. Luckily I retooled a ship to take 25kl of weight, so it's come down.
  4. Prioritising non players over existing and active players is madness and preserving materials and killing a gameplay loop (salvaging) on the off chance non players might be disadvantaged is antithetical to "a living dynamic universe". If I leave for a year in a dynamic universe I should expect to be rolled over. And who knew "a million players in one shard" would include large numbers of not-players?
  5. Well...it's because the size of the game area is too small. In larger games, there's more space (aha!) to hide or get lucky in. In DU's already tiny playing area, the asteroids are in one small part of it and there aren't enough to get lost in.
  6. I Ah, it means hunting rats in the real world with dogs or .22 rifles.. In EVE rats were npcs ships that turned up in asteroid mining fields every so often to keep miners from afk mining.
  7. As it should be. If the game is to be a representation of a dynamic universe, things need to be able to change. If I fail to play, the world should roll over me. and the hq system is fine - if confined to actually playing players.
  8. Prioritising the needs of non/ex players over players is not good and shouldn't be done. This is not complicated thinking.
  9. The number of players claim may have been right - as long as no one did anything.
  10. I think unsubbed hqs eventually lapse, but it's still a horrible, top down solution that puts non/former-players of the game ahead of actually playing players
  11. Except no. I wanted the responsibility put in the player in a, gosh, player run game. Play the game (for ex subs), pay insurance, or a parking fee or think about where you are landing your construct. Don't put awkward top down restrictions on free play.
  12. DU was sold as a player run simulation where you could work as anything from a CEO of s megacorp right down to a space bum or security guard in a multisystem universe. In truth, after many clawbacks and shrinkings of ambition we're stuck in one small system and what else? We have taxes imposed in us from the Devs, but we can't set taxes on our own hexes. The Devs are auto HQing tiles from above because non players who don't understand "dynamic universe" might not want to build some constructs again if they ever come back. Top down and huge safe zones implemented for people who didn't understand that "a dynamic universe with PvP" game might be dynamic and have PvP in it. The refusal of NQ to allow any sort of player implemented rules or allow players to take responsibility for their own safety or the safety of their constructs mean the game is nothing more than Minecraft with less sense of existential dread (and much less to do).
  13. No risk gameplay is not gameplay. The auto HQ'ng nonsense is taking responsibility away from players to protect their own stuff in a game that was sold as a player run experience. Things like this, and top down imposed tax rates and making salvaging of long abandoned constructs near impossible is antithetical to "player run".
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